Resume writing: The steps to create an excellent CV 

A CV serves as your first point of contact with a potential employer. That is why resume writing is an important element to keep in mind. You must recognize that initial impressions are irreversible. A potential employer’s first impression of you is usually your curriculum vitae You may even consider a resume writing service if you truly intend to stand out.

In this article, we will address the most common mistakes that occur during employee resume writing. Also, we will take a look at how to avoid them and how to design the best, most professional resume writing possible.

1. Avoid these common mistakes for creative resume writing

2. The three creative resume writing elements that will get you hired

3. The significance of essential phrases and powerful words

4. Some other elements to consider

5. Considerations in the United Arab Emirates for creative resume writing

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1. Avoid these common mistakes for creative resume writing

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Before we go on to the tactics that will help you stand out, we must first ensure that our core needs are met. That begins with recognizing the most common mistakes made by job seekers so that we can make our resumes bulletproof.

The first thing recruiters look for when scanning a résumé is errors. You can have the best resume writing, but if you break a rule like having an unprofessional email address or employing poor grammar, it will be rejected.

Here is a list of mistakes to consider if you are unwilling to hire a resume writing service.

1.1 Not being careful with grammar

Approximately 60% of resumes contain a mistake or grammatical error.

Solution: Have three people look through your resume: spell check software, a friend, and a professional. If you are using Microsoft Word or Google Docs to make your resume, spell check should be included.

You can cover the second base with a friend or family member, but make sure you trust them with the entire process. You can always throw in an obvious error to see if they notice.

Finally, you can use Upwork to hire a professional editor. It should not take them more than 15-20 minutes to evaluate, therefore it is worth paying a little more for someone who has a lot of experience and great ratings.

1.2 Summaries are overly formal and lengthy

Many resumes include summaries, which are paragraphs that describe why the applicant is a “motivated, results-oriented team member.” When hiring managers see a large block of material at the top of a resume, you can be sure they will not read it all. If they give it a chance and read something along the lines of the phrase above, they will give up right away.

Solution: Summaries are quite useful, but they should be written in bullet style and should highlight your most relevant experience for the position. Instead of a paragraph on who you are and what you are searching for, think of them as a highlight reel.

1.3 Inadequate formatting

When employers glance at your CV, one of the first things they notice is a bad layout. It may reflect poorly on you because it appears that you do not pay attention to detail.

there is no use in reading on if anything is inadequately formatted or if candidates do not sell themselves well in the first few paragraphs. To accomplish the best resume writing, consider that recruiters want CVs that are up-to-date, simple to scan, clear, and professional.

There is no reason you cannot create a modern, visually appealing CV using the capabilities accessible in even basic programs like Microsoft Word. Formatting is important, and you should create a resume layout that is both reader-friendly and attention-grabbing. You can select an easy-to-read font, leaving out poor resume elements like white space as well.

Refrain from using only one page. If hiring managers examine your CV and find it to be a packed, jumbled mess, they will not waste any more time searching for the information they require. When resume writing, an unorganized CV will almost certainly put an end to a recruiter’s interest in hiring you. A professional resume writing service can help you as well.

If, on the other hand, your resume format, style, and layout are appealing and easy to read, I will be more likely to read the rest of the document and learn about your work experience, accomplishments, and skill set.

2. The three creative resume writing elements that will get you hired

2.1 Quantitative findings

They are absent from the majority of resumes. This is a shame because they are the most important factor in determining whether a CV gets an interview or not.

Talking about your everyday activities is common, yet corporations are uninterested in what you do regularly. They are concerned with the outcomes. By providing quantitative measurements and accomplishments in your resume, you are demonstrating the value you will provide to a company if you are hired.

It does not mean you cannot include measurable metrics on your CV if you do not work in sales, marketing, or a “numbers-driven” sector. Other categories that fit this description include:

  • When it comes to time, how long did it take you to accomplish something? Was that quicker than normal, or was it ahead of schedule? If yes, by how much do you mean?
  • What was the project’s measurable scope while you worked on it? On this project, how many people did you manage? How many people do you think use the product you are working on? What was the project’s price tag? Etc.
  • Productivity/Efficiency – Were you able to save money? Do you want to save people time? How can you improve your results?
  • How did your results compare to previous years? Were you able to do tasks more quickly? Better? Can you put a number on it and compare it to earlier work?

If you are ready to get imaginative, you can always discover a measurable way to quantify your worth.

2.2 A simple, aesthetic design that appeals to the reader

It is all too easy these days to get carried away with our desire to “stand out.” It is common to see graphic designer resumes, video resumes, overloaded. It is good to achieve creative resume writing, but not take it too far.

While they may be effective in certain circumstances, we want to aim for an approach that consistently produces results. The format that worked best for me was a black and white template with the following sections:

  • Summary – Objective – Experience
  • Volunteer Work in Education (if you have it)
  • Skills/Interests
  • This template is effective because it is simple and familiar to the reader.

Hiring managers review resumes for an average of 6 seconds, as previously stated. If your resume is in an unfamiliar format, the hiring manager will be uncomfortable for those 6 seconds. Our brains choose things that are familiar to us. You want to make sure that a hiring manager can quickly get a sense of who you are.

This hook should come from the section at the top of your resume if you are not dependent on design. This part should be written in bullets (not paragraphs) and should include three to four highlights of your most relevant experience for the job.

2.3 A section titled “interests” that is unique and relatable

This is a simple “trick” you can use to make personal connections with the individual reviewing your resume right away.

A talents area is found on most resumes, although it is not always useful. People make decisions based on emotions rather than facts, according to research. This theory is used by big brands all the time. Emotional responses to commercials have a greater impact on a person’s intent to buy than the content of an advertisement.

You can affect the mental association your recruiter assigns to you if you can elicit an emotional response from them. This puts you in a significantly better position.

Let us start with a question: what are some topics about which you could talk for hours? It may be bitcoin, cuisine, history, videogames. Even how Google’s decision to partition the firm under Alphabet will affect the technology sector over the next five years.

Consider what it would be like to have a conversation with someone who was just as passionate and knowledgeable about the subject as you were. Someone who understands what you are talking about is someone to create a match with. That is the type of emotional reaction recruiting managers like.

3. The significance of essential phrases and powerful words

Using powerful words will highlight your achievements and give your CV more impact during resume writing. For each of your responsibilities, use terms like adaptive, innovative, implemented, and attained. Then, follow up with outstanding achievements or outcomes that show what you have accomplished.

The foundation of any outstanding resume is key phrases. They are how you may construct a resume that will get you noticed. This is particularly critical for an online CV. Start by selecting job-specific keywords that relate to your prior work experience.

Also, to your accomplishments, and career ambitions to produce an effective resume. The keywords that a hiring manager or recruiter searches for in their candidate database or on a job board must appear in your resume. A recruiter or potential employer is not looking for personality descriptors or nebulous soft skills. Effective communicator, self-motivated, and affable are examples of terms you should avoid.

Technical skills and actual position titles like cost accountant, contract negotiation, and profit and loss management are better keywords to utilize to get the best resume writing. Many organizations utilize database software to screen out candidates who do not use specific keywords. For this reason, read the job description carefully and understand what the recruiter is looking for.

4. Some other elements to consider

4.1 Demonstrate industry knowledge

An understanding of the industry you choose will demonstrate that you can keep up with current events. Employers will be much more interested in you if you can demonstrate industry knowledge. With that in mind, keep up with industry news and trends. If you get to the interview stage, this will also benefit you.

4.2 Try to stay away from clichéd assertions

Claims like “creative,” “hardworking,” “results-driven,” “great communicator,” and “team player” are generic and high-level. In less than a second, your hiring manager will roll their eyes if you use any of these cliché terms. Instead of using cheesy adjectives and overused phrases, employ action verbs.

Use “proficient at face-to-face communication, spokesperson at college and events for recruiting” rather than “communicative”.

Instead of saying that you are very creative, write “implemented a new global application for tracking”. 

5. Considerations in the United Arab Emirates for creative resume writing

The Gulf is where the United Arab Emirates belongs. Not Europe or the United States. As a result, keep in mind that your personal information should be included on your UAE CV or Dubai CV. Because they have requested them. They may consider your marital status when deciding on the type of accommodation if the position includes it.

5.1 The CV’s length

Employers in Dubai want the best resume writing with a lot of detail. As described later in this post, your CV should be two pages long and include all relevant information. However, you can expand your resume to three pages if you are looking for a senior-level post. Also, you can do it if the circumstances demand it. A one-page resume is perhaps too short in several regions of the world, particularly the United States.

5.2 Your image

On the top right-hand side of the first page of your CV, you must include a photo. it is best to choose a professional passport photo with a solid grey or blue background. Make sure you dress professionally and do not show too much skin. Moreover, Dubai is a Muslim-majority country with a distinct culture that must be respected.

5.3 Contact information and personal details

To achieve the best resume writing, on the first page of your CV, at the top part to the left, add the following items:

  • Full name (the same way as it shows in the passport)
  • Phone number with your country code
  • Active email address
  • LinkedIn ID

Address the following questions below your contact information:

  • Your country of origin
  • Date of your birth
  • Languages in which you are fluent (English and Arabic are the languages in which business is conducted, but Hindi and Urdu are widely spoken)
  • Where are you now?
  • Your marital status and the number of dependents you have (most employers provide free family housing, medical insurance, and some even cover your children’s educational expenditures as part of your compensation package).
  • The number on your passport and the day it expires
  • What is your current visa situation?
  • Your driver’s license information (if you hold a valid international driving license, that is a plus)

5.4 Education

In reverse chronological order, list your schooling. Please include the complete name of the degree (no acronyms), the university, the nation. Also, the year you received your diploma. Make certain you are being clear. However, the recruiter may not be familiar with your country’s educational system.

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The perfect CV can take a long time to write, even with an employee resume writing service. Achieving the best resume writing possible is not easy. However, this is your chance to show off your achievements and skills to the employer. The more you learn about the profession and the industry, the more prepared you will be to make your resume stand out.

We can give you the best resume tips whether it is in general or for any specific field. We are here to help you.

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