What are the most reliable and professional job sites in the UAE?

The UAE is the top country in the world for job searchers, with plenty of opportunities. However, the Covid-19 outbreak last year had a negative impact on the labor market, with many employees being laid off, employers sending staff on unpaid leave, and compensation cuts. As a result, job sites in the UAE became a great option for people in the search of new employment opportunities.

In this article, we will examine the top employment sites in the UAE for 2022, given that employment websites are a fundamental tool for job hunting.

1. What are the advantages of using a job portal?

2. Which are the most reliable job sites in the UAE?

3. While searching for jobs online, is there a way to identify false offers?

4. Interested in more job searching information? The Talent Point has your back!

1. What are the advantages of using a job portal?

A job portal is a website and represents a bridge between an organization and job seekers. Furthermore, creating job portals benefits both employers and job seekers by allowing them to interact and grow together.

There are a number of benefits to applying for a job online. All job boards provide:

  • A database of job openings in a variety of fields.
  • Your CV and skillset have the potential to be seen.
  • A strategy of recruitment that is adaptable, accessible, and long-lasting.

2. Which are the most reliable job sites in the UAE?

2.1 The Talent Point

The Talent Point is the #1 job site in the United Arab Emirates. This website is dedicated to job seekers and employers at the same time. It offers plenty of information for freelancers that are looking to start their business in the Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or the other emirates, including tips about how to get the necessary paperwork under the local employment laws. You can search for a job or explore your options as an employer.

Currently listing vacancies from more than 12 different countries in the Gulf region, Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania, this is our main recommendation for your job hunt. If you are planning to move to this country, you can start searching for jobs before you arrive in a single click. In our platform, we offer you all the tools you need for a successful recruit.

2.2 LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the best job sites in a more global scale. Also, it is the hub for job applications in the UAE. All firms, managers, CEOs, and businesses use this site to source and recruit people.

Major organizations post thousands of job openings on LinkedIn. Therefore, your profile must be optimized for the best results. You have an 80% probability of getting the job if your LinkedIn profile is excellent. Also, do not forget that you should have an outstanding resume as well.

Because LinkedIn is just for job seekers and employers, it differs from other social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest). Therefore you will need to expand your network to get the greatest results.

2.3 Monster Gulf

Monster Gulf is among the best job sites in the UAE for locals and individuals who are looking for work. The platform presents a great work opportunity for job seekers; register for free today and upload your CV/Resume to begin applying for your dream job.

Also, Monster Gulf introduced “Work From Home” after Covid-19, allowing you to locate freelance jobs, search for jobs from home, and work remotely.

2.4 Dubizzle

Dubizzle is a popular free and classified employment site where you may purchase a premium package that will contact firms directly for an interview.

As you can see, Dubizzle is similar to Dubai; it was launched in 2005 and allows you to browse for houses, buy and sell automobiles, and post your updated CV for free. Once you have completed your profile, you can use their clever search filter to discover your ideal job. All jobs on Dubizzle have plenty of details, so you may apply if they suit your criteria. You can also contact the recruiter directly because they provide their email address and phone number.

Also, you can use their job-sharing feature to disseminate information about what employers are looking for. It is one of the free best job sites in the UAE where you may buy and sell anything. However, as a job seeker, you must use it for its intended purpose.

2.5 Indeed

Indeed is an American company, yet it searches for jobs all around the world. Its creation goes back to 2004 and its headquarters are in Texas, USA. Thousands of jobs from Gulf countries are posted on Indeed, so you can find work there. It is one of the most popular free job sites in the UAE. Also, Indeed is the most well-known job-searching website in the UAE because it is quick and straightforward to use.

You can register, upload your resume, complete your profile, and input the desired role you are looking for, and the location. Indeed will then offer you a list of thousands of opportunities following your criteria. The majority of firms and recruiting agencies use it to search for prospects.

2.6 Gulf Talent

The Gulf Talent website is an institution among the best job sites in the UAE and other Gulf countries, including Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Qatar. Every month, over 60,000 prospects receive offers from businesses through Gulf Talent. On this site, you can register as an employer or a job seeker; there are 10,000 employers and 9 million job seekers registered.

2.7 Gulf of Naukri

The Naukri Gulf allows job seekers to register for free, upload their resumes, and begin applying for the highest paying positions in the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Dubai.

You must upload your resume to the Naukri Gulf website and begin your search for a position in the UAE.

2.8 Dubai’s CareerJet

CareerJet is one of the best job sites in the UAE. By using this site, you can find thousands of jobs in just one click given that over 10,000 organizations are currently registered on this search engine.

2.9 Khaleej Times

Khaleej Times, an English newspaper, is one of the top free job sites in the UAE. It is wonderful news for job seekers because Khaleej Times allows them to register and apply for positions.

2.10 Laimoon.com

Laimoon is another free platform for job searchers in the United Arab Emirates. This is another one of the free professional job sites in the UAE, and recruiters are increasingly using it to advertise opportunities for candidates. Also, another advantage is that Laimoon also offers courses so you may learn new skills to advance your career.

2.11 eFinancial Careers 

The greatest website for a financial and banking career in the Middle East is eFinancial Careers, which is for the accounting and financial sector.

2.12 Oliv.com

Oliv is a complete website for the best job search that allows you to track job openings and set up job alerts.

Oliv provides a lot of features, including a filter that makes it simple to identify suitable employment. On this site, employment agencies post thousands of jobs every day. Finally, Oliv and Gems Educations are partners, allowing students to find internships and jobs quickly after completing their studies.

Oliv, formerly known as IntersMe, is one of the best job sites in the UAE for 2022. It is also ideal for part-time jobs, as well as new graduates and university graduates who are looking for work in the UAE.

3. While searching for jobs online, is there a way to identify fake offers?

When you are interested in searching for professional job sites in the UAE while job hunting, it is possible to find offers that are only to attract beginners and trick them.

It is difficult enough to navigate the job market without having to worry about any job advertisement turning out to be a scam or even a dead end. Be on the alert for these easy signals that things are not quite right to save time and energy. That is one of the best job searching tips to consider.

3.1 There is no web presence for the company

You conduct due diligence and attempt to verify the individual, the organization, and the job posting. However, nothing comes up when you Google it. You can come to a halt and take a step back. Legitimate jobs always leave a digital trace.

3.2 The recruiter’s email address does not correspond to the company

You receive an email from a recruiter claiming to work for a fantastic and well-known firm. It is possible that the corporate logo will appear at the bottom of the email. Look closely. Does the email address to submit information not end in their company’s official domain name? Disregard it if the email address linked with the posting or invitation is a personal one (for example Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.). Do not attach any personal information unless you are 100% sure you are contacting the right people.

3.3 You came into it through a random social media post

While it is possible to land a job through social media, chances are it is not as good as it appears. If they just post it or advertise it, it is probably not reliable. Remember that the vast majority of employments come through referrals, legitimate means, or vetted job boards. Furthermore, reject the notion that you may find a job by simply browsing Facebook.

3.4 If the company states they do not require previous experience

It is possible that the position they are providing is entry-level. Perhaps they provide training. However, if the job description begins with “no experience necessary”, you can nearly guarantee that there will be a catch you will not like. Most jobs expect you to bring some talents with you.

3.5 The phrasing is erratic

Consider the ad a red flag if its writing is inadequate, contains spelling or grammatical problems, or is simply sloppily punctuated. If it is all capital letters then it is also not trustworthy. A true job posting will be polished and professional.

3.6 They request an interview by text or chat

If your first interview is set up through a text messaging program, be cautious. This is not something that occurs with serious companies. It is uncommon to make a first contact through text rather than through a phone call.

While virtual interviews are becoming more prevalent, they still need phone conversations or Skype, rather than a textual interaction in a chat window.

3.7 It is all too good to be true in every way

You have been employed right away and the pay is ridiculously high. They contacted you unexpectedly and there is no need for an interview. When will you be able to begin? In all of these hypothetical situations, there are suspicious elements. If a job appears to be too good to be true, it most often is.

3.8 Everything you read about it is confusing

It is a problem if you cannot discern from the job description what your particular role would be at the organization. When you cannot tell what the company does or get a feel of its mission or history, it is a greater concern. Leave this one on the “no” pile if all of this is a bit baffling.

3.9 They are looking for money

Consider the job a fraud if they ask you to pay any fees, such as an application payment or a software package to send in your application documents. A general rule of thumb for the best job search is to never pay money to complete strangers you meet online.

3.10 Your instinct tells you to say no

The basic lesson is that you should keep an eye out for these and other warning indicators, but your best alarm system is your gut instinct. Do you get a feeling things are not quite right? If that is the case, let it go. There are other options available.

4. Interested in more job searching information? The Talent Point has your back!

In order to find the most professional job sites in the UAE, you must have all the info you can. In addition to that, you must explore all the possible options available. To go out into the field without those elements could be not so beneficial for you.

That is why we at aim to assist you as much as we can and give you the best job searching tips. We are here to help you!

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