Writing a CV: How can it help you obtain mid-career positions?

Throughout people’s lives, different experiences are lived; either at work or in education. Typically, an individual wants to list all of their achievements when writing their resume. This is not always recommended to do. Especially when you have a very long career. Writing a CV with specific details is very important, neither too long nor too short.

In this article, we will talk about what a CV is and why it is important to update; it every so often. In addition, things that you must add or remove from it and what you must emphasize. Also, we will announce the importance of having a good resume and the benefits it provides. Specifically, we will discuss.

  1. What is a CV?
  2. Why rewrite your resume?
  3. Suggestions when writing a CV
  4. What personal details should be kept?
  5. Why is it important to have a good life story?
  6. Benefits of rewriting a good biography
  7. Introduce your new CV on The Talent Point

What is a CV?

writing a CV

When every person begins their working life, they need a way to communicate to the companies where they want to work; certain information regarding their school education and professional experience. For this, we need a Curriculum Vitae, better known as a CV; so that we can make known everything that has been done in our professional life.

The CV, also known as a resume; is a summary that includes everything related to the education and work experiences of the individual. In it, we must include personal data such as names, surnames, and telephone numbers. In addition, educational training (universities, postgraduate degrees) and professional practices; for example, past employers, internships, accolades, and more.

When companies apply for post jobs online; the first requirement to opt for one of them is the CV. This is because based on this resume, companies can gain insight into the individual’s experience. In addition, it is a type of insurance that employers have to hire the most suitable person for the job in question.

Why rewrite your resume?

People when they reach a certain age; usually go through a series of jobs, which may or may not be related to their college degree. In addition, in many cases people continue studying, may be taking courses in different areas, or doing postgraduate degrees either in the area where they specialized or in a different one.

Always keep updating the CV; especially when you have a long career. It is not recommended to write down all previous achievements and jobs. It will depend on the job you are opting for. Because, although it is true, companies will find a long life story attractive; however, reading it and seeing that extensive is a different area than the post in question; they are going to put that resume aside. Therefore, that opportunity will be lost.

For example, if you are looking to work as a manager in a company; it is not very important to place if a cooking or sewing course was taken. Despite an achievement or acquired knowledge, it is not related to what is being applied. On the other hand, it is better to place an Excel or office management course in its entirety.

In summary, when you write your CV for a job; after having a work history of approximately 5 years; it is good to update it, and you have to take into account some resume writing tips. To achieve the best resume and be sure that we are going to get that work.

Suggestions when writing a CV

If we last a long time without updating our resume; there may be things that we are not taking into account or; on the other hand, things that we are placing too much. In this part, we will show how to have the best CV writing. And as a result, get the job for which we are applying.


When you are writing your CV in 2022, there are certain things to know about writing. For example, it is good to use bold to highlight certain things of importance. You have to be very careful with spelling and grammar, an error, no matter how small, can give a very bad impression.

Way of expressing

If we want to write the best CV for a job, it must be done clearly and concisely; you do not have to go too far on each point. In addition, the language must use; you have to make it clear to the reader that you have security and self-confidence in what is written.

What is more important the awards or the experience?

A person who has been in the labor field for a long time will have obtained certain recognitions; in addition, if he has worked in several companies. This information is usually a bit extensive. As a consequence, when we are writing a CV for a job, we have to ask ourselves, which of the two should be prioritized.

The answer to this question is the awards, because although it is true; that work experience is important, because, when you have a track record of 6 years or more, you must have a certain number of achievements. These will tell better how the development of the person in the labor field has been. Obviously, skills must be listed, but an award carries more weight.

What is more important the grades or the experience?

This question becomes quite interesting because depending on the moment of the person’s life; the answer changes. For instance, if you are starting to work, educational training is very important. Generally, when hiring young people, companies look at which institution they obtained their degree and qualifications.

On the other hand, if you are a person who has been working for many years; this happens to be in the background. Obviously, it is still important, but companies are starting to look at what sites you have worked on. For example, if you are a graduate of a less recognized university but have worked in prestigious companies; this will draw more attention from the future employer.


A good tool that you can use to write your resume, are the templates. On the internet we can find several of them, you just have to choose the one you like the most. These help us to be able to order the information in such a way that it is understandable for the employer. Also, keep in mind that it cannot be very colorful, it must be serious.


When you are writing a CV, certain tips can be very useful. For instance, it is good and well seen to make use of bullets. These help to summarize the information and place it more emphasized. Another thing to take into account is that, when submitting the resume, it is done on good paper; this will show that we give importance to everything that is written there and the value we give it.

What personal details should be kept?

writing a CV

One of the most important things that we must have in the curriculum vitae, is personal data. However, when you have an extensive career, you should not put so much emphasis on them; just place the necessary ones. In this segment, we will show you which personal data you should take into account when you are writing the best CV.

  • A passport size photo of the person and white background. This photo is very important; you must show professionalism. You must have the right clothes and in the case of women, well-groomed and make-up.
  • Names and surnames.
  • Address of the place of residence.
  • Email. Generally, when the first email is created, nicknames are placed. This has to be forgotten. If necessary, create a new first and last name, perhaps a number.
  • Phone number.
  • Date of birth.
  • Personal identification.

Why is it important to have a good life story?

When searching for a job, everyone needs a way to demonstrate their qualities to the company. For this reason, having a good resume is important, since it is the applicant’s cover letter; this is the first impression that the applicant gives and must be as striking as well possible for employers.

A good life story can make the difference between getting a job interview or not being taken into account. This is because companies receive many of these and only the best ones are chosen for the interview. In addition, today many companies have as a requirement to find new employees, a high-quality resume.

Selling yourself to the company in the best way is of vital importance, that is why a resume is essential. With it, we can let the company know what our strengths are and our projects with it. In this way, we can make known everything essential to the company. And additionally, because we are the most qualified for the vacancy.

It is important to highlight that the curriculum vitae is a way of stating all the work experience of the applicant. As a consequence, it helps us keep our professional path organized. Due to this, it is essential to update it frequently, maintain order, and always be ready when necessary.

Benefits of rewriting a good biography

As we saw earlier, it is extremely important to write the best curriculum vitae when looking for a job. As a consequence, below we will present the specific benefits that this gives us:

Help us get chosen for new jobs

As mentioned, having a good CV makes a positive impression on potential employers when hiring staff. In addition, having a well-structured resume; gives us an advantage over other applicants who do not take its importance into account.

Easily present our work history

Here the company can see the applicant’s skills and how they have performed in the world of work. In this way, they can choose the best prospects without having to do an exhausting search for their skills.

Make it easy for the employer to choose the best candidates

When looking for new employees in a company, your resume is the main cover letter. As a result, the employer prioritizes the life stories that generate the best positive impact; leaving aside those that are not very good or simply bad, since these speak a lot about the applicants.

  • One person can update it frequently

Whenever the person wants to add additional information to his CV, he will be able to do so without any inconvenience; in addition to this, information can be added or deleted depending on the criteria of the editor.

Information regarding the new job can be added

When a person looks for a new job; they can highlight in their resume the information that most interests the company; generally, you can add the plans for the new job and how useful one can be for the company.

It helps us to have an order of our work life

As has been said before, it presents our experience to companies in an easy and organized way. However, it not only helps companies but also helps us to maintain order. Thanks to this we can manage a chronological order of our jobs and what skills have been acquired in them over time.

Introduce your new CV on The Talent Point

As you could see, it is totally and necessary for every person to have access to write a good updated CV; thus, you can carry out your work activities with total normality. When talking about the best life story, you can easily see the opportunities it offers for your present and future. Consequently, you increase your chances of getting a good job according to your skills in every single country on earth. Especially, in Dubai and the UAE.

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