What are some jobs in high demand in the UAE?

There are numerous wonderful occupations that might provide you with the financial security and peace of mind you seek. You should, however, use caution. Think about how employable you will be. Many jobs have vanished in the last ten years, and the same is likely to happen in the next 10. This is why knowing which are the high-demand jobs in the UAE is important for you.

Naturally, no one can predict what will actually happen. Always question huge claims when you read them. In this article, we will give you some guidance about how to form a framework for thinking about the future of work and understanding where the world is headed.

1. Which are the most highly demanded skills in the Emirates?

2. The current trends in job offers

3. The human aspect

4. Careers and high-demand jobs in 2022

5. The job situation in the Emirates

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1. Which are the most highly demanded skills in the Emirates?

1.1 Nursing

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, qualified medical workers represented a huge demand. Now, that demand has grown even further. In consequence, a registered nurse will be a high-demand job in the UAE in 2022. In most circumstances, someone with a nursing degree and expertise caring for patients, providing basic life support, and monitoring patient safety will have no trouble obtaining a well-paying position in the UAE.

1.2 Financial analysis and management

The financial sector in the UAE has a lot of high-demand jobs in 2022. For example, managing money is a task for which people will forever need help. If you have comprehensive financial expertise, you will be a valuable addition to a range of businesses. Moreover, high-demand jobs in the field appeal to people specialized in financial management, from financial analysts to banking careers in investment.

1.3 Blogging

There are numerous high-demand jobs in marketing in the UAE. For instance, a great number of businesses are in search of marketers that can create blogs on their websites and make them relevant, for example, are looking for skilled marketers who can build and maintain blogs on their websites. In addition, a talented writer who knows how to create material for a certain public would be an excellent asset for these groups. Also, they will be able to assist businesses in expanding their reach and attracting more customers.

1.4 Social media marketing 

Another form of marketing talent that will assist you in landing a top high-demand job in the UAE. Knowing how social media algorithms work and how to develop content that helps businesses “hack” them is a great advantage. You will have a big number of options around the country. There are numerous opportunities available, whether you wish to manage social media for a startup or a huge corporation.

1.5 Audiovisual production

The United Arab Emirates has a plethora of high-demand jobs for you to pursue. Businesses in the country seek improvement in marketing efforts using video content of high-standard and produced professionally. Also, you might have luck obtaining the job here if you are adept at taking people’s ideas and making them real.

1.6 Engineering

Engineering employment is plentiful throughout the UAE. This is one of the high-demand jobs and industries that is continuously on the lookout for new and bright people. It makes no difference if you are a mechanical engineer, an electrical engineer, a chemical engineer, or something in between. Finally, there is a decent possibility you will be able to find work here if you have the necessary training and experience.

1.7 Customer relationship management

Are you good at engaging with customers, doing follow-ups on leads, and creating good relationships? Your talents in managing relations with customers will come in handy in the Emirates. For instance, there are numerous business development-related positions available here that demand substantial customer service and client relationship management skills.

1.8 Teaching 

In the Emirates, there is always a demand for talented, experienced teachers (and throughout the world, for that matter). There are several high-demand jobs in the teaching field. This is ranging from secondary school instructors to English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers. Developers of curriculum, pedagogical leaders, and particular educators with expertise are highly valuable. In conclusion, anybody with teaching experience, regardless, has a high chance of finding a job in the country.

1.9 Translation 

In the United Arab Emirates and different regions of the Middle East, translation skills are highly sought-for. In consequence, if you are good at translating spoken or written language, you will have a lot of opportunities all around the country. There are many various routes you may take your career as a translator in the Emirates. Progressing up the ranks and earning a good living, from working with businessmen to assisting with marketing agreements and initiatives.

1.10 Web development 

These talents are also high-demand jobs in the UAE at the moment. As a result, the market is open and has many choices if you believe in your abilities to design apps and websites. The possibilities are endless, from working as a consultant for businesses to becoming an in-house developer for a huge corporation. Finally, responsive web design, JavaScript, and UI/UX Design are similar talents you might wish to work on.

Moreover, with all of this in mind, when exploring the high-demand jobs, you must consider the following factors:

2. The current trends in job offers

What factors influence whether or not a career or employment is in high demand? How many companies are seeking someone to fill that position?

To figure out which jobs will be in demand in the next ten years, you will need to:

  • Look at the current employment market
  • How it has changed through time
  • Know about the cutting-edge technology coming out

Do not forget to look at society as a whole. How individuals react to new technologies and how demographics change are also important indicators of how the work market changes.

For example, technology is very popular these days. Employers are eager to hire anyone who can code. It has come to the point where employers don’t care if you have a computer science degree or not. Simply demonstrate that you can code competently and they will hire you.

Technology represents nowadays a big part of our daily routine. That is why anyone who can write and work with the software will be in high demand for a long time.

3. The human aspect

Some tasks are virtually impossible for a machine to complete. It is impossible to automate a lawyer’s or a judge’s work. As of now, nothing can achieve that feat.

Doctors and nurses are in the same boat. Empathy is a significant component of what makes a competent health practitioner, and machines do not experience emotions. You need your patients’ trust, and machines are not particularly good at gaining it.

A profession like a cashier, on the other hand, is far too easy to replace. Self-checkout systems are already in use in supermarkets.

3.1 Demographic and societal changes

This is a little trickier to figure out, but it is possible to understand it.

Consider how the world is changing. People are living longer, which means there are more elderly people around. With every year, the amount of elderly population rises. Furthermore, in some countries, population growth is negative, meaning that more people die each year than are born.

In consequence, jobs that focus on caring for the elderly are high-demand jobs as the population ages. Doctors, particularly physicians, are always in high demand. The world’s population continues to grow, and sick individuals will always exist.

3.2 How simple is it to automate?

This is why many jobs are dangerous. If you undertake mind-numbingly repetitive work, you might be in for a rude awakening in ten years, if not sooner.

In addition, look for trends in automation and technology. Therefore, there are articles online to learn more about automation and the jobs that will enter that category by 2030.

4. Careers and high-demand jobs in 2022

4.1 Solar photovoltaic installers

The demand for professional solar photovoltaic installers is increasing as a result of the current strong push for sustainable and renewable energy sources. Simply put, these individuals are in charge of installing solar panel systems and solar panels in fields, on houses and buildings, and other areas. Also, connecting panels to electrical systems, maintaining them, and troubleshooting them. 

Solar photovoltaic installers (PV installers), should rise by 63 percent between 2018 and 2028, substantially faster than the national average. However, long-term prospects depend highly on price, subsidies from the government, and PV panels.

4.2 Wind turbine service specialists

Service technicians for wind turbines are also in high demand, owing to the recent drive for renewable energy. Wind turbine service specialists, like PV installers, repair, maintain and install renewable energy installations. From 2018 to 2028, the employment of these experts, also known as wind techs, will possibly expand at a rate of 57%, substantially faster than the national average. 

However, due to the limited size of the occupation, the expansion will only result in the creation of roughly 3,700 new positions over the next 10 years. Furthermore, wind power generation costs have decreased as a result of the construction of taller towers with larger blades, making it more competitive with natural gas, coal, and other kinds of energy generation.

The more wind turbines come out of the factory, the bigger the need for service personnel to install and maintain them.

4.3 Information security analysts

The ability of sophisticated information systems to work is critical to nearly every element of society. In consequence, analysts of information security have an important mission to guarantee the privacy of our data. They must understand all of the menaces to security, hardware, and software, as well as the defensive strategies to take when all those threats come.

Because of the rising frequency of cyberattacks, this occupation is expected to rise 32% over the next ten years. To prepare for expanding cybersecurity risks and protect personal data and privacy, financial institutions and banks, as well as other industries such as healthcare, will need to improve their information security capabilities.

4.4 Data analysts

Everyone is talking about data. However, few individuals actually get what data is and its use. Analysts work with data.

For years, data analysis has been a rapidly evolving field, with corporations constantly improving their data collection and processing methods. Knowing how customers use your product and using the data to better your offering is only one example of what data analysis can help you with.

You can spot trends and patterns in your business and move swiftly to reroute the ship in the right direction.

There are numerous subcategories within the field. For everything, there is a data analyst. Some of them specialize in financial data, while others prefer to interact with other businesses directly. Consequently, as data becomes more valuable around the world, expect many more categories to emerge in the near future!

4.5 Application developers and software developers

Regardless of their specific focus, whether it is creating learning apps for kids or productivity apps for busy professionals, all application software developers are responsible for analyzing, designing, and testing applications, as well as troubleshooting issues and recommending upgrades to employers and clients. 

There is a vast group of options for software developers to work on. Publishing of software publishing, organizations, application design firms, manufacturing firms, and legal, insurance, or financial firms. 

The demand for software engineers with a specialty in applications is expected to grow by 26% between 2018 and 2028, thanks to the expansion of cloud-based computing, tablets, smartphones, and more accessible computer technologies.

4.6 Energy engineers

With all of the controversy about climate change and renewable energy, it is no wonder that this profession made the list.

For as long as the basic principle of thermodynamics holds true, energy engineers will be in high demand. It will never go away. Unless we manage to defy the rules of physics and establish a free and limitless energy supply. 

There is a lot to learn in this sector because it is so new. If you become bored easily by doing the same things over and again, this is appealing. You can count on the field to always evolve and change.

4.7 Nurse practitioners and caregivers

Advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs), often known as nurse practitioners, can operate as specialty or primary care clinicians, prescribing care regimens and assessing patient requirements. 

Consult with physicians or other medical professionals, prescribe and deliver medication, conduct and analyze tests, and perform physical examinations are all possible responsibilities. Nurse practitioners, like doctors, may specialize in areas of medicine such as geriatrics, pediatrics, or general medicine. 

They work at residential care facilities, private clinics, and hospitals, among other places. Over the next ten years, the employment of nurse practitioners should increase by 28%, resulting in 53,300 additional positions. The rising demand for healthcare services from the aging population will drive this expansion.

4.8 Postsecondary health specialties teachers

Teachers in postsecondary health specialties teach others about the complexities of their chosen subject, such as veterinary science, therapy, pharmacy, dentistry, or medicine. Trade schools, junior colleges, and four-year universities or colleges are the most common employers of these individuals. 

A professional degree or a doctorate is required to teach postsecondary health specializations. For some jobs, field-specific qualifications may be required. As more people seek higher education, the number of students attending postsecondary schools will rise. As a result, between 2018 and 2028, the employment of postsecondary health specialty teachers is predicted to expand by as much as 23%.

4.9 Psychologists

We are continuously under psychological stress, and the more stress we are under, the more likely we are to acquire psychiatric problems. When you consider how society operates and how easy it is to feel overwhelmed by all of the awful news we receive constantly, it is easy to see why that would cause depression.

Psychologists assist you in overcoming traumas, insecurities, and anything else that makes you feel as if you have lost control of yourself and the world around you.

5. The job situation in the Emirates

As a result of rapid technological advancements and modern methodologies, the UAE’s job market is likely to undergo significant changes, necessitating job searchers in the country to upskill in order to fulfill the requirements of companies in and out of the country.

According to surveys, while 80% of respondents in the Mena region express satisfaction with their professional and personal growth over the past year, finding a new job is the top career-related resolution for 56% of respondents, followed by getting a promotion or a raise, learning new skills at work, and improving relationships with coworkers and managers. 

The UAE’s federal ministries have long served as a guiding force for the industries they oversee. The UAE’s Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation has compiled a list of vocations that will be in high demand over the next ten years in order to keep this tradition alive.

6. Looking for more information about high-demand jobs? The Talent Point can guide you!

Today is the best time to look for a job in the UAE. Are you ready to start sending applications? Now that you know more about the most in-demand careers in the UAE in 2022? Do you know what talents you need to start perfecting in order to broaden your work opportunities?

In any case, keep this list of high-paying careers in mind, and take a look at our job listings. It will assist you in narrowing down your options and locating a new position that meets your needs and qualifications.

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