Resume writing: What are the most important skills to add to your CV?

When you want to make the best resume writing possible, you must know that the manner you report your skills for a job can impact how far you move in the hiring process as you carefully design a resume targeted for the exact post you are applying for. You must demonstrate your job expertise if you want your CV to show you have what it takes to justify an interview.

In this article, we are going to talk in more detail about the skills that you must show in your resume in order to increase your opportunities of being called for interviews and, ultimately, obtain your dream job.

  1. What are the most important work skills to include for the best resume writing?
  2. Creating a skills section when resume writing
  3. Soft skills: What are they and which are some examples?
  4. Hard skills: Which are the most important ones when resume writing?
  5. Looking for a resume writing service? We have everything you need!

1. What are the most important work skills to include for the best resume writing?

Resume writing tips.

Your resume’s skills can set you apart from the competition and help you land the job you want. If a hiring panel does decide to offer you the position, the skills reflected in your CV play a role in the compensation figure they choose to offer. A common resume writing mistake is not being careful when adding your skills. 

It is no secret that many hiring managers just look over resumes for a few seconds before deciding whether to hire someone or put them on the shortlist. Employers today are searching for both hard and soft abilities, which you may not be aware of.

The majority of job postings you will see, contain normally these requirements:

  • Ability to solve problems
  • Experience as a leader
  • Competence with a computer
  • Organizational expertise
  • Ability to communicate
  • Talent for collaboration

These qualities and skills are necessary for today’s job. The technical abilities needed to complete the job’s tasks and obligations are known as hard skills. You can obtain them by training and practicing constantly. They are quantifiable and simple to promote. You either have or do not have the required technical abilities and expertise. Also, recruiters will look at your employment history and certifications.

Soft skills are traits that reflect a person’s individual characteristics. They may refer to, for example, the capacity to integrate into a company’s work culture, handle stress, communicate properly, or collaborate well. These skills can determine who to choose between different candidates that have the same level of experience and similar technical competencies.

2. Creating a skills section when resume writing

For creative resume writing, it is critical to organize the information so that it is concise and easy to read. A 3-column, 3-row highlights section near the top of your resume, just above your professional experience. That is a good place to list 9 soft and technical skills that directly relate to the job’s requirements. It is also a fantastic spot to write down any keywords you have discovered. 

You only need a few sentences to demonstrate what you offer to the table. Solid walls of texts are a common resume writing mistake you must avoid. Instead, this should be a bulleted list that the reader can skim through fast. Your employment history will have whole sentences.

3. Soft skills: What are they and which are some examples?

Resume writing.

A hiring manager is just as interested in your soft skills as they are in your technical skills. Smart managers understand that an experienced, well-trained new hire who does not fit into the office culture, communicates badly with clients and coworkers, or freezes under deadline pressure can have a significant negative impact on the company. Your creative resume writing and, later, how you portray yourself in the in-person or virtual interview, should convince the employer that you are not just capable of doing the work, but that your contribution to the success of the team will be there.

Do you know which soft skills to use to send that message? Remember that each job application should include a customized and updated resume. So look over the responsibilities of the job you are looking for. Thus, you will figure out which of your talents will help you succeed on the job and in the workplace.

Consider the following 12 soft talents and personal qualities when employee resume writing:

3.1 Adaptability

You will confront some disruption in your job. Whether you are a new hire learning the ropes, or a long-time employee adjusting to altering corporate goals. Even a manager implementing disruptive technologies in the workplace. Most organizations like to have workers with the ability to adapt to different situations and are willing to learn different methods and tools.

3.2 Paying close attention to the details

When it comes to money and time, companies are subject to mistakes if they do not hire people with a good eye for details. Submit a personalized, proofread resume and cover letter with work history highlights that illustrate thoroughness to show prospective employers that you are careful and purposeful in all you do. A good employee resume writing must be thorough and detailed.

3.3 Collaboration

If you are able to lend your help to others in your department and outside as well, you will succeed professionally. You can provide examples of your teamwork experience in the past. Or, if you are a recent college graduate, examples from your labs, seminars, and coursework.

3.4 Communication

Verbal, writing, and presentation abilities are becoming increasingly vital in the job, regardless of business or position. It is important for employers that workers can deliver messages across different audiences. This goes from interns to the C-suite who can confidently present to an audience.

3.5 Creativity

Fresh ideas and innovative approaches to old challenges infuse businesses with creativity. Managers will keep an eye on those individuals that show in their resumes the ability to think in a unique way, bringing fresh ideas to their companies.

3.6 Customer service

Good customer service results in a company’s success, and an employee’s career advancement prospects. Recruiters look for individuals that can surpass expectations and develop within the company. Being able to deliver good customer service is one step up the ladder.

3.7 Decision-making

The majority of managers give their subordinates freedom of action so that they can concentrate on bigger matters. That can also help them improve their performance and work happily. That is why they prize personnel who can appraise a situation and select the best course of action rather than relying on others for direction.

3.8 Leadership

Companies are always looking for people with the ability to motivate groups. Leaders with a fair, honest, and strategic mindset. Even if they are not hiring for a managerial position. Make sure to highlight in your resume your experience and talents regarding this particular matter. Demonstrate you have the skills to lead a group.

3.9 Multitasking

In many ways, today’s job is busier and more complicated than in the past. A well-written resume will highlight the applicant’s ability to work and manage different projects and goals at the same time.

3.10 Problem-solving

What job is not full of issues and challenges? Employers need a person who is able to confront those challenges and more. Highlighting your ability to deal with disagreements and come up with solutions for particular problems is of the utmost importance. 

3.11 Time management 

This is an important ability to add to professional resume writing, no matter what job you are applying for. Employers want to know that you can tune out distractions, fulfill deadlines, and make the most of your time working.

3.12 Work ethic

A good work ethic requires honesty, punctuality, accountability, and dependability. Include examples of those attributes in your career history and resume skills sections.

4. Hard skills: Which are the most important ones when resume writing?

Include specific proficiencies and certifications when listing hard talents during your CV writing process. For example, web developers might show their knowledge of different programming languages, as well as any other technologies listed in the job posting. Meanwhile, a financial controller’s resume skills might include a strong background in GAAP reporting. In the end, it will all depend on what the job requires.

For in-demand sectors, here are some skills that will come in handy and should be included in a creative resume writing:

4.1 Accounting

Invoicing, collections, payments, account reconciliation, and knowledge of software such as QuickBooks, FreshBooks, and Xero are all basic talents in accounting or bookkeeping.

4.2 Data privacy and analysis 

Cybersecurity is a critical priority for every company that handles sensitive or confidential client data. Depending on the role and area, specific in-demand abilities will be necessary.

ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems assist businesses in managing their operations and automating processes. Professionals in this field should emphasize talents and abilities such as coding and project management.

4.3 Human resources

HR specialists assist companies to evaluate and hire job prospects, onboarding new employees and designing retention strategies. Employee engagement, health initiatives, and training and team-building programs may all be handled by these individuals. If this is your field, you should emphasize when resume writing your strong communication and project management abilities.

4.4 Mathematics

Workers must determine percentages, calculate margins, and construct correct data displays in a variety of fields, not just accounting. Copy editors and marketing specialists would need to analyze for example results of a survey, so mathematics comes to play in every field. It is a skill not to be taken lightly.

4.5 Multilingualism

The more customers or clients you can service, the more you are worth to an employer. Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, French, and German are among the most in-demand second languages, depending on the industry and city. Even if you are seeking a job that does not need you to connect with overseas clients, knowing another language is a valuable skill to have. Your resume’s unique skills will help you stand out from the crowd.

4.6 Process automation

By using smart software and artificial intelligence to automate rote operations, businesses may save money and enhance accuracy. Organizations, on the other hand, trust human resources to configure and keep those systems in good shape. Employers will be far more interested if you highlight your professional expertise in this field or your completion of one of the various certification programs available.

4.7 Product design

In this field, form and function combine to maximize both user friendliness and visual appeal. Even if you have a product design degree, you should highlight your specialized abilities on your resume.

4.8 Ability to conduct research

Employers are seeking applicants that know how to apply the correct research tools and procedures, whether for eDiscovery, competitive intelligence, or internal data collecting. Being able to plan, schedule, evaluate and interpret information obtained during research in order to find solutions are a great skill to add to a resume.

4.9 Software knowledge

Microsoft Office and G Suite software for word processing, spreadsheets, email, presentations, and collaboration are necessary for almost every office job today. This makes it a must to include it for the best resume writing possible. Many jobs will require a far deeper understanding of technology. IT and creative jobs are obvious examples, but tech skills are highly important across a wide range of industries and occupations. 

4.10 Writing, editing, and search engine optimization (SEO) knowledge

From writers and editors to publicists and HR experts, SEO and its cousin, search engine marketing (SEM), are critical components of any function that works with online material. Work experience with Google Analytics and Keyword Planner, keyword optimization, content production, data analysis tools, and HTML/CSS and JavaScript are all examples of SEO/SEM hard skills for a resume.

4.11 Typing abilities

Medical coders, transcribers, schedulers, clerks, data entry specialists, and administrative workers all need to be able to type quickly and accurately. What is the definition of fast? This varies by industry and job, but the job description should provide some insight. Visit one of the many free typing speed testing websites to assess your speed and accuracy and make sure to add it when resume writing.

Remember that when resume writing you should show examples of how you have applied the hard talents that are most relevant to the position you are applying for. For each position you have held, make a list of concrete, quantitative accomplishments wherever possible. Give conversion and click-through rates if you are a digital marketer. If you are a project manager, highlight projects that were completed on schedule and on budget, as well as the impact they had. You want to show that you are a results-oriented professional.

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