Factors to consider before changing jobs in the UAE

Changing jobs is a complicated decision. No one should rush to accept new jobs in the UAE before considering some necessary factors. Even if the opportunity looks too good to pass on, you should sit down and evaluate both paths. However, figuring out if you should go or stay can be overwhelming.

In this article, we will talk about the factors to consider before switching Dubai jobs. Finding new jobs in the UAE is now easier thanks to all the job searching tips and other resources you can find. Nevertheless, it is important to have some considerations before changing your main source of income to another one.

  1. When is changing jobs in the UAE a good alternative?
  2. How can you know if changing jobs in the UAE is not a good option?
  3. Questions to ask yourself before deciding to change jobs in the UAE
  4. How can you communicate your decision to your employer?
  5. How can The Talent Point help you find the best jobs in the UAE?

1. When is changing jobs in the UAE a good alternative?

Changing jobs in the UAE can be a difficult decision, as there are many things to consider before doing so. Most people decide to begin their best job search while occupying a position in a company because they do not feel compensated enough. Nevertheless, this is just one of the many reasons why people decide that it is time to find new alternatives.

1.1 You dislike the idea of another day at your current job

If you dread getting up in the morning to do your daily tasks at your current position, it is time to start your best job search. Therefore, to ignite your search is important to follow job searching tips and other recommendations from experts.   

1.2 You do not have a real interest in the role anymore

Feeling bored and unmotivated about your current job position is a great sign that you should be updating your Curriculum Vitae to find other jobs in the UAE. In this way, if you are no longer passionate about doing your daily assignments, it is better to leave your current position and find a more fitting one.

1.3 You do not have the chance to grow in your current position

Career development is usually one of the most important motivational factors about jobs. Therefore, if you do not see a clear road to advance from your current role, this may no longer be suitable for you. This is why it is important to have the support of a job portal in Dubai. Subsequently, with their help, you can easily find UAE jobs with their job-hunting strategies.

1.4 You would like more compensation

Identify what the fair compensation that you should be obtaining for your work is. There are many places where you can search for an estimate of what your actual salary should be. Therefore, once you conduct your research and find out that you are being underpaid, you can start seeking other jobs in the UAE. You must count on a great job portal in Dubai like The Talent Point to find the best opportunities. 

1.5 You do not feel good with the company culture anymore

Maybe the company that you are working for underwent a transformation that changed the vision, mission, or purpose of the whole company. You may feel like this restructuring does not align with your values anymore. Consequently, you must start your best job search accompanied by a team of professionals that can prepare you to deal with anything; from walk-in interviews to getting you to know your rights according to the current law. 

1.6 Your current job is impacting your private life

Whether it is work-related stress coming home with you, your personal relationships being affected, or a poor work-life balance, there are many ways how your job can affect your private life. If one of these situations is happening to you and you feel uncomfortable about it, you can start to learn how to get a job in Dubai. Looking for a new job can be good news for you, since this may be a changing point in your life. 

2. How can you know if changing jobs in the UAE is not a good option?

Sometimes, it can happen that the feeling of having to seek new jobs in the UAE is not necessarily the right one. Many factors can show how changing jobs may not be the right choice for you. Let us observe:

2.1 You have not experienced your new role for a long time

There is no way to know what is the right amount of time you should stay at a job. However, if your resume shows that you change jobs too often, recruiters may not consider you as a serious candidate. This is because most managers look for people who can be committed to jobs in the UAE for a long time. Consequently, if they see that you have a history of job-hopping, they may conclude that you will not stay within the organization for a long time either. 

2.2 Your feelings are getting in the way

It is common to have emotional days at work where things do not come out as planned. Nevertheless, it should never be an excuse to leave your job in the UAE. When making a life-changing decision as this one requires you to have your mind in the right place. Therefore, if your emotions are getting in the way of making the right choice, you should take a step aside and think things clearly. Once you have thought about actually leaving your position, you must seek career advice for your next job searching process.

2.3 You do not have a proper plan

Quitting a job without a backup plan is not ideal for most people. If you are thinking about abandoning your role, you must analyze the pros and cons of what you are going to do. If you need any advice about how to conduct an efficient job search, you can always count on The Talent Point to give you the support you deserve.

2.4 You do not have savings

Generally, most people live from paycheck to paycheck and do not tend to have savings for other potential expenses. Therefore, if you are planning to leave your job and do not have another job coming, it may be a stressful situation for you. The best job searching process can take months. Therefore, it is important to be aware that you may spend some time without perceiving an income while you find a new job and you must be prepared for that. 

3. Questions to ask yourself before deciding to change jobs in the UAE

Before deciding to switch jobs in the UAE, it is important that you question the following things:

3.1 Why do I want to change jobs in the UAE?

Ask yourself if your new job opportunity is one you are genuinely interested in, or if you are just searching for a temporary fix because you are unhappy with your current position. On the other hand, if you realize that you do not enjoy your current job but are hesitant to quit, consider whether fear or inertia might be to blame for your indecision. Nevertheless, we recommend that you make this decision by selecting an alternative that will boost your career. 

3.2 What do I want out of jobs in the UAE?

Before changing jobs, it is important to think about your priorities for a moment. At this point in your career, do you prioritize money? Or would you accept lower pay in exchange for a positive work environment and interesting tasks? Before you change sides, think about your ideals. Making a list of benefits and drawbacks is a good idea if you have specific prospects in mind. New UAE jobs might not be an appropriate fit for you if a particular position has many positive aspects but lacks the one thing that is most essential to you.

3.3 What benefits can I obtain with other jobs in the UAE?

It may seem reasonable to choose the position that pays the biggest compensation when you want to get a job in Dubai. However, it is crucial to take everything into account: what do the retirement and health insurance plans look like? Are there any other employment perks, such as flexible scheduling, maternity leave, vacation time, or continuing education? It is critical to consider all aspects of a compensation plan, not just the amount on your paycheck; so you can choose which is best for you. The best UAE jobs usually follow the Labor Law and make sure to go by what it stipulates. 

3.4 What kind of challenges will I face?

Any new role you take should keep you excited about it, so make sure it does. However, jobs in the UAE always come with challenges. Therefore, you must prepare for the hurdles you may encounter. Will they push you beyond your comfort zone and advance your career? Will they take up all of your time and feel like busy work or both? Once more, it pays to have all these fundamental questions prepared for both the interview process and the post-offer period.

4. How can you communicate your decision to your employer?

Leaving your previous job can be difficult, especially the part of letting your employer know about your decision. This is why we give you the following tips to do it professionally:

4.1 Do it face-to-face

Different generations have different communication preferences. There are times when sending an email makes sense. However, a face-to-face meeting is better when conveying sensitive information.

4.2 Set a deadline for your last day

Although two weeks’ notice is usually enough to leave a job in the UAE, be sure to include it in any upcoming projects or deadlines. You should give your company as much time as possible so they can find someone else to fill your position. You might be able to help for a little longer depending on the timing of your new UAE job.

4.3 Give your support with the transition

When you gave your notice, you most likely had tasks for which you were responsible. Continue working on those projects if you can, and offer to help your teammates finish them. Infusing helpfulness among individuals who are still employed by the company can go a long way.

4.4 Provide useful feedback

Jobs in the UAE routinely conduct exit interviews for employees who are leaving the organization. Use this time to provide specific, constructive feedback. They will frequently inquire as to your reasons for leaving; therefore you should answer in an honest but tactful manner. In the end, your responses may assist the next person in your role.

5. How can The Talent Point help you find the best jobs in the UAE?

Our company is the greatest alternative to finding the best job in Dubai. Thanks to The Talent Point, you, as a professional in the UAE, can get in touch with the best employers in your area of expertise. Additionally, we have the necessary resources, tools, and solutions you need to quickly find jobs in the UAE. 

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