Talent Tips: 10 Ways to boost your online job profile for recruiters

The world we formerly knew has progressed significantly. From going to work every morning to being able to complete the same tasks from virtually anywhere. It is now dominated by an interconnected system in which structured information is readily available. As a result, businesses may now recruit individuals virtually. Consequently, job searchers should now focus more on establishing their online job profile.

In this article, we will discover ten different ways to boost your online profile. This task is not as simple as it appears; as finding a job requires a significant amount of effort. The most typical piece of advice given to job seekers nowadays is to keep their web profiles up to date.

1. Creating your online presence

2. The importance of having a strong professional profile when job hunting

3. Dubai’s social media and online presence

4. What are the opinions of HR professionals on social media?

5. Tools to potentiate your presence on the web

6. Be consistent with your effort

7. How can we help you find a job in Dubai and the UAE?

1. Creating your online presence

The digital footprint you leave behind after publishing relevant content about yourself or your profilerepresents your online presence. Done through a variety of mediums where knowledge is freely available to the public. The algorithms will match your information with people who have similar interests based on the type of information you share. That is how you will be discovered on the internet.

It could be a blog post about you or your business, a tweet, Instagram photographs, or public forum remarks. All of these things affect how you appear in the virtual world. Furthermore, it allows you to stand out from the throng.

2. The importance of having a strong professional profile when job hunting

A person’s virtual identity has become one of their most important assets. You are exposed to millions of people in the cyber globe who are eager to connect with the appropriate person. This indicates that there are numerous opportunities for you to be identified. And the only way to do that is to improve your internet presence or to have an attractive job profile.

Recruiters are increasingly choosing to shortlist prospects based on their online persona. What’s more, it is now more effective than a CV. Assume you are a computer programmer with a lot of experience. Regularly expressing your views and projects on multiple platforms establishes you as a person who is truly passionate about their profession in the eyes of digital headhunters looking for the top talent.

Furthermore, the stronger your internet presence, the greater your credibility, which will make it easier for you to connect with those at the top.

3. Dubai’s social media and online presence

In the Middle East, particularly in Dubai, social networking has become extremely popular. What’s amazing is that the UAE uses social media more than any other Arab country, and considerably more than countries with much larger populations.

Nearly half of the UAE’s working population now uses LinkedIn, and if you want to advance in Dubai’s professional sector, you will need a high-quality job profile, and an all-around professional brand on social media and other platforms.

When it comes to competing for jobs in Dubai, if you are not well-established on LinkedIn and the major social media platforms, you will be missing out on possibilities and slipping behind your peers.

4. What are the opinions of HR professionals on social media?

According to 83 percent of HR resources professionals, the recruiting process will grow increasingly reliant on digital material in the next years, meaning that your social media accounts may be the first place you look when evaluating job applicants.

Having an online presence and an attractive job profile in the UAE can be beneficial or detrimental. Negative content, according to 61% of HR experts, can assist them to rule out candidates who are unsuitable or unprofessional.

5. Tools to potentiate your presence on the web

Every great thing takes time and building a great internet presence and an attractive job profile is no exception. Personal branding, networking, and presenting yourself as a problem solution rather than a typical job candidate are all important aspects of your internet presence.

Here are some important considerations to keep in mind when crafting the best job profile.

5.1 Use a suitable profile picture

A recruiter’s first impression of your job profile is based on your profile photo. Recruiters spend over 19 percent of their time on your professional job profile looking at your display image, according to a study. Therefore, you want to appear credible and competent, as though you are someone any employer would want in his office.

When submitting your profile photo, make sure to keep the following factors in mind.

  • The image used should be one that was taken recently.
  • You should be the sole focus of the photograph.
  • You should be well-dressed in business or professional wear.
  • Maintain a cheerful facial expression.
  • There should be no logos or watermarks in the image.

5.2 Include a clear career objective in your online profile 

When developing your online job profile, you should include a clear career purpose. Make a point of mentioning it to make it easier for recruiters to find you. Decide on the position you want and the type of organization you want to work for. Keeping these factors in mind, you will be able to develop a profile that reflects your professionalism and attention.

5.3 Give a complete picture of yourself by sharing all of your information

While reviewing several profiles on a recruitment website, an employer maintains a few fundamental questions in mind. The first is how does the job seeker portray himself or herself?

The information on your profile can typically answer this question. This is the reason why you should act carefully. Give correct information about your education (high school, college, and post-college) and professional experience.

Make it a point to include all personal information, such as your phone number, the official date of birth, and email address. Additionally, include a link to your Google+ account so that recruiters can easily track you. If you have a personal blog, please indicate it. It serves as a window into your life’s events and accomplishments, assuming you have acknowledged them.

5.4 Mention your LinkedIn account 

A LinkedIn profile allows you to connect with other experts in your sector. Although having a large number of connections enhances your profile, you should always aim to connect with people in your field of interest.

When a hiring manager looks at your profile, he makes a judgment based on the summary box, specialties, and, of course, your tagline. Additionally, in order to complete your profile, be sure to specify ‘job opportunities’ in the ‘interested in’ box.

To keep your visibility in front of potential employers, join organizations pertaining to your subject of interest and engage in diverse topics on a regular basis. During an interview, remember that it is important to know the right way to discuss payments. It is something that you can add to your profile as well.

5.5 Include links to your Facebook and Twitter profiles

Nowadays, recruiters make it a point to conduct a background check on all candidates before moving to the interview stage. Your Facebook and Twitter accounts will be scanned as part of this procedure. You may use these platforms wisely to entice potential employers in a variety of ways.

5.5.1 Facebook

  • Update your status on a regular basis to reflect your present situation and what you are looking for.
  • Become a member of several online forums pertaining to your field and actively participate in the debates that take place there.
  • Avoid engaging in disputes about sensitive themes such as communalism, racism, caste, and creed to avoid making an unfavorable impression on the employer.
  • Create a network of people who are experts in the field you want to work in.

5.5.2 Twitter

  • Use Twitter to follow the industries that interest you and to join communities in which you are genuinely interested.
  • Try to come up with meaningful content that your audience will find valuable.
  • Many companies have Twitter accounts dedicated to their jobs. Following them could be an effective job-hunting strategy.
  • Develop a network of people who do what you want to accomplish and become involved with them.

5.6 Use Pinterest 

Adding visual appeal to your online job profile by using Pinterest is a good idea. Pinterest allows you to utilize visual assets such as images or infographics as a form of social currency to represent personal information.

This application has piqued the interest of many businessmen and recruiters due to its visual appeal. To complete your profile on this platform, you can assure things like pinning an error-free and eye-catching resume on the pinboard, following various career specialists, and interlinking it with your other social media accounts.

In front of the recruiter, including a link to your Pinterest account in your job search profile provides you an advantage over other applicants.

5.7 Mention recommendations 

The majority of recruitment websites allow job searchers to collect recommendations and testimonials. Take the effort to solicit testimonials and recommendations from friends, seniors, and colleagues in your field.

These references/recommendations assist the employer in grading you based on feedback from your prior supervisor and coworkers. These may also work in your favor and result in a call from one of the recruiters.

5.8 Keywords

The first question that may have come into your mind is, “what are keywords?”. These are words or phrases that you use in your web profile to describe your professional talents or your area of expertise.

They act as the primary criterion for shortlisting your profile. Many recruiters use search engines to find online profiles, which rank some profiles higher than others based on the phrases they contain. This approach is known as search engine optimization, and it might help you get your profile shortlisted for an interview.

As a result, use the appropriate keywords in the appropriate places. It is especially significant when you consider the online competition you will be up against. If you are looking for a job in sales and marketing, for example, your keyword should be “sales & marketing.”

Furthermore, some social networking networks, such as LinkedIn, include keywords disguised as abilities that you can be endorsed by your connections to increase the visibility of your profile.

5.9 Update your CV

Your resume contains all of the information a recruiter needs to know about you, from your high school diploma to your professional experience. That is why you must know how to update it properly. The information you enter must be true and correct.

Also, make sure that the resume you upload contains all of the necessary information. Include all of your abilities and accomplishments in addition to this. Including recommendations from your seniors may also help you.

5.10 Google yourself to check your online presence

In addition to changing your status on various social networking platforms on a regular basis, you should check your online presence by typing your name into various search engines such as Google, Bing, and others. This will give you an indication of how well your professional job profile in Dubai is optimized and how easy it is for recruiters to access it.

As the preceding discussion indicates, there are various considerations to make while building an online profile for job hunting. However, by following a few easy procedures and paying attention to every aspect, you may be able to make one that is both appealing and informative. If you follow the advice given above, you will almost certainly receive a call from your ideal employer.

6. Be consistent with your effort

When it comes to building an internet presence and the best job profile, consistency is crucial. There is no going back or stopping once you have begun developing your professional job profile in Dubai. You must produce excellent content on a regular basis. To stand out from the crowd, keep making relationships and doing the same things.

You will know you are on the right track if your profile gets a lot of attention and your posts get a lot of views.

7. How can we help you find a job in Dubai and the UAE?

Your online job profile is an important factor to keep in mind during your job search. Hence, it is not something to take lightly. Having the right guidance when customizing an attractive job profile is paramount to attracting recruiters. At The Talent Point we understand this and want to provide you with all the help that the matter requires.

Would you like to know more about The Talent Point? You can contact us at the following number +97143316688. Also, our email address [email protected] is open for you to communicate with our team. We will be happy to answer all of your questions!

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