Prepare Properly to Respond to How Do You Like to Be Managed

Good preparation can help you answer interview questions; such as how do you like to be managed. This shows the interviewer that you care about the position and that you are committed to getting it. Positively talking about your past experiences, being honest, and researching the company culture can help.

In this article, you can find some examples of appropriate answers and even incorrect ways to do it. We also help you prepare in advance to address these types of questions. Let us see:

1. Why do interviewers ask how do you like to be managed? And what does to like a boss means?

2. Previous preparation to respond how do you like to be managed

3. Examples of responses to how do you like to be managed

4. We help you prepare to answer these and other questions

1. Why do interviewers ask how do you like to be managed? And what does to like a boss means? or How do you like to be coached?

how do you like to be managed how do you like to be managed how do you like to be managed

In job interviews, employers want to know, among other things, what your ideal work environment would be like. Therefore, if you answer this and other questions correctly (such as, how do you like to be coached?) your chances of getting the job increase.

Therefore, questions like these can be a good sign for you. That is because the hiring manager asks these questions to see if you are fit for the workforce. However, this question can make candidates defensive since in many cases they do not know how to respond appropriately.

Thus, it is important to prepare in advance to answer the question, how do you like to be managed? Also, some similar questions are What type of supervision do you prefer, what would you like your manager to do differently, or which one of the following best describes how you like to be managed?

Likewise, what type of supervisory do you prefer, or what type of supervisory situation do you prefer?

However, no matter which of these questions you may have to answer in an interview, preparation is vital. In general, researching the company culture and thinking about your past experiences can help you respond appropriately.

1.1 What does to like a boss means?

When answering the question of how do you like to be managed, you can think of times when you liked your work environment. Therefore, this means that you should highlight the positive experiences of why you liked working with a certain manager. However, it should not refer to the behavior of a person but the general mode of management.

2. How to respond to how do you like to be managed?

As preparation before answering the question of how do you like to be managed, you can follow these tips:

2.1 Remember your previous experiences and analyze the positive and the negative

Start by digging into your past experiences to analyze the different experiences you had. To do this, you can answer certain questions that will allow you to perform a better analysis. Therefore, you can ask yourself some of the next questions:

  • What did they do properly?
  • Also, how did they help you succeed in your job?
  • What did you like about the manager of your last job?
  • What did you admire about them?

Plus, by answering these questions, you will even be able to get what support do I need from my manager’s answers.

Of course, it may be that you have not had good experiences but this does not mean that you should express the negative. Instead, take those bad experiences and turn them into something positive, highlighting what would have been better to receive from your managers.

In addition, you can think about other aspects such as what type of sure what type of supervision do you prefer. And others that will help you form an appropriate response, to stand out in said job interview. Personal stories help make a good impression but the important thing is to generalize an answer.

2.2 Research the company culture

Aside from focusing on your experiences and what you want from a manager, research the culture of the company you want to work for. In this way, you can align your response to the question how do you like to be managed? with said culture.

However, you should not use this information to give an accommodating response without really feeling it. Therefore, it is not about lying or inventing an answer. This can be obvious and disqualify you for the position, as well as make you feel uncomfortable or dissatisfied. Instead, you need to show that you took the time to research the company and that you may be the ideal candidate for the position.

A little research through social networks or the website of the company will go a long way. Additionally, you can search for reviews of people who work or were once in the said business. Also, if you know people who currently work at the company, you can get reliable information from management.

However, the information you get may only be superficial, as each manager acts differently. Still, you should know these things to get a general idea of what the company is looking for in potential employees.

2.3 To be Optimistic

No matter what you would like to explain, you try to portray it in a positive way. For an instance, Say that you had shared this love-hate relationship with your ex-manager but still you made the best out of the situation and learned all the bright side of it and it resulted in a positive effect in terms of self-grooming.

2.4 Stick to the Point

Interviewers are asking these types of questions to understand the kind of replies you give so that they can gauge you well for the kind of person you are. So in this situation, you might as well respond that you are fine with working under whatever conditions and no matter whoever with.

2.5 Create a response for how do you like to be managed

At this point, you should take all the information collected and analyzed in the previous points to obtain a how do you like to be managed sample answer. In this case, start by listing the aspects that interest you most without going too far. Also, you can choose some of the past experiences with other managers to get an idea of their possible responses.

In this case, you should try to focus only on the positive aspects of your experiences, as we mentioned above. You can talk about things like the following:

  • The communication
  • The qualities
  • Your expectations
  • Interests

Also, since not all experiences are necessarily good, talk about how the bad ones helped you grow.

On the other hand, your answer should focus on aspects related to your professional growth, the knowledge you can acquire, or how to be more productive. Therefore, you should avoid unprofessional responses that are not directly related to your work. Additionally, you will have to explain the reasons why these qualities and characteristics are essential for you.

Also, you should avoid the type of generalized responses that show that you have not why do you like me answers for him adequately prepared. Answers that do not make it clear what kind of manager you would like to work with do not satisfy hiring managers.

Additionally, you can answer the question: what type of supervision do you prefer? Demonstrating that it is flexible to any of them. However, although, as we have mentioned, you may be inclined to one management style, show your adaptability. This helps to fit the profile that the company is looking for, which may have a different approach in this regard.

3. Examples of responses to how do you like to be managed

how do you like to be managed

As with other situations, in job interviews, there are right and wrong answers. For example, if a manager asks why do you like me, the answers for him should focus on the direct aspects of the job. By responding appropriately, you can make a good impression and start building a healthy working relationship.

Hence, based on the previous aspects, we show you some examples of good and bad answers to the said question.

3.1 Appropriate responses(How do you like to be managed sample answer)

An appropriate how do you like to be managed sample answer might be one of the following:

  • I wish I could work somewhere where I can get the help I need to be the best worker I can be. Thus, having a manager who communicates both the positive and negative aspects of my performance to me is ideal. This will help me prosper and improve.

Furthermore, I believe that a manager should encourage and help employees to be as successful as they expect. In this way, employees can grow together with the company.

  • In my previous work experiences, I have had a learning relationship with managers. They helped me to have a better orientation and a different approach to the projects that I develop. Therefore, I like to make sure that a manager can trust that I can achieve the goals in each particular project and situation.

Also, I like to let them know that I will do a good job and that if I need help, I will not hesitate to ask for it.

  • One of the aspects that stood out for me in my previous experiences is open and sincere communication. Therefore, I value the type of management that helps me understand my role in the company and what is expected of me. This helps me be more successful.

In addition, I also like to go to my superiors when I have some uncertainties or ideas. Thus, I did some research about the company and saw that communication is one of its core values. For this reason, the idea of working in an organization with objectives similar to those I seek motivates me.

These responses offer insight into your past experiences clearly and positively. In addition, they talk about your preferences, showing professionalism.

3.2 Inadequate responses

An important aspect of preparing for an interview is not to give the wrong answers. Some of them may be the following:

  • I can work with any type of manager, as I do not have a particular preference.
  • My previous supervisor was ideal for my way of working. Although he had negative aspects, he was also very kind and shared with everyone.
  • I do not like managers or supervisors who are constantly trying to direct me on my projects. I like to work at my own pace and do things the way I think is appropriate.
  • Past experiences helped me understand that I am not good at working with managers who do not trust what I do. Especially when they are constantly contacting me to find out how my work is going.
  • I am really looking to work in a company where the managers are fun and personable but not too strict or too passionate. Among other things that matter to me about the type of management that I like.

All of these, and other responses, are unclear or unprofessional on the part of the candidate. Also, answers like I no longer have a manager I can’t be managed completely rule him out for the position. Although this is obvious, questions are often inadvertently answered without realizing the error.

3.2.1 Some tips to avoid wrong answers

Inadequate answers take you far away from getting the job you want. Therefore, take into account the following so as not to give a negative answer:

  • You should not focus on the negative aspects of a specific person from your experience. This will make a bad impression on the interviewer, who might take you as a problem worker.
  • Another negative point that you should leave out of your answers is imprecision. Otherwise, the prospective employer may think you are dodging the answer or really have no idea what you want.

4. We help you prepare to answer these and other questions

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