How to write down a Leave extension letter application with instances?

A leave extension letter or a letter for extension of leave is written once you want to extend a leave already granted at your job site. However, a leave extension request can be posted as an offline letter or an electronic correspondence. It could be your office, your school, or any other organization, but there is always a process and format that you should follow when writing a leave extension letter.

In this article, you will learn how to write a letter for an extension of leave.

-How to write a leave extension letter?

-Leave extension letter sample letters

-Common questions about the leave extension letter

-Where can you find more information about a letter of permission?

1. How to write a leave extension letter?

letter for extension of leave

Generally, it is quite difficult for your authorities to approve an extended leave, but certain cases are considered, investigating the veracity of the case. So when writing a leave extension letter, you should offer valid and honest reasons to extend your leave. Also, state the work assignment performed on your behalf.

This will let them know that you are responsible enough to ensure that everything gets done without any kind of procrastination. Also, be sure to get to the point and keep the letter short and simple.

2. Leave extension letter sample letters

For a clear understanding of the format of both the leave extension letter and the leave extension correspondence, please refer to the examples given below.

2.1 Leave a letter of extension request to the school


Universal Oasis School, Indiranagar

Bangalore – 560015

February 17, 2022

Sub: Request a leave extension

Respected lady,

I, Kashika Gowda, TGT English, kindly express that my state of health has not yet been optimized. I am on leave as of February 10. However, I said that I would join the office on February 18, however, according to recent reports, my injuries would take a little longer to heal. The doctor has also advised absolute bed rest for another week. However, I have had a dialogue with Mrs. Deepa Patil about the performance of my classes and she has agreed to the same.

I ask you to kindly consider my leave extension request until the 25th of this month. Apologies for the problems generated. I enclose all the medical reports along with the letter for your reference. Therefore, I hope you will understand the case and consider my leave extension request. I will be quite grateful to you for the same. However, I am waiting for a positive response from you.


Then, you must also send the doctor’s report and the medical certificate.

2.2 Leave extension correspondence

[email protected]

Sub: Application for permit extension


I, Abdel Verma, with employee ID E098765, am writing this email to inform you that I took leave from 02/10/2022 to 02/17/2022 as I tested positive for Coronavirus. Yesterday’s test result is still positive and my signs are serious. I need to sleep at least a month in consensus with the doctor’s advice. I have assigned all my work to Mr. Shiv Kumar and Ms. Vaishali and they agreed.

I demand to extend my leave until 02/30/2022. However, I will try to do it prior to the mentioned date. I’m sorry for the trouble caused. However, I hope you will understand the case and consider my plea. Therefore, I will be quite bound by the same. Kindly, waiting for your reply.



Abdel Verma

Preeminent analyst

Employee ID: E098765

Attached files:

Coronavirus test report

Certified doctor

3. Common questions about the leave extension letter

3.1 To whom should we write a leave extension correspondence in an organization?

You can write the leave extension correspondence to your company’s HR by stating the leave expansion request with a valid reason and proof.

3.2 How to write a leave extension letter application?

To write a leave extension letter, you should name the dates and the reason for the request. Therefore, try to write the letter humbly and respectfully along with the correct proof for it.

3.3 Can I extend my leave after submitting a leave extension mailing?

After submitting the leave extension correspondence, you should keep your manager/preeminent authority sending you a sentiment correspondence that could be an assertion of that request.

4. Where can you find more information about letters of permission?

Employees who report their leaves have more ways to be great workers. Therefore, you should find ways to do it without errors. However, fortunately, you can do this activity with a letter of permission.

Therefore, you might think that writing this letter is a challenging task. However, it is not completely complex.

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