The 12 things you must absolutely not include on your resume

You already know that a professional resume is essential to your job hunt. Employee resume writing should emphasize your talents, experience, work history, and significant accomplishments. This is so that hiring managers can assess if you qualify for the position.

In this article, we will discuss those items that are not necessary for professionals and how to avoid them. There are a few things on your CV that do not belong there. Things that will not necessarily hurt your chances of landing a job, but will not help you either. To achieve the best resume writing, every millimeter of your CV is important and has to be relevant. It is possible to use a resume writing service or simply learning how to do this on your own.

1. What is the best way to write a professional CV? 

2. The value of a well-written curriculum vitae

3. Resume vs. CV

4. The 12 things you should leave out in a professional and creative resume writing 

5. Would you like more tips to help you with your job search?

1. What is the best way to write a professional CV?

The first stage in your job search preparation for high-demand jobs in the UAE is professional employee resume writing. Write a professional CV. It would have to be one that will impress your Recruiters, HR, and Employers in Dubai and throughout the UAE. When well-written, it creates a positive long-term impression of you. It is your initial point of contact with your employer for job hunting or even promotion.

What you put on your curriculum defines you; as it says a lot about you. A professional curriculum vitae serves as your personal sales brochure; it lists your traits, values, and skills. Now that you know why your resume is so important, it is time to create a CV that will help you land your ideal job.

2. The value of a well-written curriculum vitae

A CV serves as your first point of contact with a potential employer. You must recognize that initial impressions are irreversible. A potential employer’s first impression of you is usually this piece of paper. This is why achieving the best resume writing represents such an important part of the process.

On the other hand, today’s job market is extremely competitive. In the 21st-century job market, your degree is not enough to earn you your dream job.

This implies you will be up against at least a dozen other highly competent candidates for a single job. As a result, make sure you are good for the position. Only show a prospective employer what fits your CV.

When you look at low-quality CVs now, you will notice that they do not get the attention they deserve. The majority of good people miss out on wonderful opportunities because they do not have a winning resume.

3. Resume vs. CV

When people begin looking for work, they frequently debate whether to write a CV or a resume. So, let us take a quick look at a curriculum and what it entails. One of the most noticeable contrasts is that people in some parts of the world use “CV”, whereas others refer to the document as a resume.

However, a closer examination of the CV reveals that it is typically geared to highlight academic success. On the other hand, the resume wants to highlight skills and experience.

The CV will be useful for faculty posts and grant applications, while the resume will be utilized for non-academic positions. It may be anywhere from two to four pages long. However, the resume can be one to two pages long, and it is actually shorter.

Nowadays, it does not matter if you use a curriculum vitae or a resume. That is because they are used interchangeably the majority of the time. The results should be the same whether you choose creative resume writing or CV writing. All you have to do as a job seeker is consider what you are attempting to sell to a potential employer. 

But there is no right or wrong. Currently, CVs and resumes are used interchangeably. You can use a CV format for Dubai because it can absorb the information you would put on a resume. The traditional employee resume writing style has evolved. The most important thing now is to put something together that you believe will effectively sell you.

With all of this in mind, let us take a look at those things that are better left out from your resume so as to achieve excellence. These are some of the most common resume writing mistakes in employee resume writing. 

4. The 12 things you should leave out in a professional resume writing

4.1 Statement of purpose

We have all seen the best resume writing lines that describe a professional who is “looking for opportunities to maximize my expertise.” This ambiguous phrase is a waste of space on your resume. It does not help managers understand what kind of job you are looking for or why you qualify for it.

Replace your objective statement with a professional summary, also known as a career statement or a career summary. That will put you in a much better place. Explain why you are a good fit for the position you are applying for in 3–5 lines. There you can outline your relevant skills and career achievements to become a better candidate for a job in Dubai.

4.2 Email address that is not professional

While the email address [email protected] was amusing in college, it is not appropriate for use on job applications or business cards. The same applies to shared family email accounts like [email protected]. Also, offensive or sexually explicit email addresses. Create a free email account using a service like Gmail that you will use solely for job-search purposes. Make sure it includes your name as it appears on your CV. Also, you can add a LinkedIn page, as well as your credentials, whenever possible. 

4.3 Several phone numbers

The more contact information you include, the more likely you are to overlook an essential communication from a potential employer. When aiming for professional and creative resume writing, streamline your contact information to avoid any confusion. On your resume, only include one — and only one — phone number. You can add your mobile phone number to your contact list so you can manage your voicemail. Also, you can control who answers each call, and when.

4.4 Social media profiles that are outdated or useless

Do not include social media accounts on your resume that are unprofessional or do not support your current work aspirations. Also, if they are not up to date, do not use them. If you are going to put a social media account’s URL on your resume, make sure it reflects your personal brand and demonstrates why your qualifications for the position.

Additionally, depending on your line of work, build at least one professional online presence on sites like LinkedIn or GitHub. Also, make sure to add the link at the beginning of the document. If you work in the creative sector, consider building a mobile-responsive online portfolio or blog. This is so that employers can view your site from any device.

4.5 Personal information

There is some personal information you have to leave out for professional resume writing

  • Social security number
  • Marital status
  • Nationality
  • Sexual orientation
  • Spiritual beliefs 

In reality, it is against the law for employers to request such information. If you are confused about whether or not to add a personal element in professional resume writing, think about whether the information is relevant to the position you are applying for. It does not belong on your resume if it does not demonstrate your qualifications for the position.

4.6 Formats and designs that are more elaborate

To accomplish the best resume writing and designing less really is more. Expensive designs and unusual formats confuse most applicant tracking systems. Also, they irritate recruiters who tend to quickly read a resume for specific information. They expect to see it in precise places within the document. Make it easy for recruiters to get the information they need. Stick to a simple resume style with a clear hierarchy to be safe.

4.7 Charts and graphics embedded in the text

These design features may appear appealing to the human eye. However, resumes with embedded photos become a disaster. The systems may even not take them into consideration. Recruiters also do not want to see a graphical (and subjective) portrayal of your abilities. For creative resume writing, do not use images in your resume and save that creativity for your web portfolio.

4.8 Errors in spelling and grammatical structure

If you are applying for multiple jobs and want to achieve the best employee resume writing for each one, changing the format and adding new text can result in typos and other mistakes. Have a co-worker, a family member, or a friend read your resume to make sure there you did not miss any errors. You can also use a word processor online to check for those spelling mistakes.

Some people feel that printing their resume makes it simpler to notice mistakes that they missed on the computer screen. When proofreading, try pointing to each word with a pen to make sure you are paying attention to the accuracy of each item. 

Reading your resume aloud is also a good way to take a closer look at the document to spot any possible resume writing mistakes.

4.9 A section completely filled with text

You will need to organize the material carefully in addition to keeping it minimal to ensure readability. It is simpler for a manager to look at your resume if it is structured properly. It should contain the talents that are more relevant for the position. That way, they can figure out if you are a suitable candidate for it or not.

A good method to display your biggest skills is to use bullet points. They allow you to connect those abilities and your experience with the job description. Many recruiters use software that scans resumes for the keywords they are looking for and assigns you a score based on how well your resume matches their requirements.

Use the same terms in your CV that they do in their job description, and do not add any photos, charts, or anything else that an automated system will not recognize as text.

4.10 Unnecessary details about interests and hobbies

During the process of examining CVs, a hiring manager will be expecting personal information included in the document. With the growing emphasis on work-life balance and the need for downtime, it is expected, if not encouraged, to provide some specifics about your interests and hobbies.

This is especially true if the skills are applicable to the work. If you are going for a veterinarian position, for example, saying that you volunteer at an animal shelter will demonstrate your dedication to animal welfare and altruism. Even the most relevant hobbies or interests should only take up a couple of lines on your resume, and you should avoid putting anything on there that could hinder your application.

Listing your interests and hobbies for the best employee resume writing is optional. However, this information tends to become irrelevant as your experience grows.

4.11 A passive language

Because your career is not something that just happened to you, utilize action words and claim responsibility for it. Create the most of your resume’s opportunity to make an impression on a hiring manager by including strong action verbs and a summary of all the qualities that make you a good fit for the position.

This will be useful during job interviews. It can put you in a position to discuss your salary expectations in a respectful and clear way.

4.12 Negative remarks regarding a previous employment

When aiming for creative resume writing, leave out any information regarding why you left a job. If you are still working, why you are unhappy in your present position. It is acceptable to express openly the kind of role you would like to have. However, it is important to maintain a positive outlook in that sense. 

Moreover, when explaining your previous experience, make sure to be objective and do not deviate from the goals you achieved in that position. It is OK to emphasize some of your obstacles and how you overcome them but refrain from criticizing other companies. You definitely do not want to make this mistake during a job interview.

5. Would you like more tips to help you with your job search?

The way you compose your resume when you are out in the market for a job is crucial. However, that is just one of the many factors you have to take into account. Any tool you have at hand when looking for a job in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates counts. 

Not all resume writing services are able to fulfill all your needs regarding employee resume writing. You have to find a reliable, trustworthy service in order to get exactly what you require. Employee resume writing can be delicate when you do not follow the right procedures.

These reasons are why we, at The Talent Point, want to provide you with our assistance and help you achieve your goal.

Would you like to know more about what we can offer you? You can reach us by writing an email at [email protected]. We will be happy to assist you with all the inquiries you may have.

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