Dubai Labour Court: Fees, expert expense, and more

You should search for good relationships in every aspect of your life. This includes both your love life and your office. However, you may find it helpful to learn what costs are related to every labour court in Dubai when your working relationship involves considerable disagreements.

In this article, you will discover all the information you need about the Dubai labour court. Above all, you will know how your working relationship should be and to file an employment case. Prepare for any legal battle you could face by reviewing the following points:

  1. How should the relationship between an employer and an employee in Dubai be?
  2. Which fees can the Dubai Labour Court charge you?
  3. What happens during the expert expense?
  4. How much do Legal Professional fees cost?
  5. What should you do to file an Employment Case at the Dubai Labour Court?
  6. Where can you find more information about jobs related to the Dubai Labour Court?

1. How should the relationship between an employer and an employee in Dubai be?

Just like writing an excellent job application, an employment contract is something that everyone must write correctly. Most importantly, it should include the rules employers and employees must follow to end their working relationship. In other words, it must state how to avoid disputes.

Such an end could be a fractious and emotive process. As a result, it could turn into legal litigation for several reasons, from financial to contractual. You could end up paying more in Dubai labour court fees than the amount you are claiming.

We strongly recommend using all the available negotiation tools first. It will leave legal litigation as the last resource to resolve the dispute. After all, it implies several fees and labour charges you will know in detail later.

A good working relationship is a piece of advice that applies to all of the UAE. Therefore, be sure to seek it while searching for candidates for your company. Assuredly, you do not want to visit a labour court in Abu Dhabi any soon.

2. Which fees can the Dubai Labour Court charge you?

You can find factors you should consider before changing jobs in the UAE that are paramount for your success. Similarly, you should also consider the fees that the labor court in Dubai can charge you. They involve all the legal procedures and the professionals who work in the process.

The Dubai labour court could charge you with legal professional fees, court fees, and expert fees. In the case of the court fees, it depends on the court you are using. For instance, filing a claim to the Court of First Instance could cost up to AED40,000.

On the other hand, filing an appeal before the Court of Appeals involves paying a fee of 50% of the one you paid to the Court of First Instance. It has a maximum value of AED20,000. Finally, you must pay AED2,000 to the Court of Cassation for a final appeal.

In short, you could find the Dubai labour court fees more expensive than the cost of terminating an unlimited work contract. Therefore, avoid hurting your finances while engaging in a legal dispute. After all, these costs apply to every UAE labour court.

3. What happens during the expert expense?

When employers post a new job offer, they often indicate when they need candidates with highly technical knowledge. Their goal is to find an expert eye for activities that require a specialist’s touch. As a result, they will see their company increase its productivity substantially.

You can appoint an expert during your UAE labor complaint in the Dubai labour court. Nonetheless, such an expert’s job involves an expense that the claiming employee regularly pays. It is because he is the one that usually requests the expert’s appointment.

In some cases, the labour court in Dubai could dictate that both parties must pay the expert fees equally. It also can establish the cost they must pay for the expert’s appointment. Depending on the issue’s complexity, such a cost can go from AED5,000 to AED10,000.

An expert’s opinion could solve your case but also leave you without funds. Thus, you have to define if you unequivocally need one to end your legal battle in the labor court in Dubai. Make sure to reject their services professionally.

4. How much do Legal Professional fees cost?

Unlike the previous expenses, the Dubai labour court does not handle the Legal Professional fees. Instead, the two parties involved in each case are responsible for their legal costs and disbursements. It is their job to define how much their lawyers should receive as financial compensation.

On the other hand, each party should also establish which lawyers to hire for the case. Above all, it implies they know what makes them ideal candidates for the job. This way, they will increase their chances of winning the case in favor of their clients.

Moreover, both parties regularly agree on a winning fee awarded at the final hearing. Such a fee’s amount is often confidential, but it is between AED2,000 and AED5,000. Most importantly, the losing party pays it at the total discretion of the labour court in Abu Dhabi.

In summary, the labor court in Dubai will not intervene in the definition of your Legal Professional fees. You should review their values in the legal market to find the options that suit you better. You could even give them the opportunity for a promotion after winning.

5. What should you do to file an Employment Case at the Dubai Labour Court?

By all odds, we do not want you to end in a legal battle at the Dubai Labour Court. But, just like the follow-up after a job interview, it is something that you must know how to deal with. Learning how to file an Employment Case will help you tremendously.

Most importantly, it is a process that involves hunting for senior-level professionals in the legal business. They will know how to start this procedure in detail. However, you will discover here what their job will be and how you can help them.

Such a job implies following the four steps we will show you next. You will notice later that they relate to why you are filing an Employment Case and the documents you must deliver. They also apply for a case in the labor court in Abu Dhabi.

Nevertheless, your legal team could warn you about additional steps for your specific case. Define what your legal litigation requires before beginning the process.

Let us show you the steps for filing an Employment Case at the Dubai Labour Court:

5.1 The reasons you would need to file an Employment Case

Why do you arrive at your office at 9:00 a.m.? It is because you want to be punctual. Therefore, the reason is that you seek for your punctuality to stand out among your bosses. Indeed, it is that and the breakfast you eat at 8:00 a.m. before leaving your home.

For your Employment Case, you will also need to define why you want to file it in the first place. It could be for several reasons: Is your employer not paying your salary? Is your company firing you without telling you why?

Furthermore, you could need to file your Employment Case because of an unemployment compensation disagreement. Indeed, you would want to resolve such a case quickly to look for a new job at the right time in Dubai. It is a dispute that a UAE labour court can solve efficiently.

In short, successfully defining the reason to file your Employment Case will show you the path to follow. Also, it will tell your legal team what they should do to take you to the winning side. As a result, you will leave the labour court in Dubai with a smile.

5.2 The first step

The new UAE labor law establishes the legal procedures regarding employment and workers’ safety. Similarly, the Dubai Labour Court states what to do while following the first step of filing an Employment Case. Hence, it is paramount to start the process adequately.

You must know that there is a limited period in which you can file your Employment Case. The statute of limitation establishes that you must file it within a year of your cause’s occurrence. Namely, you can file your case until December 31th if it occurred on January 1st.

On the other hand, you cannot file your Employment Case without filing a claim with the authority that oversees the company. Therefore, you cannot just go to the labour court in Dubai and submit it. Who knows? You can even resolve your dispute faster with the help of the authorities.

Such a process of dealing with the licensing authority is meditation. It is a process that is not mandatory, but as the boosting of your online job profile, it will require your close attention. Moreover, it will give you a better picture of your case.

5.3 Documents you should present to the Labour Court in Dubai

Preparing for a job interview in Dubai involves focusing on several factors regarding the first impression you make. It is similar to filing an Employment Case in a UAE labour court. The difference is that the documents you give establish this first impression among the judges.

Above all, you will need to submit your employment agreement to let them know the working relationship you have or had. However, you also can deliver any other document that helps to prove your case. Payslips, emails, memos, and WhatsApp messages belong to this category.

Just like your CV, you must translate these legal documents before submitting them to the Dubai labour court. Remember, most courts in the UAE work with documents in the Arabic language. Do not forget to translate them. It could make the difference to winning your case.

Finally, you must also pay the fees explained in the previous topics along with the document’s submission. Their amounts depend primarily on what your case demands. So, ensure you are not wasting money unnecessarily.

5.4 Winning or losing your Employment Case

Winning your Employment Case will allow you to enforce a judgment. Indeed, you can perform it against the defendant or the party. You also can do it to seize their assets if necessary. You will feel as happy as while you review job packages.

Nonetheless, losing your Employment Case could lead you to an uncomfortable position from a legal vantage point. But, the labour court in Dubai will allow you to appeal the decision if the case is above AED50,000. It will imply repeating the process we are explaining here.

Remember that the appeal process will require you to pay the same Dubai labour court fees. So, first, define with your lawyers if your case is worth appealing or not. Is it not worth it? Well, it is time for you to start searching for jobs in Dubai.

6. Where can you find more information about jobs related to the Dubai Labour Court?

A legal dispute is a battle you must avoid at all costs. However, you could face situations where you should make a UAE labor complaint. Hence, you will find it helpful to know everything about the fees and procedures of the Dubai labour court.

On the other hand, a job in the legal business in Dubai is also an excellent career path. In this sense, you must seek the best assistance to find a new employer successfully. But, what better place can you find to make such a professional change than The Talent Point?

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