Finding jobs in the UAE: Everything you need to consider to begin the process

The UAE has risen to the top of the list of preferred locations for professionals, particularly those who are young and inexperienced and seeking a higher quality of life. If you are one of them, you should read the best recommendations for finding jobs in the UAE and start fulfilling your aspirations.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about the job market in Dubai, as well as several tactics you can use to position yourself as one of the top contenders, even if you have no prior experience in your industry.

1. The benefits of working in the United Arab Emirates

2. The diversity of opportunities for UAE jobs

3. The highest-paid occupations in the Emirates

4. Dubai’s popularity in job fields for ex-pats

5. The best job searching tips to succeed in the UAE

6. Work visas in Dubai: What are the policies for sponsors?

7. Looking for jobs in the UAE? We can help!

1. The benefits of working in the United Arab Emirates

Personal salaries in Dubai are tax-free, which is a major attraction for people contemplating finding jobs in the UAE.

This energetic and forward-thinking city is attempting to remake itself. It is aiming to become a global innovation powerhouse in fields such as green energy, healthcare, education, and technology.

The Emirates also has a lot to offer in terms of a fantastic lifestyle, and it is worth remembering that Dubai is practically tax-free. Consequently, this creates a wide variety of alternatives to consider.

The greatest firms offer everything from a housing allowance to flights home, and even money for an employee’s children’s education. In order to accomplish the best job searching process possible, consider all of these factors.

If you can afford it, the lifestyle in Dubai is as fantastic as any other place on the planet.

Beach clubs, shopping malls, a ski slope, movies, concerts, waterparks, museums, golf courses, riding schools, a Grand Prix circuit, public parks, mosques, temples, canals, a zoo, and many of the world’s most gorgeous buildings and opulent hotels can all be found there.

Dubai could be an excellent alternative for your next job transfer if you want to work and enjoy yourself.

The only disadvantage that you should be aware of is that the lifestyle can be costly. Your tax-free wage can be offset by housing costs, especially if you have children, as the cost of education in Dubai is exorbitant. This is a very important matter to think about if you are looking to get a job in Dubai.

If you are in the process of finding jobs in the UAE, make sure you research salaries. Also, determine whether your expected salary will allow you to live the lifestyle you desire. Negotiating your salary is an ability you will have to use.

2. The diversity of opportunities for UAE jobs

If you are a skilled worker, finding jobs in the UAE will offer a myriad of opportunities. Construction, medical, hospitality, and education count as some of the high-demand jobs in the country.

2.1 The IT sector, a main milestone for the Emirates’ economy

Many Middle Eastern countries are keen to diversify their economies and minimize their reliance on oil. Thus, the reason why they are focusing on building service industries.

IT is the hottest sector in the region right now and in the near future, outpacing even banking and e-commerce.

Governments regard technology as the way of the future and are vying for foreign investors, technological businesses, start-ups, and experienced workers from all around the world.

Without a question, it is an ideal field for finding jobs in the UAE. Also, it is an attractive location for a tech firm. It has a well-developed internet infrastructure and connection, making it an excellent landmark for connected start-ups.

There are funding and programs to assist start-ups working on a variety of technological advancements. Namely, alternative energy, robots, and space exploration.

3. The highest-paid occupations in the Emirates

The following are the most in-demand skills in the region:

  • Data mining and statistical analysis
  • International relations and public policy
  • Algorithm creation
  • Framework for web architecture and development
  • SEO, or the process of search engine optimization and SEM, which stands for Search Engine Marketing
  • Integration and middleware software
  • Design of the user interface
  • Renewable energy
  • Minerals and commodities
  • Corporate law and governance

The list is dominated by IT and innovation employment. Moreover, the good news does not stop there. Professionals in these fields should expect to be paid more in the coming years than in past years.

4. Dubai’s popularity in job fields for ex-pats

Take a closer look at the Free Trade Zones to learn the best places for finding jobs in the UAE. It is where the bulk of multinational corporations have their headquarters. Also, it is where the majority of foreign employers converge. 

You have Dubai Internet City, where the majority of UAE jobs are in the ICT sector. Dubai Media City, which houses enterprises and hence jobs in the broadcasting, advertising, publishing, and production industries.

The Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) is home to enterprises and Dubai jobs in the banking, finance, and insurance industries. Dubai Nautical City is a maritime industry service center.

The Airport Free Zone houses everything from airline-related occupations to businesses that specialize in import and export.

What about the oldest of all the FTZs? The Jebel Ali Free Zone, the Biotechnology and Research Park, Healthcare City, Logistics City, or Knowledge Village.

Expats find Dubai jobs in everything from management to engineering. Also, construction to finance, education to healthcare, information technology to consultancy in all of these free zones.

There are positions in the tourism business, possibilities for individuals who teach English as a foreign language, and if you put your mind to it and look at your own skill and experience set more objectively, you will most likely find an employment area that could profit from your useful self.

5. The best job searching tips to succeed in the UAE

Finding well-paying UAE jobs takes time and effort, and you may find it more difficult than many people believe.

Here are some things to bear in mind while you search for the best job in Dubai:

5.1 Consider overpopulation in Dubai’s job market

In your quest for finding jobs in the UAE, you are not alone. Thousands of experts are attempting to find work in the city. As a result, several businesses are experiencing an overabundance of candidates. 

This is the reason why you need an application that stands out. Many candidates are willing to take lower salaries in order to gain the job. The rivalry is particularly strong for people working in finance, information technology, human resources, and administration.

For qualified people working in Healthcare, Education, Consumer & Industrial Products, and Engineering & Construction, it may be a little easier.

5.2 Make yourself noticeable

When finding jobs in the UAE. make it easy for your potential employer to choose you over other candidates. Here is a way to fulfill that task. Make sure you highlight your unique abilities and experiences that set you apart from the competition.

If you speak multiple languages, have worked for large multinational corporations, have worked outside of your native country, and have recognized qualifications or certificates, your chances of landing a position will considerably rise.

5.3 Polish your professional resume

You should have an outstanding CV, with no inconsistencies in structure, spelling or grammar errors, or extraneous content. Also, it should be professional, accurate, and concise. Look for internet resources to assist you in creating an effective CV when finding jobs in the UAE. 

Furthermore, if you are working with a professional agent to get the best job in Dubai, they will normally provide you advice on CVs and cover letters.

This is one of the most important and best job searching tips since your resume represents who you are in front of the recruiter.

5.4 Do not rush the process, take one step at a time

To get a job in Dubai, experience in the area is relevant. Many companies will prefer a candidate who has worked in the Middle East (particularly in Dubai) over one who has never worked in the city. Also, they may offer a reduced wage to such candidates.

It is fine to accept a lower wage when finding jobs in the UAE for the first time. Consider it your first step to advance your career. It will assist you in obtaining a better employment offer in the future.

5.5 Make use of a Dubai job portal

Examine and register for main regional job boards. For example, Dubai Task, Naukrigulf, Khaleej Times Jobs, Dubizzle. Also, Gulftalent, Efinancial Careers, and Indeed are all worth taking a look at too.

5.6 Update your LinkedIn profile

Make sure your LinkedIn profile includes your country of residence, visa status (particularly if you have a valid work visa), and all pertinent information about you and your abilities.

Also, use Linkedin to your advantage. Examine the Dubai job portal companies based in the country that provide job opportunities. Approach the appropriate individuals in the appropriate manner. When you send a request with a personal remark, it has a better probability of being accepted. In the note, you can highlight your expertise and show your talent, visa status, and so on.

5.7 Look at hiring agencies

Sending your CV to as many recruitment agencies as possible is a good idea. Your best bet is to go with a recruitment firm with a proven track record in the Middle East and a focus on your sector.

When looking for a job through an agency, the most important thing to remember is to look for organizations that receive a fee from the employer, not from you. Also, be aware of recruiters who demand large fees from job seekers; these are usually scams. For the best job search possible, make sure to keep this in mind.

5.8 Visit the websites of Dubai’s most important corporations

Check out the vacancy pages on the websites of the largest companies in Dubai. Moreover, it is worth applying directly through a company’s Dubai job portal if you find a suitable position.

6. Work visas in Dubai: What are the policies for sponsors?

To work in the best job in Dubai, you must have an employment visa and be sponsored by your company, as previously stated. Your employer becomes your sponsor and arranges for your employment visa after you have a formal job offer.

6.1 Sponsorship: An effective way of restricting immigration

Your sponsor is responsible for you and will face consequences if you break any rules. Also, it is their responsibility to ensure that you are dependable and trustworthy.

Your sponsor will also make every effort to prevent you from straying off the path. As a result, your sponsor is a useful ally and a helpful source of assistance and advice. However, contrary to popular belief, your employer should not keep your passport while you work in the best job in Dubai. This is against the law.

Note that in the past, some persons were urged to work on a visit visa for a short period of time. This was while a job contract and visa were being finalized. Do not take this chance. If you are caught, you will be deported immediately and would be barred from returning to the UAE.

Instead, your employer should provide you with a 30-day work visa. This will allow you to enter Dubai and begin the process of applying for a work permit, followed by a residency permit.

Your company will tell you what paperwork you will need to get your work permit, and you will have to go through a medical checkup.

6.2 Obtaining a Dubai residency permit

Everything happens in this order: you get a job offer, your employer gets your entry permit, you enter Dubai, your employer helps you get a work permit. Then, you must attend a medical clinic for a health exam. It could also be a public hospital.

There, you will get a blood test and a chest X-ray. Also, you will be tested for HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B and C, tuberculosis, leprosy, and syphilis. Note that if you test positive for any of these tests, you will be deported (with the exception of syphilis for which treatment is available).

You will eventually be invited to return to pick up your passport. I will have your resident’s visa stamped on it. If your boss hires someone to conduct your errands for you, make sure you get your passport back. It is not appropriate for your boss to keep it.

7. Looking for jobs in the UAE? We can help!

When it comes to your process of finding Dubai jobs, there are many considerations that intervene. However, having by your side an ally that knows the job market and is willing to assist you throughout the whole process can take a load off your shoulders.

We, at The Talent Point, pride ourselves in our ability to help you achieve your professional goals by providing you with all the information in our system. The best job search can only be achieved by working with the right people.

Would you be interested in receiving more information about how we can help you find a job in Dubai? Contact us at our phone number +97143316688. You can also send us a message at [email protected]. We have a staff of specialists ready to assist you with all your questions.

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