Reengineering: Designing a program that asks managers to reconsider how to work

A program that asks managers to reconsider how to work falls into the category of reengineering. Through this process, a company can make the necessary changes to improve many aspects of the business. This not only benefits the business itself but also the workers, as aspects of employment improve.

In this article, you will find the exact meaning of reengineering and what its goals are within any company. Likewise, you will know how this program is carried out and what benefits your company can obtain. Let us see:

1. What is process reengineering?

2. What should be the goals of a program that asks managers to reconsider how to work?

3. How to carry out the reengineering process in the company?

4. Benefits of a program that asks managers to reconsider how to work

5. Role of Human Resources in the program

6. Organizational changes require highly skilled employees

1. What is process reengineering?

A program that asks managers to reconsider how to work

Reengineering is a procedure by which a company makes important changes to business processes. In this sense, these changes are made to increase efficiency, reduce costs, improve quality, etc. In addition, they may involve a program that asks managers to reconsider how to work and improve on certain aspects.

Also, this process is thorough and may even involve the change of some essential business processes. Likewise, it may imply the introduction of new processes or the combination of several of them to create a new one. Also, reengineering can improve the interaction between certain procedures to optimize them.

Business process reengineering, also known as BPR, can occur at any point in the existence of a company. For example, this change may be necessary when aiming for business expansion. In this case, with the challenge of new markets, a company probably needs to change to meet demand.

Additionally, the BPR is ideal for those companies with problems growing or meeting their production objectives. However, the changes must be consistent with current business goals.

2. What should be the goals of a program that asks managers to reconsider how to work?

The goals of the review of labor processes in the company consist of the following:

  • With this process, the company should aim to reduce costs and time, removing unproductive activities. Additionally to freeing the employees who carry out said tasks. Additionally, reorganizing into teams allows for reduced layers of management, as well as speeding up workflows and reducing errors.
  • With a reformation program, you can improve the quality of work and accurately set individual tasks. Thus, employees will be able to know their performance and measure it through the feedback of the process.
  • On the other hand, these types of programs help to update the basic rules on which the business was founded. The reason is to be able to keep up with the progress of the market and business needs.
  • BPR can also serve to make the customer more satisfied by improving productivity.
  • Also, this process can help provide employees with new learning opportunities.

3. How to carry out the reengineering process in the company?

When creating a program that asks managers to reconsider how to work, it must follow a structure. You can then be guided through the following steps:

3.1 Define and communicate the need for change

Before the process can begin, teams need to be convinced of the need for management and process changes. In this sense, perhaps higher levels of the company such as shareholders or the board of directors should be involved. This can be easy if you have to adapt processes to new environments or overcome certain struggles.

However, it can be harder if the company is going in a good direction, as many will think that the change is not necessary. In this case, the best way to convince those involved is by showing a projection of what the company can achieve.

3.2 Establish a reengineering team

The next step in creating a program that asks managers to reconsider how to work is to establish the team. You must select this team wisely, as they will be in charge of strategy and supervision. This group can be composed of the following participants:

  • A high-level executive who is the team leader and links with the other executives. Additionally, this person will be responsible for representing the team and control the process from start to finish.
  • An operational manager who manages the priority business processes of the company. Thus, they will be in charge of informing about said processes.
  • A group of professionals who will implement the proper strategies for the reengineering process. In this case, this team must be made up of specialists in different skills, according to the needs of the business.
  • There must be a management committee that will be in charge of solving any problem that may arise with the units involved in the change. This must be made up of executive staff that has adequate knowledge of the change program.

3.3 Establish performance indicators

These indicators are the ones that will define the performance of the process that the company is carrying out at a given moment. These criteria must be measurable to be able to carry out an evaluation exactly and introduce the necessary changes. This particular process should include a complete list of pointers, which you should consider carefully.

Of course, these will depend on the processes they are redesigning and the goals the company wants to achieve. Therefore, they should be the most relevant to reconsider the managerial highlights.

3.4 Process evaluation

In this step, with the established indicators, you must evaluate the efficiency of managerial work within the company. For this, it is important to know the points of view of department heads and even employees. In this way, you can get the necessary information about common processes and challenges.

In addition, the analysis of all this data allows you to find out about problems or negative situations that you did not know about. Therefore, a program that asks managers to reconsider how to work must take this into account. In this way, you can solve problems in a single process, saving time, effort, and valuable resources.

However, you should not limit said evaluation to just solving the adversities you find but rather evaluate how they affect other processes.

3.5 Moving towards solutions

The next step is to start developing solutions for all the processes included in the program. The ideal thing for them is to hold constant meetings to be able to find suitable strategies and evaluate the possibilities of application. Therefore, after having carried out the respective evaluation and reaching a consensus, the implementation begins.

Ideally, the implementation process should be gradual and systematic, so you can better observe the effectiveness of the solution. In this case, it is important to listen to the opinions of employees, managers, and other stakeholders to consider them for future reengineering.

4. Benefits of a program that asks managers to reconsider how to work

A program that asks managers to reconsider how to work

There are certain benefits in applying the changes established in the respective program. Some of them are:

  • At the end of the process, you will be able to perceive the simplification and optimization of managerial and commercial processes. In this sense, you will be able to eliminate redundant or superfluous processes, as well as unnecessary steps that diminished productivity. In addition, you will be able to channel efforts directly to the objectives of the organization.

Likewise, employees will know and be able to follow a clearer path; also your customers will be happier.

  • Efficiency optimization, also by eliminating redundant processes. In this sense, the processes will flow in a simple and fast way, increasing productivity.
  • This process also helps build a brand image, as the company is committed to constant improvement. Furthermore, this shows remarkable corporate ethics and shows concern for your customers.
  • Likewise, the services and/or products offered by your company also improve thanks to the modernization of processes. In addition, thanks to the greater efficiency in communication, your company can resist changes in the market.
  • It encourages innovation in the company since employees can analyze various structures and how to improve them. Furthermore, these efforts may lead to transforming the nature of work within the industry.
  • Another important point is the maximization of the return on investment, this can be achieved by achieving the previous benefits.

5. Role of Human Resources in the program

Human Resources can provide guidance and direction in the process of transforming work processes. The areas in which this department can provide its valuable collaboration include the following:

5.1 Molding process

Although top management sets the tone and directs the process, HR can play a prominent role. In this case, it can help determine if the entire program will be as successful as desired. For example, they can set the criteria for selecting the directive committee for the management job change program.

They can also play a leading role in the selection of team members and team leaders.

5.2 Define positions and roles in the new business order

This point is about making statements of work and delineating the roles against the new tasks established. In addition, this department can help structure the work around the client. Therefore, it allows defining the roles based on the objectives that the company wants to achieve.

That is, it defines the job responsibilities and the functions that will allow the achievement of the established goals.

5.3 Solve compensation problems

To get the desired results after reengineering you must structure the appropriate rewards and pay scales. For example, you can think about a market salary adjustment or other compensation for the workforce.In addition, HR can analyze whether you make a regular payment based on a schedule or based on skills and knowledge.

5.4 Employee training

Your overall reengineering strategy also has to do with the training you do for your employees. This is due to the importance of worker skills training in a transformed management process. In addition, you must emphasize teamwork, as well as trust and decision-making.

5.5 New corporate culture

Another of the outstanding jobs of Human Resources in this regard is to form a new business culture related to change. Thus, this must have coherence concerning the organization and very important support. However, this process does not take a short time but occurs gradually and progresses as the adaptation of those involved occurs.

5.6 Enables more effective communication

Reengineering can mean quite a change for your business workforce. However, the Human Resources team has in its hands the most useful tool to achieve a better gradual adaptation: communication. In this sense, you can use:

  • Email messages.
  • Newsletters.
  • Cards.
  • Videos
  • Departmental and general meetings, among others.

In this way, you can calm the general anxiety that changes cause and that can affect the workforce. Likewise, effective communication can allow you to understand your workers and how reengineering can benefit them.

6. Organizational changes require highly skilled employees

A program that asks managers to reconsider how to work

Involves a transformation in important areas. However, the benefits are countless when the changes begin to take hold in the company. Furthermore, this also means that you have to find the best talent to cover the new processes.

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