Getting fired from a job: The reasons, what not to do, and more

You will not find a scarier moment in your professional life than getting a call from your employer that involves terrible news. Hence, it is essential that you prepare adequately for that moment. Ergo, you must learn the reasons and what to do when you get fired from a job.

In this article, you can discover everything about getting fired. It includes knowing why you can get fired from a job and what to do in such circumstances. Thus, realize it is not the end of the world if it happens by reviewing the following topics:

  1. What does it mean to get fired from a job?
  2. The reasons you can get fired from a job?
  3. What should you not do when you get fired from a job?
  4. Where can you find assistance if you get fired from a job?

1. What does it mean to get fired from a job?

Fired from a job

When you begin a recruiting process that involves several informal interviews, you can be sure you will get a new job. Consequently, you follow your onboarding process and start finding ways to boost your performance. In other words, you will live exciting times.

However, sometimes it is not a smooth ride toward successful employment. On the contrary, you can find moments when you receive the news you do not want to hear: getting fired. Let us discuss what it means in detail for your professional career.

Logically, getting fired from a job means you must terminate your employment relationship. By all odds, it differs from when you give a two weeks’ notice for your resignation in the UAE. But both have the same outcome: Unemployment.

In this sense, you should take a moment to realize what got you fired from a job in the first place. Fortunately, our following topic will show you the reasons that can lead you to it.

2. The reasons you can get fired from a job

Unequivocally, it is not pleasant when you get fired from a job. After all, it is one of the most challenging moments in everyone’s career. Nevertheless, it is also a moment when you could wonder: Why do people get fired in the first place?

Our team used one of the ways they have to demonstrate their work to show you the reasons for getting fired at work in this subject. Namely, you can use it to find out what you should not do at your job. As a result, you will keep working in your dream job for a long time.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that your company could have its specific termination of employment reasons. Thus, make sure you know them to remain working as a mechanical engineer there. On the contrary, you could end up among the work staff fired from your organization.

Let us reveal the most common reasons for getting fired from a job:

2.1 Possessing alcohol or drugs at work

Working in a company where you have the individual freedom to schedule your work does not mean you can do anything. More specifically, you should not engage in the felony of possession of illegal substances. Hence, you can get fired at work if they find you possessing alcohol or drugs.

In this sense, we recommend avoiding drugs in every aspect of your life, including your job. After all, they represent an addiction that is very challenging to overcome. It is why they are among the reasons for being fired from a job.

Furthermore, we know alcohol can be a part of your social gatherings or celebrations as a successful computer operator. Nonetheless, you have to keep it outside of your workplace. On the contrary, it could lead you to get fired from a job.

2.2 Misconduct

Among the termination of employment reasons, this is the most popular for passive-aggressive coworkers. Indeed, getting fired due to misconduct involves engaging in wrongful behavior at your office. For instance, sexual harassment and unethical conduct belong to this category.

On the other hand, you can also get fired from a job if you start engaging in criminal behavior. Besides, committing industrial espionage in Saudi Arabia as an ex-pat also falls into this category.

Therefore, make sure to behave adequately at work. Remember, if you do not do so, you could end up asking: What happens when you get fired from a job?

2.3 Performing poorly

Logically, you will have to improve your performance if you want to start negotiating a salary offer via email. Indeed, it is one of the essential parts of every job position in the business world. Nevertheless, what happens if your performance is poor instead of excellent?

Besides bad reviews from your supervisor, your poor performance could lead you to get fired from a job. After all, getting fired may seem like an adequate solution for your employer to solve performance problems. Therefore, you should keep him from thinking about it.

In other words, ensure that excellent performance is among the features you include in the CV you are building online. We know you have the skills and abilities to do it. Above all, it will involve fulfilling your duties effectively and efficiently.

2.4 Stealing company property

Several employers may use the phrase “we hope you feel at home” during their onboarding process. Indeed, it means they hope you feel comfortable when you work your part-time job hours there. But some employees take it as they can take company property out of the office.

Assuredly, they would be stealing company property by doing so. Most importantly, it is one of the most dangerous reasons for getting fired from a job. After all, it could lead you to give several visits to the Dubai Labour Court, or worse.

Hence, remember that you cannot take company property home without authorization. Moreover, it also means you must return the company assets you use outside the workplace in one piece. This way, you will keep away from the work staff fired.

2.5 Excessive time off

Besides your rest days, you could have genuine excuses to leave work early during business days. However, you should find a way to keep your time off from being excessive. Indeed, you do not want to ask yourself: what happens when you get fired from a job?

In this sense, we recommend keeping track of your sick days and the days you arrive late. Also, store the leave applications for mother illness you submitted during your employment. On the contrary, your employer may see your time off as excessive and decide to get you fired at work.

To sum up, your employer will appreciate your presence more than your absence. Therefore, you should keep your time off as low as possible. After all, it can potentially affect your team’s work schedule.

2.6 Not complying with company policy

Finally, we arrive at the final item of the list of reasons for being fired from a job. Every company has specific policies you must follow if you work there. For instance, they could have a policy of only using payroll methods allowed by the WPS in the UAE.

Logically, getting fired is a potential consequence of not complying with company policy. For example, you may date a coworker, and your company has an office dating prohibition policy. In other words, you cannot skip learning about your company policies.

Another policy several companies implement relates to their social media presence. Assuredly, it does not mean you cannot post about your understanding of the current employer’s meaning in 2023. Instead, it means you will get fired from a job by posting inappropriate content as a company employee.

3. What should you not do when you get fired from a job?

Fired from a job

At this point, you know the most common termination of employment reasons today. Nonetheless, they do not tell you how to behave if you get fired from a job. After all, it is a moment you do not know if you should perform a job search or improve your qualifications.

In this sense, we feel it is better for you to learn what you should not do after getting fired from a job. As you will notice, it implies managing your emotions and convincing yourself is not the end of the world for a professional with a major in chemicals.

Furthermore, we recommend evaluating your options regarding job offers, education, and working methodology. Consequently, you will discover the path to follow after getting fired. In other words, you must find an answer to the question: what happens when you get fired from a job?

Let us discuss what you should not do when you get fired from a job:

3.1 Social Media is NOT a diary

By all odds, getting fired from a job could make you feel angry in several ways. Nevertheless, going to social media and posting about your dismissal is not a good idea. In other words, remember that your social media profiles are not a journal.

Above all, you should remember that other employers may see your posts complaining about your old boss after getting fired. It could lead them to think you are not an adequate potential candidate. Then, keep your posts as professional as your leave letter for going to temple.

3.2 Keeping it under control

Imagine you get a call from your manager to go to his office. As soon as you sit down, he gives you the news: you are getting fired from a job. Assuredly, it could be a moment you want to tell him everything you have been holding back for years.

However, it is essential that you keep yourself under control during that moment. After all, a recruiter may call your employer after actively recruiting on LinkedIn. Logically, he will give him bad references about you if you lose control when you get fired at work.

3.3 Lying is a bad idea

After getting fired from a job, you could want to assess new job posts to find new employment opportunities. Nevertheless, those employers will potentially ask you the reasons for being fired from your last job. If it happens, our essential recommendation is not to lie when answering it.

Indeed, you will find several advantages in telling them the truth about your dismissal. Above all, tell them your side of the story and how to prevent it from happening again. As a result, they will not see your termination of employment reasons as an impediment to your hiring.

3.4 Always believe in yourself

Last but not least, you should always believe in yourself when you get fired from a job. A termination of employment does not mean your professional career is over. On the contrary, it could mean you can now search for new opportunities that could boost your career tremendously.

In this sense, there are several actions you can perform to increase your hiring chances. For instance, you can follow some tips for creating a great CV. As a result, employers worldwide will see you as an excellent candidate for their available roles. Undoubtedly, you will find better days ahead.

4. Where can you find assistance if you get fired from a job?

Unemployment is a feared word among professionals worldwide. After all, it represents a time when you may not know what to do. Hence, you can find it helpful to understand what you should do when you get fired from a job.

One essential aspect of getting fired from a job is thinking about what to do next. Assuredly, the step of finding a new job can be challenging for you. Fortunately, you can find the assistance you need to sign a new employment contract in The Talent Point.

Let us show you why getting fired from a job represents new opportunities. Go to to evaluate our excellent job offers as soon as you terminate your employment. Do you want to know more? Our team is ready for your inquiries at [email protected].

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Kate Williams
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