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Beginning your professional life may not be easy at first. But, there are strategies you can apply to boost your career from the first day. In this sense, you will not find a better option than doing an internship after graduating from college.

In this article, you will discover the benefits of getting an internship after graduation. Furthermore, it includes tools to find the right place for your interning after graduation. So, take the best first step in your professional journey by taking a look at the following subjects:

  1. What is an internship after graduation?
  2. Which benefits can you get from interning after graduation?
  3. How can you get an internship after graduating?
  4. What must you do to get interning after graduation?
  5. Where can you find more information about being an intern after graduation?

1. What is an internship after graduation?

internship after graduating

After achieving a major in chemicals, you most probably are celebrating with your friends and family. But, a day will come to decide how to begin your professional career. So, it may lead you to ask: Can I get an internship after graduation?

In essence, an internship after graduation is a professional experience where you can put your theoretical knowledge into practice. It will not require you to know the difference between Association and Organization. However, you can get one in either of the two.

Furthermore, several companies offer opportunities to be an intern after graduation. After all, it is a way they can bring fresh talent into their workforce. As a result, they may be developing the management team of their future.

In short, interning after graduation is an excellent way to start your career. Nonetheless, we must prove such a statement by talking about its benefits. Fortunately, you will find that and more about an internship after graduating in our following subject.

2. Which benefits can you get from interning after graduation?

Can you get an internship after college? It is a question with an easy answer: Yes, you can. Nevertheless, you may also wonder about how it benefits your career. Let us discuss the benefits you can get from interning after graduation.

Unless an internship after graduation is among the ambitions that you have not achieved, you do not know how it can help you. Moreover, you may also think that its benefits depend on your major. Indeed, it is true in some cases, even for ex-pats in Saudi Arabia.

Nonetheless, we took the time to investigate the benefits that apply to every profession. As a result, we found the ones you will get regardless of being a mechanical engineer or not. Hence, they will make you wonder: Can I get an internship after graduation?

Let us reveal the benefits you can get by being an intern after graduation:

2.1 Networking opportunities

The day after your graduation, you will realize that you do not know anyone from the business environment. It could include people you can ask about changing jobs in the UAE. Or, it could involve professionals that you can ask: Can you apply for internships after graduation?

In this sense, an internship after graduating is a terrific way to get networking opportunities. Ergo, it will allow you to meet people who can boost your career in the legal sector. For example, they could lead your way into working in the Dubai Labour Court.

On the other hand, connections are essential to finding new job opportunities and improving your performance. Fortunately, your internship after graduating will allow you to build them quickly. Thus, let your interning after graduation take you to know new professional friends.

2.2 Buying time

Time runs fast, even when you write your resume as a fresh BBA. Assuredly, it can make you feel you are in a hurry to decide your career path. Therefore, every option you can use to buy time is a golden one for your professional life.

Undoubtedly, you will not find a better option to buy time than becoming an intern after graduation. After all, it will allow you to gain industry experience while you choose your future professional moves. It can be the time you need to do some reengineering.

Last, remember that an internship after graduation can last up to a year. Therefore, use this bought time wisely to make good decisions. So, start asking yourself: Can you do an internship after you graduate?

2.3 Improving your CV

Without professional experience, your CV may look unimpressive to most employers worldwide. By all odds, you can create a great CV by following some tips. However, it could not fulfill what it takes to get the position you want in a leading company.

Can you do an internship after graduation? Yes. And, will it help improve your CV? Also yes. It will allow you to enrich your resume with job-specific skills and professional achievements. Consequently, employers will notice your CV, even the ones that ask you to work remotely while on leave.

Moreover, you also can get recommendations by being a great intern after graduation. In other words, it will allow you to put personal references in your CV that will say great things about you. Assuredly, they could lead you to your dream job sooner than you think.

2.4 Trying new places

Internships after graduation do not involve staying in the same city where you graduated. On the contrary, it can be an excellent way to try new places in your professional career. Let us talk about how it can lead you to consider a job post from abroad.

Can you get an internship after college in another place? Yes, you can. Furthermore, you can use it to explore new industries without committing to a permanent move. Of course, you also can ask to stay if your experience as an intern after graduation there is outstanding.

Last, remember that your internship after graduation also says a lot about you. Therefore, do not begin yours thinking that it is a limited-time experience. Instead, use it to impress people in the industry, learn interview tips, and more.

2.5 Earning an income

Being an intern after graduation will give you an advantage over the ones before graduation. Primarily, it involves the income he can earn in every case. Let us reveal how it can help your bank account and keep you away from professionally rejecting a job offer.

In this sense, internships after graduation involve hiring graduated professionals. Namely, your employer must pay you a salary as a qualified graduate. On the contrary, you may need to see what the UAE Labour Law says about it in detail.

Furthermore, keep in mind that interning after graduation may open the door to future lucrative opportunities. Hence, you can stop thinking it is not a good idea. After all, can you do internships after graduation and earn an income? Undoubtedly, yes, you can.

3. How can you get an internship after graduating?

You now know the benefits you can get through an internship after graduation. However, they do not tell you how to get one successfully. Let us show you the tools you can use to get it and search for jobs in Dubai.

In the past, several organizations could offer you an internship after graduating using internship programs. Today, you can search for it by using online tools or attending networking events. In other words, it is easier than writing a letter for an extension of leave.

On the other hand, can you apply for internships after graduation using other methods? Yes, you can. You only need to ensure it is an effective and legal way to do so. On the contrary, you may be starting your professional career on the wrong foot.

Let us discuss the tools you can use to get an internship after graduating:

3.1 Internship Search Engines

Using search engines and job recruitment sites to find a part-time job is clever. Logically, they also can get you to the internship after graduation you want. Let us reveal how to use them to be the new intern everyone is talking about for good reasons.

In essence, can I get an internship after college through search engines? Yes, I can. Furthermore, most of them offer filters to do a search based on your preferences. After all, you could be looking for an internship after graduating in a specific city, industry, or company.

Last, remember that you could find several results in your search. So, use it also to assess reviews of the internships after graduation you find. As a result, you can avoid the ones that do not comply with your career desires, such as individual freedom to schedule your work.

3.2 Social Media Platforms

Several companies use social media platforms nowadays to do more than just advertising. Indeed, they also use them to look for potential candidates or look for techniques to deal with passive-aggressive coworkers. Logically, it is an excellent option for searching for your internship after graduating.

First, look for companies that post positions you can fill as an intern after graduation. Furthermore, many often include what they look for in an intern in their posts. After that, you only need to learn about proper responses to how you like to be managed.

Besides, organizations also use their social media profiles to talk about their vision and culture. Hence, use this data to choose the one that suits your moral values. In short, can you do an internship after you graduate through social media platforms? Yes, you can.

3.3 Job Boards

Unequivocally, you can perform a successful job search using job boards. After all, they are fertile ground for work opportunities worldwide. Consequently, they are also the perfect place to search for an internship after graduating you need.

In this sense, several schools and universities also have job boards to help their students and graduates. As a result, their professionals can find jobs that lead them to negotiate salary offers via email. Indeed, they probably heard a lot: can I get an internship after graduation?

Finally, remember that new opportunities to apply for interning after graduation appear every day. So, check your preferred job boards regularly to find an excellent internship after graduation. In other words, do not let these chances pass by unnoticed.

3.4 Career Fairs

All the previous tools we listed above belong to the internet. However, you may want to look for an internship after graduating using an in-person method. Therefore, it is time to learn how to get one by attending career fairs.

Unlike computer operators that often work remotely, graduates can interact directly with potential employers by attending career fairs. Consequently, they could leave the event with a great impression of them. Or, they could ask: can you do internships after graduation with us?

Last, remember that career fairs are also a competitive battlefield. Ergo, find ways to stand out among the crow to begin your interning after graduation. As a result, employers could also consider you for full-time jobs or additional internships after graduation.

4. What must you do to get interning after graduation?

Primarily, you can get interning after graduation by evaluating your resume and emailing companies about internship opportunities. Also, apply to as many internship offers as possible. Who knows? One of them may be the beginning of an outstanding career.

Can you apply for an internship after graduation with us? Yes, you can. Learn how by contacting our team via email at [email protected].

Kate Williams

Kate Williams
Kate is the Global Strategy Director at Connect Group. She is specialized in company formation, international business expansion and employee relocation. She studied in Southampton (United Kingdom) and moved to the UAE in 2014.