Jobs in Dubai: How to start searching for them?

If you are looking for career opportunities in the United Arab Emirates or, more specifically, jobs in Dubai, the internet is a wonderful place to start. After all, an online job search saves you time and effort by eliminating the need to mail physical applications, eliminating the distance barrier, and allowing you to search for positions at your leisure.

In this article, we are going to explore deeper in the field of those tips that will be useful for your job search and which considerations to take. Use these pointers to start an efficient online job search and land a job in the UAE.

1. Understand the market

2. Make sure your ‘branding’ is in order

3. Take advantage of extra tools online

4. Think about your network

5. Remember quality trumps quantity

6. How can we help you find the best jobs in Dubai?

1. Understand the market

Despite the benefits, an online search for Dubai jobs without a fundamental understanding of the medium or the job market could be ineffective.

The work market in the United Arab Emirates is unusual. Ex-pats make up 88.5% of the country’s workforce. However, the government’s consistent Emiratisation program favors UAE nationals above others when it comes to employment recruitment. If you are a UAE national, check to see if the job you want is eligible for Emiratisation. Applying for jobs in Dubai under this policy boosts your chances of being hired significantly.

The majority of local businesses advertise openings for jobs in the UAE on a variety of job boards. It is not difficult to understand the employment market trends in your industry. You can rapidly determine who is hiring and what skills and Dubai jobs are in high demand in your business by doing research on multiple websites.

By performing a research, you can easily predict how quickly you will be able to obtain a good job. You can do so fast by going to their respective websites (researching the employer). There are a few well-known job portals in Dubai, such as The Talent Point, where you will find suitable jobs in a range of disciplines. They can go from entry-level to senior-level positions. By researching job markets depending on your qualifications, you can find a job quickly.

2. Make sure your ‘branding’ is in order

2.1 Build an outstanding CV

A resume is your advertisement, and you are a product. A strong resume summarizes and highlights your qualities, skills, and experience in a way that catches the recruiter’s attention. He or she will look through hundreds of resumes in a couple of seconds, so make sure to craft an excellent CV. To get a job in Dubai, a good resume is an uncontestable must.

Get a resume produced by a professional firm or consultant, or spend time looking at websites that offer advice on how to write one. A CV is usually a thorough description of who you are as a candidate. Incorporating a link to your professional LinkedIn account (which allows for more details) into your resume can assist the recruiter in obtaining additional information if necessary.

Make sure you have a succinct, eye-catching CV that accurately reflects your work history. Recruiters only spend 5 to 7 seconds looking at each CV, so make sure yours captures their attention. Incorporating keywords linked to the job function in your resume is one of the greatest methods to do this. Another strategy to impress recruiters is to focus on your accomplishments rather than drily listing your positions and duties. To get the best job in Dubai you have to stay creative.

Sort through your resume, copies of UAE-approved certifications, experience certificates, and other papers before sending them out. While this may seem self-evident, some people wait until the last minute to check through their resumes. They edit or eliminate items, or add random explanations and summaries. Be sure to examine thoroughly for elements to leave out of your CV.

2.3 Create a public profile on the internet

The general recommendation is that you create an online job profile after your CV is full and available. This approach is useful for an employer to find a nice and good job on Google. It is important to a company because it contains more information about you than your CV and cover letter. It works similarly to an online business card in that it allows you to showcase your skills. To establish your online public profile, you can use a variety of online public venues.

These days, recruiters, as well as just about anyone else, can easily discover you. Before uploading your photo on Facebook or anywhere else on the internet, make sure it is in good shape. Your email address is also one that your employer has assigned to you. Employers will run a Google search on you, so get rid of those photos and blog posts. When you are looking for jobs in Dubai online, you must pay special attention to these factors.

2.4 Check to see if you are prepared for your job interview

Inquire among your contacts about the kinds of questions recruiters may ask you, and practice your response. Search for tips to excel in job interviews. Remember that the purpose of an interview is to make a positive first impression. Do not worry if you are bewildered. Grooming and physical attractiveness are also quite important. There are no second chances in life. As a result, generating a strong first impression is equally dependent on your physical appearance. When you are looking for jobs in the UAE, as in any other place, preparing for an interview can determine if you will get the position or not.

3. Take advantage of extra tools online

3.1 Register on engines to search for UAE jobs

While it may appear pointless, registering on UAE job sites is an excellent method to begin your search. It is beneficial to be aware of company requirements or vacancies in order to determine whether your unique set of abilities is in demand.

Bayt, LinkedIn, Internsme (they feature ads for full-time, part-time, and contractual employment), Gulf Salary, Monster Gulf, and The Talent Point are some suggestions in terms of response, application tracking, and information. There may be acceptable classifieds listings in big newspapers’ classifieds sections, such as Gulf News, or online on classifieds services like GetThat. Not all listings include information like salary and firm name, so take notice of those that do. 

3.1 Participate in LinkedIn discussions

LinkedIn is a wonderful place to browse for job openings in Dubai. Also, it is great for networking and following individuals in your industry. However, if you are not active on there, you will swiftly fade from sight.

Make use of the sections to build a great profile. The ‘All-Star’ ranking is the highest you can achieve on LinkedIn. This is where you fill in the majority of the information and attach any relevant media or documents.

For example, you can connect your resume to the summary area of your profile, making it easy for a head hunter to download and review your resume without having to sift through messages.

Write about subjects that interest you professionally or creatively in blog forums. You do not have to be stiff and solemn in your shot. Try to show a smile and be friendly.

It is also critical to make every effort to connect with the job poster for any positions you have saved or applied for. At the very least, it implies you have done everything you can, which can take the sting out of the wait for a callback.

3.2 Explore company websites

Large worldwide and/or local enterprises with a fully working employment portal within their website include airline firms like Emirates and Fly Dubai, hotel firms like Marriott, media and consulting firms like Reuters, and finance firms like KPMG, Emirates NBD, and PWC.

Going through a third-party website like LinkedIn, though a great option, is more indirect. Most of these job portals in Dubai can take some time to submit applications because you must be very comprehensive in your work history or qualifications. Nevertheless, the best thing is that you can follow your application immediately.

4. Think about your network

4.1 Make a list of your contacts

You have reviewed tens of thousands of postings for jobs in Dubai and need to do more than apply and wait. This is where knowing the name of the company comes in handy.

While you should continue to apply to postings for jobs in the UAE that say “Confidential Company,” make an Excel sheet for the ones that say “Company Name.” All job postings on LinkedIn include firm names, job poster information, and more.

Make a database of all the firms you apply to, including their phone number and email address. You can obtain that information directly from their website. To keep track of how long it had been since you applied, add the date of application to a column.

4.2 Start dialing numbers

Persistence is key to landing the best job in Dubai. Use your new phone book to conduct a series of cold calls to your favorites on the list a few days (preferably a week) after you apply on the job site, LinkedIn, or corporate website. And remember, phone operators, receptionists, and even recruiters can be unpleasant. Be prepared for nasty remarks and a simple phone hang-up. If you called ten people, chances are one of them would lead you to the HR department and take your name down.

4.3 Do not squander your time

People can spend several months looking for jobs in Dubai, which is very costly and unproductive. Make the most of that time by learning something you have always wanted to do or learning skills that will help you advance in your profession. It can really be beneficial since it enables you to speak intelligently on topics that you are interested in. You can even start a blog in order to learn new skills while staying productive.

4.4 Do not give up hope

This is by far the most crucial of all of them. Living in the UAE without a job is difficult, and finding UAE jobs is even more difficult. Yet, neither of these factors is a reflection of your abilities or skills.

The logic here is that if they come to discover your genuine application from weeks ago, they will remember your name and that phone call. That one second is all it takes for them to choose your CV out of the hundreds that were submitted. And, if you accomplished everything correctly, they will know you are qualified for the job in less than six seconds. Keep trying since it just takes one call to land you your dream job. It is vital to remain calm. Be patient and persistent when looking for jobs in Dubai.

5. Remember quality trumps quantity

The UAE is a large economy with many international enterprises, resulting in a thriving job market. With so much hiring taking place, it is tempting to cast a wide net and apply for as many jobs as possible. However, limit yourself to a few positions that match your skillset and see them through to completion. Before applying for the best job in Dubai, consider whether or not will your specific skill sets and expertise be able to provide value to the organization.

6. How can we help you find the best jobs in Dubai?

Being prepared during your search is the first step to get a job in Dubai. You must not simply jump into the market blindly, and you have to get the proper guidance during the process so you achieve exactly what you are looking for. At The Talent Point, we are ready to assist you. We have a wide range of job listings for professionals of all sectors for you to find the right match for you.

Would you like to get more information about how we can help you? You can give us a call at the following phone number: +97143316688. You can also reach us by email at [email protected]. Our experts will be happy to speak with you and give you all the information you require.

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