Top 5 tips to find a job in Saudi Arabia as an ex-pat

Have you ever thought about working outside your home country to get to know a new culture; or moving to a place where you can expand your work horizons? If so, doing a job search in Saudi Arabia is the solution. This is a nation in which you will have all the opportunities to evolve professionally. In addition, you will be able to enjoy an urban type of life.

In this article, we will provide you with useful information if you want to work in Saudi Arabia. For example, what things you should know before making the decision; how to prepare to seek employment in this nation, and more. Also, we will look at some reasons why Saudi Arabia is a good decision to look for employment.

  1. Why work in Saudi Arabia?
  2. Things you should know about Saudi Arabia before looking for a job
  3. How should your CV be in Saudi Arabia?
  4. Who can help you find a job?
  5. Where can you make a job search?
  6. If you want to do the best job search in Saudi Arabia, go to The Talent Point

Why work in Saudi Arabia?

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When looking for work abroad, you must take into account what opportunities the country of destination offers you. Therefore, you must look for a country with a good economy that continues to grow in different sectors. This leads us to place Saudi Arabia high on the list due to its large economy.

The great economic growth of Saudi Arabia makes it an attractive option when looking for work. However, not only this makes it stand out. Thanks to its policies for expatriates, it attracts many people from abroad. Therefore, becoming one of the main options for people who want to start living and working in the Middle East.

If we take into account the growth that Saudi Arabia has experienced in recent years; we can notice that many sectors need new laborers. Consequently, new job offers are more present in many companies; looking to find people with experience that are able to help in their expansion.

Expanding opportunities for those seeking employment in Saudi Arabia will only continue to increase. It is important to note that Saudi Arabia is the country that exports the most oil in the world. In addition, the country has a low unemployment rate.

Things you should know about Saudi Arabia before looking for a job

If you decide to leave your country of origin to work in another and improve your living conditions, consider this: You must do some research to be sure that this is the ideal country to live in. Next, we will show you all these things that you should take into account.

What requirements do you need for your job search?

When you are going to move to another country, it is quite a radical change. Therefore, you have to know what documents you need to be able to have a legal stay in that nation. Generally, the files required for foreigners are visas, passports, work letters, and others. In some cases, they ask for medical letters where they prove that you do not suffer from certain diseases.

How is the labor market?

This is one of the most important issues you should know. And this is because, if you leave your country of origin for another, it is to improve your living conditions. Therefore, there are important things to find out about the economy. For example, the unemployment rate, how many opportunities are in the area you want to work in, and other things. It is also good to know what the minimum wages and salaries are; and compare them with the cost of the basic food basket.

Where are you going to work?

In many cases, when people move from their home countries, they are professionals. That is, with a university degree. Therefore, they will want to work in their field of study or in similar areas. To achieve this, you must previously investigate where you can work; in which companies or industries you want to start and if there are vacancies available.


Each country has different aspects of its culture. It can be seen in things like clothing, the way of speaking, and more. This is essential because, if you maintain your own customs you could suffer from rejection. Saudi Arabian people could take certain western things as disrespectful.

What are the benefits?

If you want to change countries, you must know the benefits that the new nation will bring to you. In other words: if you are going to do a job search, you have to be aware of the advantages that Saudi Arabia offers in your field of expertise. In addition, you must compare them with the benefits of your home country to make the final decision. You can always do research using the internet.

How should your CV be in Saudi Arabia?

You should know that when you want to look for a job anywhere in the world and in any company; the first thing they will ask for is your resume. Therefore, your CV must be in perfect condition and be attractive to companies. Next, we will give you some resume tips on how it should be depending on where you are in your career.

What personal information should you include before starting your job search?

Personal information on a Curriculm Vitae is essential. You must include things such as names, surnames, date of birth, among others. In addition, all resumes in the KSA should carry a picture of the applicant. It must be taken on a white background and the candidate must be very well presented. In other words, the applicant has to look highly professional.

What should you mention?

Resumes are summaries of everything related to a person’s work life and studies. Nonetheless, you do not always have to put all of your accomplishments. For instance, when you are an individual who has been working for a long time; you must include those jobs related to the company to which you apply.

On the other hand, if you are studying or have recently obtained your degree; in your resume, you must include everything related to your studies and academies. These things include universities and courses you took as a compliment. This will make companies more interested in you.


In addition to work experience and studies, we have the recognitions and awards you obtained. This applies more than anything to people who have a good and long career. On the contrary, if you are a student and have not worked in any company, include relevant awards that you obtained at university.

Who can help you find a job?

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When making the decision of going to work in another country, many people consider if they have any acquaintances there. That is to say if they have any relatives, friends, or old co-workers in Saudi Arabia. It often seems to be something unnecessary, but the truth is that it can affect the decision of many. Knowing this can be very helpful.

A great job searching tip is to list all the contacts you have in Saudi Arabia; and how to contact them. Now, if you do not know anyone directly, you can use social networks to contact people who work at the companies you wish to apply for. This can significantly increase your opportunities.

A reasonable question is why this would help. When you have contacts within the company, you can find out first-hand if there are job vacancies and available roles. In addition, you may have more facilities when applying for employment. They can give you information about what they are looking for in the company and use it to your advantage.

Set up a professional profile on social media

As you know, today, there is a tool broadly used all over the world and in many fields. These are social networks. They allow everyone around the globe to connect with one another. And not only between individuals but also between companies. In addition, companies usually use social networks to advertise their services.

For this, social networks can be useful if you want to get a job and are not in the country. If you start to investigate the companies in which you want to work, you can search for their profile. In addition, you make the first contact that way. Thus, you can find out what is the first step to follow if you want to apply.

Therefore, it is important that your profiles on social networks have a very professional appearance. Try to avoid images, videos, or even comments that are not convenient for your future employer to see. Try to have familiar images and things related to your past jobs. You can even have photos of important events such as weddings, graduations, and awards ceremonies.

Where can you make a job search?

If you want to get the best job and in the easiest way; you must do a good search. For this reason, below, we will tell you where to look for the best job offers.

Online job search

It is important to note that in the current times; we can find anything on the internet. In this way, it is important to know the different web pages that can help you get the best job. Also, nowadays, it is very easy to get internet access; facilitating your job search.

Note that if you are not in Saudi Arabia, looking for jobs online is the best option. However, you can look for work online while in the country if you know where to look. Many companies are looking for staff through social networks, so it is important to keep abreast of them.

Visiting the company for your job search

The traditional way of looking for a job may be an option if you are in Saudi Arabia. Many small businesses hire people through advertisements in their stores to attract the attention of applicants. However, if you want, you can go to the company; even if it does not have this ad, and apply for a job.

This method of searching for a job requires more effort but can be more efficient than searching online. This is because you make direct contact with the company, and it does not take much time as it can happen online.

Networks and connections

It is known that if you have good connections you can get a job more easily, but this does not stop there. One way to look for work can be through acquaintances who have knowledge of vacancies in some companies. Even these can offer you a job if they think that your experience can be useful in their business.

Because of this, you must establish good connections in the world of work in order to get more opportunities. It is also important to meet people who are looking for open positions just like you.

If you want to do the best job search in Saudi Arabia, go to The Talent Point

Today, many people seek to work abroad for diverse reasons. As a result, it is important to do a good search that in turn offers you confidence. It is also important that it offers you information about the destination where you are going to look for work.

Therefore, if you want to find the job of your dreams and in the easiest way, visit us on The Talent Point. Here, you will find all the information you need to start your job search in Saudi Arabia. What are you waiting for? Register and start applying!

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