What is the best time of the year to start looking for jobs in Dubai?

It is just as vital to know “when” to apply for jobs as it is to know “how” to do it. This is especially true if you are on a tourist visa and looking for jobs in Dubai. Due to the extremely hot weather in the summer and the numerous important religious holidays, Dubai’s city and work culture experience more highs and lows than most other cities in the globe.

In this article, we will discuss the differences between the different periods of the year in Dubai, and how they can cause an impact on your job search.

1. January and February: Starting off strong

2. March, April, and May: Still on time

3. June, July, and August: Summer is upon us

4. September, October, November, and December: Dubai begins to cool down

5. Ramadan: Considerations to take when finding jobs in Dubai

6. Best time to look for the best job in Dubai: final considerations

7. Looking for more information to get a job in Dubai? We can assist you!

1. January and February: Starting off strong

By far the best months to apply for jobs in Dubai are January and February. January and February are crucial months for recruitment agencies in Dubai, despite the business.

This is the point when the labor force returns. HR and recruiting managers who traveled home for the holidays will return to the workplace in January, and by the middle of the month, recruitment companies in Dubai will be at full capacity. Because there are so many people traveling in Dubai, making employment decisions can take a long time.

For organizations in Dubai, scheduling interviews with various stakeholders can be a logistical nightmare. In January and February, though, most employees will be back in the workplace, and things will move considerably more rapidly.

People switch employment at the start of the year. This is frequently due to the fact that they receive their annual bonuses at the end of the year, as well as the fact that it is peak recruitment season. When someone changes jobs, a vacancy is created.

The budgets for new hires are also a topic to consider when determining the best time to look for jobs in Dubai. New hiring budgets and roles are approved and signed off in January and February. Hiring managers for Dubai jobs will be in a hurry to fill these openings once they obtain their hiring budgets and the go-ahead for new people.

During the months of January and February, several telephone and video interviews. Also, many first-stage interviews will take place for jobs in the UAE.

1.1 Dubai’s climate: Do not take it lightly

The weather is another element that makes January and February ideal months to look for jobs in Dubai. This time of year, the weather is perfect. Traveling to Dubai during these months is significantly more convenient because you may attend interviews and see the city without becoming overheated. It becomes more difficult to accomplish this as the year passes and the temperatures rise.

2. March, April, and May: Still on time

March, April, and May are still favorable months to look for jobs in Dubai. Even though the months of January and February are the busiest for job seekers in Dubai, hiring continues to be active in March, April, and May.

By this time of the year, there are still positions to be filled. Not all of the openings that existed at the start of the year have been filled yet. Processes that started at the beginning of the year may have been unsuccessful, forcing recruiters to search for fresh candidates for jobs in the UAE. 

2.1 Summer: The countdown for the hottest time has begun

These are also the last favorable months for hiring before the summer rush. Therefore Dubai recruiters will be working overtime to fill as many positions as possible before the summer rush begins. You should start your hunt for Dubai jobs around the peak months of January or February, but if you do not discover anything by March, do not despair; you still have a few months ahead of you while recruitment teams in Dubai are still working.

When looking for jobs in Dubai, you have to create rapport with recruiters. These months are a fantastic time to reconnect with recruiters in Dubai since new positions may have become available since you initially met with them at the beginning of the year, and positions that they thought they had filled may suddenly be available again.

3. June, July, and August: Summer is upon us

The months of June, July, and August are not ideal to search for jobs in Dubai or to even submit applications. In the realm of recruitment, the summer months are always quiet. But it is even worse in Dubai. It is dead.

Also, a very important matter to consider is the massive migration that takes place at this time of the year. During the summer months, Dubai sees a major exodus, as residents avoid the sweltering weather and return home for extended periods of time.

Summer is notoriously challenging for finalizing employment choices, as HR teams and key stakeholders disperse around the globe.

‍Summer is definitely not the best time to visit Dubai. Looking for jobs in Dubai in the warm months of June, July, and August is absolutely not a good idea.  The heat makes it incredibly uncomfortable and difficult to move around; in fact, it may deter you from moving to Dubai altogether. The city will be very quiet, and people will be slow to meet with you if they reply at all.

3.1 Is it possible for you to work on your Dubai job search during the summer?

While applying for jobs in Dubai during these months may not yield as many results, you may still use this opportunity to prepare for the end of the summer.

  • Consider and refine what Dubai recruiters will be looking for on your CV.
  • Get a new template and focus on perfecting your CV for the new positions that may open up.
  • During these months, plan your job hunt strategy and conduct research to find the best job in Dubai.

It is also a good opportunity to update your LinkedIn profile and build a profile on the major job portals in Dubai.

4. September, October, November, and December: Dubai begins to cool down

From September and all the way to the last month of the year, the recruiting situation for jobs in Dubai start to normalize again. These are favorable months to look for UAE jobs.

Migrants start coming back to the city once again. At the end of September, as the academic school year begins, people return from their holidays. The city begins to fill up, traffic returns to pre-summer levels, and it becomes open season for hiring once again. Opportunities to look for the best job in Dubai are back.

People return to Dubai rejuvenated and ready to work after their long summer vacation. The gears start turning and recruiting reaches a new high.

4.1 The temperature begins to lower down around October.

The city is back on its feet and people are ready to go back to their jobs. Families that are ready to relocate to Dubai permanently frequently do so during the summer in order to get their children settled into their new schools before the start of the academic year. This, of course, requires the filling of additional vacancies, many of which are crucial and senior positions.

4.2 The months of November and December are ideal for visiting Dubai.

October and November are excellent months to visit Dubai since the city has a buzz about it. People are eager to meet with you, and recruiters will be in full gear, wanting to fill positions before the holiday season begins. In many parts of the world, the end of November and early December are slow hiring months as people prepare for the Christmas vacations.

This is also true in Dubai, though to a lesser extent than in the rest of the world. November can be an excellent month for meeting with recruiters and gaining a head start on the competition before the January rush.

Recruitment agencies and HR departments will slow down by mid-December, but keep in mind that this happens a little later for recruitment agencies for UAE jobs, so November and December might be fantastic months to get your job hunt started in preparation for the new year.

5. Ramadan: Considerations to take when finding jobs in Dubai

When looking for the best job in Dubai, keep the Holy Month of Ramadan in mind. Many people take time off during Ramadan, work hours are drastically reduced, and life in Dubai slows down. If you do not hear back during Ramadan, do not be shocked or frustrated. All you have to do now is consider this month into your job hunt and plan accordingly.

Keep in mind that Ramadan takes place in a different month each year. This indicates that it will arrive earlier this year than it did last year.

You will need to do your homework in order to be prepared. You should also be aware that the start and conclusion of Ramadan are dependent on moon sightings, so exact dates are not set in stone.

During Ramadan, it is likely that you will not be able to take up a job offer. If you start an interview process before Ramadan, do not expect it to continue during Ramadan; instead, be patient and understanding while waiting for the business to resume.

Use the opportunity to accomplish something beneficial to your job search, such as upskilling, updating your CV, or practicing interviews.

5.1 Other religious observances in Dubai to be aware of

Various religious and national holidays occur in Dubai throughout the year, which might disrupt the flow of recruitment and hiring. Here are a few examples:

  • Season of Hajj
  • Eid al-Adha is a Muslim holiday commemorating the end of Ramadan (Feast of Sacrifice)
  • Islamic New Year (Al-Hijra, an Arabic word for “migration”) 
  • Day of the Nation

This is not an entire list, and certain dates change year to year. Make sure you do your study before starting to look for the best job in Dubai. That way, you will be aware of the natural ebbs and flows that affect life in Dubai.

6. Best time to look for the best job in Dubai: final considerations

During the summer, Dubai becomes a hiring ghost town. It becomes really heated. Hiring managers travel long distances to avoid the scorching temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius (and see their families, of course). When it is too hot to see clearly, no one will bother to hire workers.

However, recruiting managers will return to work in the opening months of the year to discover a towering backlog of vacant positions glaring them down (which, of course, has been growing up over the holiday season). This also means that by mid-January, recruitment teams will be in full swing. When the year-end “breaktime” is finished, hiring activities always see a strong relaunch.

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