Talent Tips: How to develop the best online job profile in Dubai

It is unquestionable that today’s world relies on technology. It has been suggested that in the not-too-distant future, job candidates’ online profiles would supplant their CVs. As a result, your online job profile as a job seeker could either help or hurt your chances of getting the job you want. You never know if a headhunter has ever evaluated you for a desirable position but decided against hiring you due to your unappealing web presence.

In this article, we will address those tips that will help you build an attractive profile online that will boost your job opportunities.

1. Increase your internet visibility

2. Always keep in mind privacy and security matters

3. Consider the importance of your bio

4. Make sure not to neglect your professional online job profile

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1. Increase your internet visibility

Employers usually look at job applicants’ social media sites to identify their qualifications and assess their professionalism. Also, to confirm if their culture and personality fit with the company, confirm their validity, or eliminate bad characteristics. What you want is to establish an online presence that enhances the employer’s perception of you. Finally, a bio that increases your chances of acquiring the job you qualify for.

Let us explore deeper into how you may boost your professional online job profile as a job seeker.

1.1 Establish and maintain an effective online presence by making yourself visible

Aside from access restrictions, you should establish and maintain a strong online presence across a variety of social media platforms. It is reasonable to assume that if you do not appear online, you will not have any online presence. A blocked social media page may raise a red flag. It gives the wrong impression that there is something your a looking to conceal. In addition to that, it makes you lose the opportunity to impress recruiters.

93% of businesses use LinkedIn to recruit candidates. That is why it is critical that you make your LinkedIn profile public in order to appear in search results. Other social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, are similarly affected.

1.2 Connect your social media profiles

It is crucial to keep your name consistent throughout all of your social media profiles. Some of us may want to use a nickname on Facebook while keeping our official names for more professional purposes. Then there is the issue of whether or not to include the middle name, dialect names, or Christian names for various profiles.

If you want a recruiter to find you easily, use the same name across all of your profiles. Avoid using a nickname because it will appear less professional and less connected to your real identity.

Keep everything in order. Check if the facts in your numerous profiles regarding your accomplishments, prior experience, interests, and even images are almost identical. After that, connect all of your social media accounts.

1.3 Post your work on the internet

One thing you may do to impress potential employers is to post examples of your work online. This is particularly true if you work in the creative field. You can do this by promoting your artwork and other creations. You can do this on well-known online communities and photo-sharing networks like DeviantArt, Behance, Flickr, and Instagram.

Such sites create a favorable atmosphere for contributions and remarks. This happens due to the number of designers and artists in such specialized communities and networks. There is frequently a plethora of knowledge to be had and numerous opportunities to establish a positive reputation.

Your portfolio represents a treasure. You may start and build your portfolio online even if you are not in the creative sector. Publish academic papers, company projects, samples of your greatest work, lectures, and speeches.

Also, you can add volunteer services, honors, and certifications to your website. Having these available online allows the recruiter to get a better image of your abilities. It is a lot more information than what is on your brief and succinct CV could offer. Remember to provide links to your showcases and attachments on your website.

2. Always keep in mind privacy and security matters

These policies define how searchable your professional online job profile is and how access to your postings can be restricted. Apart from such privacy settings, you should make an effort to stay informed about existing issues. You must correct them before they expose you to a privacy breach. If all of your private images and postings were accessible to potential employers during a standard background check, that would be devastating.

You will need to make it simple for potential employers to find your online job profile in Dubai. To appropriately portray you in the manner you wish, be mindful of what you make public.

Facebook users will never forget the privacy chaos in which private messages that were not supposed to be seen by the public surfaced on their wall page.

2.1 Apply a filter to your photos

A picture can say more than a thousand words. Unappealing photos will inevitably appear on Facebook. It is normal since it has become a daily social outlet for connecting with friends and family. Although most images of your wilder days in college are innocuous, there are a few that should never become public. They may jeopardize your chances of finding a job at your desired company if they do not reflect who you are today.

The safest bet is to check through your account’s images and sift through the most personal ones. You should also cast a wide net to catch embarrassing photos that friends post on their Facebook pages. Before these photos appear in your account, you have the option of requiring your permission first. Also, consider looking for more information on how to control unwanted tagging.

2.2 Conduct a self-examination by googling yourself

The best method to evaluate your internet presence is to take the exam yourself and periodically google your name. Check how often your name appears in the search results. Also, review how high up in the list it appears to see how popular you are on search engines.

According to studies, the top 3 locations on the first page of a Google search receive up to 58.4% of all hits. To do so, you must maintain an active online presence through participation in online communities. Discussion forums, social networking sites, and blogs are good options as well.

However, more crucially, see if there is any negative stuff or digital dirt about you that others have written. Bad reviews, online flamings, and stories that cited you out of context and painted you in an unfavorable light are examples of this. If there are any, your first priority will be to address them. 

3. Consider the importance of your bio

Recruiters pay very much attention to what they see about you online. That little space you have represents an incredible tool, believe it or not, to make yourself noticeable. For this reason, it is important to know you have to take advantage of it. Let us review some of the best tips regarding this topic:

 3.1 Make the most of your limited bio space

The description of your social media bio plays a significant function in capturing employers’ attention. On Facebook, for example, you must summarize your experience, personality, hobbies, skills, what you can give companies, and presumably more in a restricted amount of space. Technically, it is similar to a resume.

A bio is really more conversational than a resume and can be utilized to convey more information about you.

3.2 Adapt to various profiles

It is worth noting that your bio will vary based on whatever social media platform you are using. Your LinkedIn profile should include information about your experience and expertise, as well as your educational background and work successes.

When it comes to your personal blog or Facebook profile, you might be less official and include some lighthearted material from your personal life. However, always be mindful of the words and phrases you employ, as some keywords and phrases attract the attention of recruiters.

4. Make sure not to neglect your professional online job profile

Remember, it is your responsibility to take care of the image you project online. Review your social media constantly, make any changes that are necessary. Proofread and adjust any piece of information. Regarding this matter, here we have some elements to consider:

4.1 Keep your online job profile and CV up to date

Of course, having all those badges for people to connect with you will be meaningless if your profiles do not feature your most up-to-date information. Recruiters will be able to effectively judge your capabilities if they can immediately check your most recent work descriptions, achievements, and other life developments.

Failure to update your best online job profile with the most recent content may indicate to them that you are not interested enough to be recruited. If you do decide to update your profile, make sure you do so for all of your other social media accounts as well. That is in order to not annoy recruiters with inconsistent changes.

4.2 Use a variety of platforms to express yourself

You will need to be proactive on all of your social networking platforms, as well as your own website if you want to keep that presence and show your best online job profile. Your goal is to present yourself to possible employers with your perspectives and knowledge. That way, they will regard you favorably.

Do not limit yourself to blogging on your website or commenting and publishing on your social media accounts. Join public online forums, comment on other blogs, and even submit book, movie, and travel reviews. All of your internet footprints construct your online job profile in the UAE and your reputation. They substantiate the assertions you make in your bio. Also, if you know how to write an excellent CV, you will be one step ahead.

Feel free to share. The seamless capacity for people to share with a couple of mouse clicks is the beauty of online social networking. Most articles or blogs today have a longer lifespan when they are shared throughout networks. 

If you are considering working freelance, being familiar with many platforms is helpful. As a result, you can be confident that your efforts in blogging, commenting, uploading, and other similar activities will increase your online presence in large numbers once your contributions are shared.

Just make sure they are disseminated for the right reasons and not for the wrong ones. An attractive online job profile will always contain information not only related to your job experience.

4.3 Maintain a healthy balance of posts and updates

You should not limit your posts and updates to only career information, as much as you want to attract prospective employers to notice your online job profile in Dubai. Instead of using social media to find work, you probably want to have fun and connect with your friends on a personal level.

The good news is that you can; in fact, having non-work-related personal posts and updates gives you a more complete picture of yourself and makes you appear more genuine. So go ahead and post photos of your family and friends, tweet about your interests, and complain about sports as much as you like.

What is important though, is to keep a clean and consistent environment. Avoid profanity-laced tweets. That is unquestionably something to erase. Recruiters must not see that in your online job profile.

Poor grammar/spelling problems are also banned, as are allusions of alcohol intake, and religious posts. At the very least, keep such posts private and hidden from the general public.

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Developing the best online job profile in the UAE is an important mission for all job seekers. Having the proper guidance in this project is vital in order to succeed. You must gather all the patience and all the help you can. 

Here at The Talent Point, we can provide you with tips to build an attractive online job profile that will definitely capture the attention of recruiters and grant you interviews in no time. Do not miss out on this opportunity.

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