Everything You Have to Know About an Organization

All human beings need to live together. Generally, people are unable to meet their needs, wants, and goals on their own. Thanks to this, a simple concept of organization emerges, a group of people who help each other to meet common goals. Now, an interesting question arises which of the following are key features of an organization?

In this article, we will give all the necessary information to answer the question at the beginning. The first thing will be to put together an introduction of the organization, making its meaning known. For this, you will see the opinion of several experts. In addition, you will see all the characteristics of an organization and the advantages of a good organization. Specifically, we will discuss:

  1. What is the meaning of organization?
  2. Why organizations are called social inventions?
  3. What are the features of the organization?
  4. Which are the advantages of a good organization?
  5. What is The Talent Point as a platform?

1. What is the meaning of organization? Introduction of the organization- Also explaining the concept of organizing

which of the following are key features of an organization?

Firstly, to answer the question which of the following are key features of an organization? Let us start to explain the concept of organizing. The first thing you should know is that this is not a current concept; since man has existed, it can be considered that he has been in organizations. While it is true, over time some have been larger than others.

Currently, studies on organizations say that there are two perspectives. These are the micro and the macro. The micro refers to the study of the human being that is within an organization. On the other hand, the macro is in charge of studying everything concerning the organization except the individual. For instance, organisational purpose, key features of an organization, objectives, technologies, and, many others.

On the other hand, to understand and explain the concept of organizing; you will see the opinion of several experts below:

1.1 Mooney and Reiley

“It is defined as an exclusive group of human beings who share at least certain objectives”. You can see that Mooney and Reiley give their definition according to what has been said; a group of people who come together to accomplish shared goals.

1.2 Talcott Parsons

He thinks the organization is; “It is a social unit that constantly builds and rebuilds itself to seek certain specific goals.” In this definition, something important is added that Mooney and Reiley’s does not. This is teamwork. Here he says that all the people belonging to the social unit work to achieve the objectives.

1.3 Amitai Etzioni

She thinks the features of the organization “Organization has 3 fundamental characteristics:

  • Work can be divided
  • There is more than one center of power
  • Staff can be easily replaced

Etzioni begins to make known what the state features of an organization are.

1.4 W.R Scott

He thinks the organization is; “Organizations are collectivities that are created to achieve specific goals on a somewhat continuous basis. They usually have more or less fixed boundaries, an order of rules, a range of authorities, an effective form of communication, and incentives to improve the pursuit of common goals”.

1.5 Chaster I. Barnard

Barnard says; “Organizations can be considered as a system of synchronized activities between two or more people

And there are four characteristics:

  • Communication exists
  • Strive together
  • Have common goals
  • Have rules and regulations to keep order.”

1.6 Louis A. Allen

 “An organization It can be seen as a group of workers who perform different activities Which are well defined for each of the members.”

1.7 Koontz and O’ Donnel

They think the organization is: “the organization can be considered as a lot of individual responsibilities, which come together in order to obtain a great and successful result. This with a lot of effort and work.”

1.8 Oliver Sheldon

He thinks the organization is; “They are those varied procedures where different individuals are assigned a task. As a result, they get successful results with less effort and wear.”

1.9 George Terry

“This group of people have to carry out different tasks and have as their goal a project in which they all participate. We can say that the organization is an association of people to achieve objectives. They are rational coordination that a group of people is going to carry out to achieve some common objectives that are perfectly defined. These objectives will be achieved through the way work is divided and which function is performed through a hierarchy of authority and responsibility.”

1.10 Conclusion

In conclusion, returning to the question which of the following are key features of an organization? You may notice that all experts agree on the meaning of organization. Despite using different words, they agree that an organization is a group of people who work to achieve common goals. In addition, within them an individual acts as a leader.

2. Why organizations are called social inventions? the quality of between individuals and the organization

When referring to social inventions, speaks of the creation of new procedures, or organizations that change the way of relating. There are many ways to change the different ways in which people can relate to each other without any problem. Among them are language, writing, democracy, training, probation, and psychoanalysis.

First, you know that organizations are essential for human beings to meet their goals and needs. In addition, you can define an organization as a social invention that seeks to meet objectives as a group. Finally, this tells us that organizations are social inventions that indicate the fundamentals of teamwork.

The people who make life within an organization have a common goal, which is to obtain benefits. This is something fundamental in each individual, but they do not only obtain individual benefits. These provide products or services to all consumers, that is, they carry out this activity also for the benefit of other people.

The quality between individuals and the organization is that organizations when making a group effort, make many things easier for them. On the other hand, individuals attempting to achieve their goals alone may have more trouble in the process. For these reasons, it will always result in higher quality work and trust in organizations and not in individuals.

3. Which/What are the features of the organization?

which of the following are key features of an organization?

The organization is essential for people who want to meet a goal and need the cooperation of other people. Because of this importance, you will now see which of the following are the key features of the organization:

  • Individuals interrelate

Organizations are a group of people, who individually are interrelated in some way. Therefore, you might think that organizations are made up of random individuals, but this is not the case. As people are interrelated, you can determine what the limits of the organization will be.

3.2 Is deliberately and consciously changeable

Above all, this characteristic is what differentiates organizations from the different social units that exist. This is because in organizations people enter through a contract and can also be fired. Dismissal may arise if performance is not as expected by the organization. Consequently, people have a purely intellectual relationship.

3.3 Achieve common goals

If you remember the question at the beginning which of the following are the key features of the organization? This may be a key feature of an organization. Organizations are a means to achieve the common objectives of the company. Reaching different common objectives leads us to the achievement of business objectives. Consequently, the organization must have common and quite clear objectives.

  • They divide the work

The organization is a group of people, who can divide the work in the best possible way. By doing this division, different people can complete the same goal more efficiently. This is possible for organizations since they have the necessary structure to divide the work among different people.

3.5 Coordination

Being able to coordinate job activities is just as important as dividing work. This helps avoid delays and repetitions during work. In addition, since some activities depend on others, problems can arise without proper coordination. In this way, if there is no adequate coordination, all the work will be negatively affected.

3.6 Cooperation between members

In organizations, there are several members; as a result, people create relationships with each other. In this way, organizations help create strong relationships between the people who are part of it. Thus, the company seeks harmony to perform better joint work of other members.

3.7 Performance

Organizations seek to meet their objectives in the best way and that is effective performance. There are development programs that improve work motivations and in turn performance. Helping people specialize in their work helps them achieve higher performance at work.

If you take into account the previous characteristics, to answer the question of which of the following are the key features of the organization? Thanks to this, you already have the answer to this unknown.

You see the question which of the following are the key features of the organization? Finally, the answer is, in the relationship between these characteristics presented above. In this way, you notice that the key is in the form itself of the organization, which is a group of people. This form is the key to everything that characterizes an organization and even its very characteristics.

4. What are the advantages of a good organization? Also features of modern Business organisation

Everything that has been written is to respond to what are the advantages of a good organization. This section is no exception. Every good organization requires a direction that will be in charge of maintaining order and coordination in the team. These are a feature of a business organisation and a feature of a modern organization. With this in mind, next, you will see the advantages of a good organization.

4.1 Make good and full use of technology

Currently, technology has been advancing and will continue to advance constantly. This is to give comfort to human beings, especially in the business world. As individuals, it is normal for it to be difficult to adapt and accept changes. However, working in an organization they can learn much faster how to use these tools and use them successfully.

  • Good management

In a company, there may be several organizations that make up the different fields. For instance, management, direction, finance, and more. To function, companies must have good administration. Therefore, in the management sector, diverse people are required who can assume particular responsibilities correctly, that is, a good organization. This is the key to having a successful business.

4.3 Drive growth along with diversification

When a company grows, you should know that you need more people to take on new responsibilities. This is why the organization is becoming broader and more varied. Thus causing a more organized company.

4.4 Improve relationships between people

A good organization is based on having good relationships between the people who make it up. It can be considered that it is the key to growing as a company. Thanks to this, you learn how to have a better development with the people belonging to society.

4.5 Improves coordination and order

Finally, you should know that each company has different sectors and departments. When you have a broad and good organization, good coordination results and order is maintained in the departments.

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