Tips for freshers to successfully find a job in Dubai

When you are a fresher, it is kind of hard to get a job. Therefore, it is important to take into account some tips when starting the job search. Something very important to think about before starting to search is the location; that is, the country where you want to settle. Jobs in the UAE and Dubai are an excellent option for freshers.

In this article, we will give all the necessary information; so that any fresher can find work. And not just anywhere; in one of the best destinations to develop in the labor field, Dubai. We will talk about how to write a good CV. In addition, how to improve your image when you start looking for a job.

  1. Why Dubai is good for freshers?
  2. How can you search job in Dubai?
  3. What do you need to learn more about the Dubai side market?
  4. What things must be taken into account when searching for a job?
  5. Start working on your resume
  6. Tips to get more opportunities
  7. If you are a fresher, on The Talent Point you will find job opportunities

1. Why Dubai is good for freshers?


Currently, Dubai is one of the best destinations to start your new venture or look for a good job. In addition, it grants those interested many facilities at the time of starting their journey in the country; thus capturing a large number of people interested in improving their quality of work or starting a business.

Dubai provides a high range of employment for freshers who do not have much experience or none at all; making it a very attractive destination around the world to start working and generate income even as a fresher. In addition, it helps people who do not have the experience to acquire it; to better develop a job in the future.

It has a wide variety of jobs for people who do not need much experience. Among them, we can find marketing, human resources, construction, sales, and many others. Being these sectors of great importance to the economy. As a result, the work obtained can help us when looking for a better job or starting a business.

If you have a visit visa you cannot work, but the employer can request it for us; making it very easy to start working and as well as, obtaining a work visa that will help your stay. In addition, the employer will take care of all the paperwork for you. Allowing that we only have to focus on our new job.

2. How can you search job in Dubai?

If you have already decided that the location where you are going to look for work is in Dubai; taking into account, all the advantages you can get. The first step to follow is to find the company you are going to work for. Dubai offers certain tools that you can use, here we will name them.

2.1 Walk-in interview

This is a new modality that is being handled in Dubai and is gaining a lot of popularity. It consists of companies publishing an ad; all applicants for vacancies go directly to a job interview. Generally, they do it on weekends, so people who already have other jobs; can attend without inconvenience.

For freshers, this is a way to get a Dubai job. Because, since it is a casual interview, they avoid the pressure of being their first interview. In addition, they are usually short, they ask them a few small questions and they respond naturally. As a result, they increase your chances of getting a job without going through a lot of stress.

Websites dedicated to providing jobs

These pages are quite common to get a job in Dubai. They are known as a job portal in Dubai. Admittedly, they are internet pages that are used by both companies and people who want to get a job. The companies publish the vacancies that they have available and the requirements. On the other hand, applicants search for the works that most appeal to them; they enter their Curriculum Vitae and wait to be called for the interview.

One of these pages that you can access is The Talent Point. Here you can find a wide variety of vacancies, to which you can apply. In addition, we give you a simple process to apply to them; just register, send your resume, and wait for a meeting with the company.

Agencies dedicated to recruitment in Dubai

Finally, another tool that is a fresher you should know about is the recruitment agencies in Dubai. These help you to get work in a simple way. You just have to give them your qualifications and skills; they will take care of doing the best job search for you.

What do you need to learn more about the Dubai side market?

There are two types of fresher, those born in Dubai or some emirate and foreigners. It is very common to get foreigners in the UAE. Undoubtedly, it is important to have information related to the labor market; this will allow us to get a job in Dubai, according to your skills and needs.

  • The first thing is, to learn about the economy of the country; as well as, you must have knowledge about the living conditions that can be obtained; in this case, in Dubai.
  • If you are a foreigner, you must learn about the culture of Dubai. Because, an interview is essential; and if there is no knowledge of customs, you may lose the opportunity with that company.
  • It is essential to know about the labor laws of the country. Both rights and duties. This is to avoid misunderstandings with employers.
  • You must have knowledge about wages and salaries. In addition to the cost of the monthly basic basket; thus, a salary can be demanded according to the work performed and what is established by law.

What things must be taken into account when searching for a job?


There are many rumors that freshers are not so easily awarded employment. This is due to a lack of work experience. In Dubai, this is not true. On the contrary, they are given various opportunities to start working. For instance, being able to access job portals in Dubai is a great help. Although it is true, that this is not an easy task, but you can opt for a job; you just have to know how to do it.

On the other hand, there are also various rumors about whether the foreign freshers; may or may not work on a visit visa. The truth is, you cannot. A work visa is required. However, if you can start looking for the most striking companies according to your area of ​​study. As well as, you can start making contact with companies and see what they need.

Start working on your resume

Generally, when you are a fresher, you do not have an elaborate resume. When you want to look for a job having a good resume is important; and more when you do not have work experience. In this case, there are many things to take into account. In this section, we will talk a little bit about what you should highlight in your curriculum vitae.

Personal details

In personal data, one of the most important things to consider is the image. You must have a good presentation, and look elegant and well groomed. On the other hand, there is other personal information that must be written. Names, surnames, address, ID, email, phone number, and date of birth. Also, since you are just starting, it is good to highlight certain skills.


When you are a fresher making the best job searching; there are certain things to know about writing your CV. For instance, you should use bold in some sentences. This will help the employer understand that it is important. You have to be very careful with spelling and grammar, an error, no matter how small, can give a very bad impression.


A good tool that we can use to write our resume, are the templates. If you search online, you can find various models of templates; you have the freedom to choose the one that best suits you. They are very useful, especially when building your CV for the first time. Because they allow information to be placed in an orderly manner; therefore, the employer will understand more clearly.

Highlight your study

In the case of freshers, they do not have much work experience. As a consequence, we must highlight the studies carried out and the institutions where he was educated. At this point, that is what is going to get the attention of companies.

Tips to get more opportunities

As there are many job opportunities for many people who do not have much experience; we must seek to stand out to attract the attention of companies. As a consequence, we will give you some tips to have more opportunities:

Have a good resume

When competing against other people with a lot of experience, a resume that highlights skills are recommended; allowing potential employers to easily see our characteristics and how we can help the company.

Get good connections

A good friendship should be established with people who are professionals and have a lot of effort experience. You can achieve this by participating in different events; or conferences that help you in the work field of your choice. Also, companies sometimes choose to outsource staff, and having good connections will help us find them quickly.

Take advantage of the opportunities that arise

We must bear in mind that many times the opportunities that arise are not the desired ones. However, it is important to understand that this is a temporary job; that will help us gain experience in the world of work. Therefore, we should not be afraid to start from the bottom as it will help us in our future.

Study the companies

Learning about the company to which we are applying to enter can help us when conducting an interview. Because of this, it is important to prepare to take into account the type of personnel; that the company is requesting; highlighting the skills that they may find most suitable for the job vacancy they are offering.

Always be on the lookout for any opportunity

We have to be attentive at all times to any opportunity that comes our way; whenever we can we should update our notifications so as not to miss any opportunity. In addition, we must always keep all means of communication activated; available in case you want to communicate with us.

Maintain a good image

You must always maintain a good image during the job application process. Since many employers check the social networks of applicants to observe their personalities. This is why it is important that they can see a professional profile; this helps us to stand out above the other candidates.

If you are a fresher, on The Talent Point you will find job opportunities

As you could see, when you are a fresher, getting a job can be a complicated task. It is required to follow certain steps and also to learn many necessary things. Like laws, duties, rights, and other things. But, if you get the necessary preparation to get a job in Dubai; undoubtedly, you will be able to start in the labor field successfully.

If freshers want to do the best job search and apply for work go to The Talent Point. Our options are thought to be the greatest solution when it comes to looking for an occupation. That is why, using our services, can guarantee organizational success; a great future in the world of work. In addition, we can help you find the best job in Dubai after you register on our site.

Even employers can find great opportunities on our website. If you are looking to suffice your workforce, you just need to post a new job and we will do our best to find the most qualified candidate for the position. As a result, we encoursge freshers to send their resume or CV to our email at [email protected].

If freshers go and check The Talent Point; they will find the perfect opportunities for a first job. Our page is accessible for everyone that is currently looking for the job position of their dreams. Therefore, feel free to go on our website and start applying or call us at +971 43 316 688!

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