Talent Tips: The biggest struggles when looking for jobs in Dubai

A significant amount of people want to find a good career and reside in Dubai. People come to Dubai on a visit visa to try their luck, but due to a lack of information and preparation, some of them are unable to find jobs in Dubai. However, that lack of information is not something you cannot overcome. It just takes some preparation and a well-conducted research in order to find what you actually want.

In this article, we are going to address those common struggles for people looking for jobs in the UAE and how to overcome them.

1. Some common mistakes people make when applying for jobs in Dubai

2. Some other challenges to overcome

3. Looking for more tips to get a job in Dubai? We can help you!

1. Some common mistakes people make when applying for jobs in Dubai

You must remember that, due to Dubai’s competitive job market, hundreds of potential job seekers are waiting for their chance to conduct face-to-face or virtual job interviews and explain their strengths and limitations.

Then there is the matter of why an employer would hire someone from outside the UAE. To succeed in Dubai as a foreigner, you must be extremely skilled and efficient in your job. Once you understand what not to do and what to do, your chances of landing jobs in the UAE will increase dramatically.

1.1 Applying for a Dubai job outside the UAE without prior preparation

The job market in Dubai has become increasingly competitive in recent years. If you are seeking work from outside the UAE, you have to remain vigilant and prepare to face every opportunity that comes your way. That moment has almost passed when you could calculate your salary, local cost of living, visa, aircraft ticket, and other expenses for a foreign job offer.

Because of the high level of competitiveness, the recruitment technique has practically been revised over the years. If you want to hunt for jobs in Dubai, it would be smart to be in the UAE on a visit visa. The purpose of this is to increase your chances of finding opportunities. However, you may begin looking for a decent job online before you even arrive.

Taking the initiative and being proactive in general is an excellent approach. That is to say, it is possible to find positions when you are outside of the Emirates, but you have to conduct your search in the best way possible, with the right guidance.

1.2 Picking a bad time to visit Dubai

The primary cause for failure is that the visit to Dubai was scheduled at the incorrect time. When it comes to recruiting, experts recommend that you avoid visiting this emirate during the following months: 

  • January, May (Ramadan)
  • June (Eid Al-Fitr)
  • July, August (Eid Al-Adha)
  • December (Christmas and New Year)

With such incidents in mind, the recruitment procedure is essentially non-existent. You should avoid flying to Dubai. For Dubai job seekers, the ideal months to visit this country are February, March, April, September, October, and November.

1.3 Poorly written resumes

A poorly written CV format will hinder your possibilities of getting the best job in Dubai. Grooming your resume can help you get it in front of an employer’s eyes quickly. These unprepared CVs eventually prompted the company to dismiss the applicant and move on to the next one.

If you are looking for full-time or part-time jobs in Dubai, you will need a strong resume. Also, another important thing you must have is a cover letter. It will help you stand out among other candidates. This could be another reason why you have not been able to get work in Dubai.

1.4 Applying for a position only online

The most common mistake made by job seekers is focusing on only one method of applying online. Applicants commonly tend to rely on a single source. That is, they choose 3 to 8 job portals in Dubai, memorize or hand up their CVs on a daily basis, and wait for interview calls. Then nothing happens, and they complained, some blaming websites, some blaming fate, and some giving up.

Experts advise building an online job profile on numerous social networking sites. They could be Facebook and LinkedIn, which are well-known for being effective job search tools. As a result, not widening your scope when looking for jobs in Dubai is another reason to not get hired. 

1.5 Emailing your resume instead of delivering it yourself to HR 

Most searchers for jobs in Dubai are unaware of the significance of dropping off their resumes in HR’s hands. Both are comparable in their minds, or they cannot tell the difference between them. Hundreds of CVs from job seekers are sent in by email every day as a result of Dubai job adverts. So putting your resume in HR’s hands is the greatest option. That way, you might get the chance to introduce yourself to a recruiter at that time. Which is usually a memorable occasion that sets you apart from other contenders.

1.6 Not using social media to its full potential

No one can deny the impact of social media and its significance when looking for the best job in Dubai. Employers and employees can communicate with one another using social media. According to studies, social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social networking job portals in Dubai are used by 92% of recruiting firms. Create a thorough profile on LinkedIn and Facebook.

They want to research and learn from you. By having a profile you may improve your chances and convince the company that you are the most deserved candidate for the position. Then, you must get ready for interviews.

1.7 Making an application for the wrong job

Applying for the wrong jobs in the UAE is the most typical reason for failure. When you see job ads with appealing salaries, housing, visa charges, aircraft tickets, and other allowances, you can feel attracted to them with the amount of the salary package. You may incline to send CVs blindly without knowing what skills, qualifications, or experience the job requires.

It is human error or human nature, you can name it either way. In any case, the truth is that you will not get a job interview. However, this blunder will eventually lead you to discover that you applied for the wrong job. This is common among UAE job applicants who get impressed by the compensation offer but end up annoyed with their unemployment.

1.8 Not having any job references on your resume

In other ways, a source could be referred to as PR (public relations). With the passage of time, references have become increasingly important to get jobs in Dubai. There are still some companies that do not publicize their job openings in newspapers or on job search websites. They do, however, choose people for certain jobs based on references.

Getting a job nowadays can be exceedingly frustrating for many UAE job searchers due to a lack of networking. As a result, you should concentrate on improving the quality of your references. 

1.9 Falling into the hands of unreliable recruitment agencies

When your job search seems bleak and you are on the verge of quitting, things tend to get difficult. You may start approaching employment firms to find jobs in Dubai at that point. What do some ruthless agents do? After receiving recruitment payments, they can make false promises, commit fraud, and more.

Specialists strongly encourage you to seek out legal employment agents who have the appropriate license. Hire certified agents that received approval from the government.

1.10 Not preparing properly for an interview

Due to a lack of interview skills, you may not get what you genuinely deserve. Employers may not consider you fit for the best job in Dubai for a variety of reasons. For example, a lack of understanding of the subject for which you are applying, a lack of awareness of their business, not making eye contact, an evident problem of confidence, and so on.

You can improve this via research and education and persuade the firm that you are the best applicant for the position. As a result, make sure you prepare yourself and cover all your bases before heading to an interview.

If you get to the interview stage without some well-thought-out, well-researched questions for your interviewer, you risk coming across as uninterested in the position and woefully unprepared to discuss joining their company. 

Remember to keep your answers short when given a question during an interview. While it is true that you should answer many of the questions precisely, there are times when you will need to provide more thorough and longer replies. If you receive questions about a specific assignment from your prior work that you excelled at, make sure to include details.

If you give a quick answer to a question that requires an example, you are not selling yourself well enough. As a result, take care not to ramble. Limit your more thorough comments to 2-3 minutes in general. You can do this by practicing vocal presentations of your resume’s essential qualifications.

2. Some other challenges to overcome

2.1 Punctuality

Submitting your papers on time or ahead of schedule, as well as showing up for your interview on time, can considerably improve your chances of landing jobs in the UAE.

2.2 Qualification

In many cases, you will not have the qualifications or on the other hand, be too talented for certain jobs in Dubai. To avoid this, make sure you thoroughly study the requirements for the job posting.

2.3 Attitude

It is all about how you think. You may fail the task if you are too casual or unpleasant during the interview and in communication. It is difficult to strike a balance between being too casual and too stiff, but it is typically possible with practice.

2.4 Not following instructions

Getting lost in the office building during the interview, giving documents in the incorrect format, or simply inaccurate paperwork demonstrates to the recruiters that you are unable to follow instructions. Listen carefully to everything they tell you, and completely review any correspondence.

2.5 Unprofessional online presence

Recruiters will look up your name on Google first. Make certain that your internet presence does not come across as unprofessional. Verify that your online professional profile, as well as your text resume, is up to date.

2.6 Unknown purpose

Any recruiter who is unsure about your future will raise red flags. Make sure that you are 100% certain of what you want for your future and provide them with a clear career plan.

2.7 Inability to stand out

Because there are so many jobs in Dubai, there are a lot of applications hiring managers receive. You want to set yourself out from the competition. Prepare a unique idea for the job that will assist the recruiters to remember your name.

2.8 Communication issues

Being unable to communicate clearly, whether due to language issues or nerves, indicates to recruiters that you will struggle to integrate into the corporate environment. Avoid this by rehearsing in front of a mirror or with friends and family.

3. Looking for more tips to get a job in Dubai? We can help you!

When you are in the search for the best job in Dubai, it is important to avoid any error that could put in danger your options to actually obtain that position. There are elements to which you have to pay your undivided attention in order to get everything the way it has to be.

Working on your resume, looking for tips on how to improve in your interviews. Even doing extensive research about the company you are applying for. All of these are examples of what you have to keep in mind during your job search. At The Talent Point, we have the capacity to help you with the process to make it as effective and simple as possible. 

Would you like to know more about The Talent Point and our services? Feel free to give us a call at the following phone number +97143316688, or you can also send us a message to our email address contact@thetalentpoint.com. We have a team of experts ready to take care of any doubts and inquiries you might have. 

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