Top job-hunting strategies for senior-level professionals

Generally, getting a job is a laborious task for anyone. People would think that the more experience you have, the better you do. However, the truth is that this is not always correct. When doing a job search, you can make use of certain tips. Undoubtedly, these have to vary depending on the work experience of each person.

In this article, we will reveal certain strategies for your job search. These are meant for professional people who already have a high level of strategy. In addition, we will look at some tools you should use for a successful job search.

  1. What should you research about a company before applying for a job?
  2. Analyze your performance in previous jobs
  3. How should your CV be?
  4. Make your profile seem professional on social networks
  5. What are the tools available to look for jobs?
  6. How do you prepare for the interview?
  7. On The Talent Point, high-level professionals find employment

What should you research about a company before applying for a job?

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When you are a high-level professional -that is, a person with a university degree and who has extensive work experience- you cannot work in any company. Therefore, before deciding on one company over another there are things you should research when you are job searching. Next, we will name them and explain them in detail.


Every company has specific objectives and a mission to fulfill. This is one of the things you should keep in mind. An excellent job search idea is to research the mission of the company. Generally, you can get that on the company’s website; this information appears in the about us section.

What products do you offer?

Companies, in general, offer products or services. Knowing this, matters, as when you have a high trajectory; there is more knowledge on how to promote certain items than others. Consequently, it is good to know what the company does and therefore, see if it is your strong point.

What kind of employees are there in the company?

It is always crucial to know who your co-workers are going to be, as well as your bosses and superiors. Also, it is very useful to know who the employees were in the past and why they left. This is for two very simple reasons. Firstly, to know what -more or less- awaits you. And secondly, so you can compare skills and more.

How has the company performed in recent years?

You can consider this the most critical point if you want to do the best job search. And it is very easy to see why. If it is a company that was always in a good situation, it is good news and a good option. Nevertheless, if you are going through a recession, it can be a great opportunity to help it grow. As a consequence, you will be successful in making use of your studies and experiences.

Analyze your performance in previous jobs

There always comes a time when you have to ask yourself: “how has my development been throughout my career?”. This will help you be able to fix errors in case you have some criticism in any of the works. Therefore, take them into account to improve. Now, if you have good reviews, you have to continue like this and improve more and more.

This is one of the best job search ideas. Also, this is one of the steps to getting closer to success. However, the important thing is to reflect and always improve. When it comes to working, this is key, because if you improve your skills and prevent mistakes, the company grows.

Many times, it usually happens that despite your long experience and your extensive studies, you might not get the job. It is usually frustrating to send your resume to different companies and not get a callback. Or that they call you, you do the interview, and not get the position you applied for.

It is at this time that it is good to start analyzing yourself and see what the faults are. The first thing you should do is review your resume. It is also a great idea to have an expert review it for you. Then, ask for feedback on how the interview went. In this way, when you go to the next one, you know what to do or avoid doing.

How should your CV be?

At this point in your career, you should know that the content of your Curriculum Vitae will depend on your experience. For example, the resume you delivered when you just graduated to the one you are going to deliver now; being a professional with a long career path. This section will explain what you should prioritize in your resume.

Experience or studies?

When you just got your college degree, you should emphasize your studies and the institutions where you obtained it. With this only, you will attract the attention of companies. However, at this point of your career, you already have work experience; you should highlight that. Especially, you should highlight everything related to the position for which you are applying.

Should you include your recognitions and awards?

The answer is yes. When you are a high-level professional; you might have various recognitions and awards to highlight. For instance, being punctual, the best administrator, the best seller, and other recognitions. All this belongs in your CV. Rest assured, it will draw the attention of your future boss or any company.

What should be the way to express yourself?

When you write your resume, the way you address it is important. This should be formal and very polite. In addition, you must demonstrate a lot of security in what is written. The person who reads your CV should not have any doubts that you are an excellent professional.


Firstly, we recommend the use of templates. They help to better sort the information for the people who read your resume. Next, use bold letters to highlight information, as this will make you look more professional. Finally, it is good to get the help of an expert or an agency dedicated to that purpose. At this point in your career, you need to show from the start how professional you are.

Make your profile seem professional on social networks

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Nowadays, a tool that companies often use to carry out their selection process is social media. This can be used negatively as well as positively. The first thing is to know is what is a social network. They are structures that work via the internet to communicate with people regardless of location.

There are many people who make their lives public through them. For instance, they post pictures of the places they go and the food they eat. For many, these can be fun, enjoyable activities as there are friends and family who wish to hear from them.

However, when you are a high-level professional; this job searching tip should be taken into account. When you face a future employer, if they want information about you, they will look at your social media profile. Therefore, you should always keep your profile professional. It is okay to have family pictures and the like. But if there is something you do not want your future boss to see, you should remove it.

What are the tools available to look for jobs?

In the UAE, there are numerous tools to find a job. Nonetheless, when you are a high-level professional, you cannot look for these opportunities in any place. Consider the following options for the most professional job search:

Job search pages

The first tool that we are going to talk about is often the most recommended for this purpose. These are web pages dedicated to posting employment offers. Companies usually use these web pages to post which vacancies they have available at the moment; as well as what are the requirements that candidates must have. If you want to find an excellent page of this kind, go to The Talent Point, where we have the options that best suit you.

Company websites

Another highly useful job search idea is to go directly to the web pages of the companies of your interest. Although it is not so practical, it is still good to try. The procedure consists of sending your CV to the indicated email address or just submitting it on the page. Then, wait for them to call you for an interview and prepare for it.

Social media

Today, social networks are on the rise. This is not an exception in the job-searching sector. People around the globe use them to both looks for work and look for employees. This is why it is important to keep your network profiles as professional as possible.

If there is a company looking for employees and comes across your profile, they will not hesitate to contact you. Also, it will help you in the event that you are looking for a company.

How do you prepare for the interview?

Preparation for an interview usually does not vary that much depending on the amount of experience. However, the fact that you are professional and have gone through several companies does not mean you should not prepare. This is a key step, as companies always take this as a guide to know if they should hire you or not.

Although there is not much variation, there is one that is very important. At this point, recruiters are going to look at you as a future leader. Therefore, they will ask you questions to verify that you are suitable for that position. You must prepare for that, it is good to make a list of your skills; thus, you prepare and check if you are suitable to be a part of the superior staff. Searching for interview tips is very important if you have not looked for a job in years.

On The Talent Point, high-level professionals find employment

As you can see, looking for work can still be complicated when you are a high-level professional. This is because when you have extensive experience, it often happens that future employers ask themselves “why did not this person continue in their old job”. Hence, you should show them that you are ready to expand your horizons. In addition, you must demonstrate that your previous experience has high value and can help the company grow.

If you want to do the best job search, go to The Talent Point. We have taken into account many different situations that could happen to job seekers to offer the best advice. Also, we have a variety of jobs available in different companies for you to apply for. In this way, you can register and get the ideal option for you. That is the one that best suits your skills and previous experience.

Are you looking for employment offers that suit your high-level experience? Take a minute to see the most recent vacancies on our platform. You do not have to wait to start sending applications. On the other hand, if you would like to reach out to us for any reason, call us at +971 43 316 688 or do it via email at [email protected].

If you submit your resume to; you will find the perfect job you have been wishing for so long. Especially, if you are a high-level professional and are in that stressful search without getting an answer. In the same way, employers can post a new vacancy and find experienced professionals quickly.

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