Jobs in the UAE: Which are the fields and positions in high demand?

For many job seekers these days, the United Arab Emirates is an attractive destination to work because of its strong financial position and bright future prospects. Because there are so many high-demand jobs in the UAE for 2022, a person should be aware of them in order to prepare for their schooling or migration plan as a skilled migrant.

In this article, we are going to take a deeper look into those fields that currently have a great number of positions to be filled, and which are those jobs that are in high demand.

1. Communication and content creation

2. Administrative and business departments

3. Healthcare area

4. Sales and technology

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1. Communication and content creation

Communication jobs in the UAE.

1.1 Coaches, both personal and professional

People can get lost in their personal and professional lives. They have no idea how to cope with it or properly handle it. As a result, they seek the assistance of professionals, such as personal and professional coaches.

They assist people in developing their talents and overcoming their weaknesses as they progress through life.

This has become a common necessity in the UAE, and many people are looking for it; if you have this talent and experience in the field, congratulations; they are among the most in-demand jobs in the UAE, particularly in Dubai.

1.2 Freelance digital content creators

Social media and digital platforms like job portals have become an indisputable part of our daily lives. Every day, we follow a variety of blogs and subscribe to YouTube channels on various subjects.

As a result, digital content is becoming a large and vital business. This is why the Digital Content Creator role is one of the most in-demand jobs in the UAE.

This occurred as a result of the government’s expanded work permits for international freelancers over the past year. People’s interaction with digital content has also increased dramatically. All of these variables combined to make it a more attractive area, ensuring a bright future for you.

You have a variety of platforms to choose from to begin this task; just remember to be distinctive, innovative, and avoid copying.

1.3 Creatives

In the United Arab Emirates, creative roles have become increasingly important in recent years. It is now or never whether you are pursuing a degree in the arts, design, writing, or photography.

Graphic designers, photographers, and writers with creative and imaginative ideas are always in demand by various companies and agencies.

You are in luck because the fields indicated above have a number of specialized roles. This gives you a lot of options for finding what you are looking for. It is your chance to make money doing something you enjoy.

1.4 Specialists in marketing and social media

If you work as an SEO specialist or in any other field related to marketing and social media, this is your chance. In the UAE, new businesses and markets are forming, requiring the use of marketing tactics and social media to promote their brands.

Because social media runs everything nowadays, businesses require personnel to be in command of this area. They are critical to the business’s evolution and development.

These are some of the most in-demand jobs in the UAE, and specifically one of the most in-demand Dubai jobs.

Marketing will always be the cornerstone of a company’s success, and social media is seen as a tool to aid in that achievement. As a result, these occupations are becoming increasingly popular and in great demand. To acquire one of these positions, a smart tool would be to have an organized online job profile.

1.5 Journalists via online

It is rare these days to see someone buying a journal. Instead, we prefer to read the digital editions, which are readily available. If you are a journalist or editor looking to advance your career, online journalism is the way to go right now.

Furthermore, most well-known periodicals and journals have an online presence, so you have a variety of options. If you put yourself to the test, something positive will inevitably emerge.

1.6 Translators

Because the United Arab Emirates is a melting pot of cultures, translators play an important role. English interpreters have recently been in high demand, particularly in the medical area.

Not only that, but if your area of expertise is written translation, businesses are looking for legal translators to assist them with contract drafting and other responsibilities. Whether you are fluent in English or have specialized in translation of various types, UAE is the place to be to achieve your career ambitions. One of the job searching tips in this area is to apply in portals online

1.7 Teachers

If you are seeking high-demand jobs in the UAE, this is one of the greatest options. Whether you have experience or not.

Teachers can now advance their careers in the United Arab Emirates. International schools are in desperate need of teachers in all topics. The majority of colleges require 2-3 years of experience; however, certain schools do not require competence.

Arabic and ESL (English as a Second Language) teachers are the most in-demand teacher jobs in the UAE. 

2. Administrative and business departments

2.1 Specialists in business

There are numerous openings for the best jobs in Dubai for those who have worked in the business industry in the interim. This is because many entities and companies have a high demand for good management, strategic planning, and development.

As a result, business-related occupations are among the most sought-after jobs in the UAE. You can work for top-tier, worldwide companies, which will be a great step forward in your career.

2.2 Specializations in finance

In any organization, the finance department is the most crucial. Dubai jobs in this industry are in high demand. Furthermore, this industry grew by 63%. Whether you are a senior or a management figure in the banking industry, there are several options for you on the market.

2.3 Analysts in the financial field

If accounting is your subject of study and you want to make a better future for yourself, there are plenty of UAE jobs for you. The career is continuously rising, and it will continue to be one of the most sought-after careers in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.

Any successful organization relies on accountants to anticipate revenues and costs, which is why there is such a high need for them. Their job is to keep an eye on the investment decisions that take place.

Dubai is famous for having a plethora of malls, shops, and businesses that are always in need of accountants.

2.4 Paralegals

Are you a student of law? Have you ever engaged in any legal activities? If you have, you should look into this position. It is one of the most in-demand jobs in the UAE for anyone looking to start a successful business.

It is highly needed in the UAE because of the new company groupings, which would rather hire a paralegal than a lawyer to avoid paying too much.

Law firms, corporations, and government organizations frequently hire paralegals. A paralegal is a promising job that has grown in popularity over the last decade and will continue to do so in the future.

2.5 Professionals in the hospitality and tourism industries

This is for you if you are a tour guide, a chef, or a restaurant manager. The UAE invests in tourism and hospitality because it is one of the chosen destinations for a large number of nationalities. The best job search idea for this position is to browse for postings online.

To present the country in the best possible light, they require a large number of personnel to serve as tour guides, chefs, hosts or hostesses, and cleaning staff.

Many tourists are returning to the UAE, which implies more work chances to serve them. These are some of the most in-demand industries, and they contribute significantly to the UAE’s growth. This is the simple answer to your query about which Dubai jobs are in high demand.

2.6 Administrative assistants

Do you want to work as an administrative assistant or a data entry specialist in the UAE? Administrative assistants are essential to every company’s operations since it is critical to building good business partnerships. They also have a bright future in terms of promotion to executive and managerial UAE jobs.

Because most firms in the UAE require assistants, secretaries, and data entry professionals to assure the continuity of their work, this is one of the most in-demand jobs in the UAE.

It has a bright future and a wide range of opportunities. This is one of the best jobs in Dubai to get you started because it is available almost everywhere.

2.7 Specialists in human resources and recruitment

You will find this extremely useful if you work as a recruiter, HR employee, or even HR manager. Employees in this field not only have a thorough awareness of their company’s priorities, but they also have the ability to influence the company’s future through their decisions. To get a job in Dubai in this area is not impossible

Human resources roles are necessary for practically every organization in the UAE, thus they will continue to grow in relevance and possibilities. This demand will continue to grow for a large number of organizations in the Emirates, whether they are startups or established businesses.

3. Healthcare area

Healthcare area jobs in the UAE.

3.1 Personnel in the medical and healthcare

If you are in the medical sector or considering a career change, here is your chance. In the United Arab Emirates, there are over 180 medical centers and institutions that grant credentials that allow students to practice their profession.

They emphasize the importance of taking these courses because working in the medical profession is critical; it is one of the most in-demand jobs in the UAE.

Because of the growing population in the country, this vocation is booming, and it will be quite important after 2020. The UAE makes it a top priority to look after its citizens.

Because the UAE is technologically adept and forward-thinking, healthcare is critical to maintaining its achievements. As a result, this profession will continue to grow, improve, and be in high demand.

3.2 Support personnel in the healthcare industry

Certainly, doctors and nurses play an important role in our everyday lives, but the cycle would never be complete without those who work behind the scenes. In the previous few months, there has been an upsurge in the need for healthcare support employees. According to LinkedIn, the most sought-after jobs in the UAE include laboratory and healthcare assistants, clinic managers, and others.

If you live in Dubai and are looking for high-demand careers, this is surely one of them. Finally, many hospitals and medical facilities offer excellent career opportunities with excellent salaries. It is definitely one of the best jobs in Dubai to apply for.

4. Sales and Technology

4.1 Specialists in e-commerce

If you have any experience with e-commerce or have recently entered this field, there is good news for you: no one can deny that it is a dominant industry and a great field to get a job in Dubai. 

We all have a tendency to buy almost anything online. Furthermore, the number of shopping websites is growing at a quick pace. As a result, e-commerce roles and online expertise are in high demand across the UAE.

4.2 Developers of software

Because of the growing number of tech start-ups, this field is likely to grow rapidly. Furthermore, the UAE’s continual business expansion is outstanding, requiring the hiring of fresh people to assist these organizations in their development. The country also boasts Dubai Internet City, which aspires to become the East’s Silicon Valley.

To ensure the consistency of their computer devices and the continuity of their work, many corporations are willing to pay significant wages to System Programmers and Software Developers. Working in the UAE will undoubtedly pay dividends if this is your specialty. Many job portals in Dubai advertise positions in this field.

4.3 Engineers

Due to the variety of this vocation, it is unquestionably one of the most in-demand UAE jobs. There are numerous engineering specialties available in various specializations. Engineers also have the benefit of receiving large wages.

If you wanted to work in Chemical or Petroleum Engineering, for example, you would undoubtedly find the best jobs in Dubai in this field.

Petroleum and chemical process engineers are in high demand throughout the Gulf, particularly in the United Arab Emirates. This is due to the fact that enormous amounts of oil have been discovered in Dubai.

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