How to professionally reject a job offer?

In the world of work, when people do a job search, they enter their CVs in different companies. Because, it is always good to have different options, or on the other hand, to prepare for the worst. Generally, we do not imagine that two or more businesses accept the request; and you have to be prepared to know how to reject a job offer.

In this article, we will give you the information you need to decline an offer; and why it is important to do it in a friendly manner. Also, we will say some recommendations along with examples of what to say. In addition, we will show the circumstances in which it can be presented to us. As well as, a small guide will be given on how to make a redo letter. Specifically, we will discuss:

  1. Why do we sometimes have to reject a job offer?
  2. What causes are justified when rejecting a proposal?
  3. Why is it important to make a professional rejection?
  4. Which consequences can attract rejecting a job offer?
  5. A step-by-step guide on how to decline the offer
  6. Some recommendations
  7. On The Talent Point you will find the work you are looking for

Why do you sometimes have to reject a job offer?

job offer

When looking for a new job, it is normal for applications to be made in different companies. In this way, one can be sure that at least one can decide to have our services. But it should also be taken into account that you can be selected in more than one and it is not possible to work in all of them.

If a person is accepted in more than one job at the same time he has to make a decision; By this, we mean choosing the company that has seemed the best or simply provides more benefits. As well as, the other offers must be rejected since it is very difficult or even impossible to have two simultaneous occupations.

Sometimes rejecting a job offer is not simply due to having many, there may be other factors. One of these may be that you do not agree with certain company policies or they are simply not good. In this way, the applicant has every right to reject the offer in search of better conditions.

We can see that there are many reasons to reject a job offer. But there is always one important factor to follow; you must choose a company that best meets the conditions we want to have when working. Clearly, rejecting those that do not fit our needs or that are simply not to our liking.

What causes are justified when rejecting a proposal?

If you are searching for a job and a business calls us, it usually happens that we do not want to accept. Some reasons are understandable when rejecting an offer, among them:

You do not like the proposal

This is the most common of all. By attending a successful interview; they will immediately present us with a proposal. If this is not very striking or consistent, we can try to negotiate with the interviewer; but, if from this negotiation we do not get what we want. It is understandable to have to reject it.

Distance and hours

If we apply for a job, we do not always know where it is or the hours that must be met. It often happens that people do not know where the company is located; until they are called for the interview. In addition, we found out about the schedules after the meeting. When we have all this information and we realize that we cannot meet the schedules; the most reasonable thing is to reject the offer.

If you have a better offer

Generally, when you are looking for a job, it is normal to apply in several places. If they call us, it is advisable to go to all the companies; despite having a striking enough. Still, you never know which one might be better. Consequently, it often happens that you already have a nice one. As well as, it is perfectly reasonable to reject any other proposal.

You did not feel comfortable with the interview

The interview is the first impression you have of the company. As well as, it is the first contact with what would be our future boss. If at that point, you do not feel comfortable, it is completely normal to want to decline this offer.

Bad company references

Sometimes when looking for a job, we get carried away by first impressions. But, many times it happens that we start talking with people who work or worked in the company; the opinions are not good. If they call us for an offer, in this case, it can be understood that they want to reject it.

Why is it important to make a professional rejection?

When we decline a job offer, we must do so in the most professional manner possible. This is the way to leave a good image in the world of work. Consequently, expressing yourself with a lousy attitude does not help.

Also, not being the best way to turn down a job; where they chose one over other people. If in the future one wants to look for work in this company again; it will be instantly rejected. Not only can you be rejected in this company but also in companies that are affiliated with it.

We must bear in mind; that it is not well received to avoid notifying the company of the rejection of the proposal. Since this provides a poor profile of the worker and can cause problems in subsequent job searches.

You should not be afraid when you are going to reject a job offer. If we reject it politely and with the right words, it will not have negative repercussions. For this reason, we should not worry if we are speaking in a professional manner.

Which consequences can attract rejecting a job offer?

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When you are searching for a job in Saudi Arabia, you have three possible options of what can happen. That they call us for an interview and reject us; that they do not call us, or, on the other hand, do the interview and they accept us. If the latter happens, there are two more possible scenarios. Wanting to work for the company and accepting or, on the contrary, having to reject the offer.

If you do not want to accept the offer, there is always a fear of having to reject it. This is because people always consider the worst scenarios. For instance, they will give me a bad name and other companies will not want to hire me; or, that we are going to run out of offers and we will be eternally unemployed. These are some of the fears that arise.

At this moment you will know that all this is completely false. Rejecting an offer does not entail any negative consequences for the working life of people. But, yes, it depends on the attitude that is taken; and what are the words used when rejecting the offer.

In some cases, it can even produce a positive reaction. Because, if with the Curriculum Vitae and the interview we show that we can be a quality employee, the potential employer is going to leave the doors of his company open at the time we need. However, everything will depend on the way we reject the offer.

A step-by-step guide on how to decline the offer

To reject an offer in the best possible way, you must follow a few steps to leave a good image. Here is a step-by-step guide to avoid giving a bad image:

Get ready

First of all, one should prepare when rejecting a job offer. We can try to write or talk to someone to practice when facing the interviewer. Especially, it is highly recommended to write down what you are going to say, before practicing. You do not have to say everything you think, but try to be polite and not offend anyone.


Firstly, when rejecting an offer; it is to say hello and thank you for the opportunity that you were presented with. This may be the most fundamental sense the company recognized our abilities for the position. Therefore, thanking this company that offered the opportunity is important.

Explain the reason

The reason why we are rejecting the job offer must be explained. However, this explanation should not be extended since they will seem like excuses for our delivery. Accordingly, we must clearly and respectfully explain our reasons.

If no problem arose during the interview or any specific event. Negative comments should be avoided when expressing our reasons for rejection. This is because we can try to work for this company again if the chosen job improves or fails.

Say goodbye in a good way

To finish on good terms, we must be grateful for the opportunity and wish them the best of luck. It is not necessary to extend; it can be kept short and precise so as not to waste the time of any of the parties. As well as that at the beginning; we must thank you again for the opportunity and be sincere in case we decide to return.

Some recommendations

As we have seen, having to turn down a job offer can be an unpleasant time. Therefore, this situation must be handled most cordially and intelligently possible. In addition, from everything mentioned above; there are some additional recommendations that can be made.

  • If several job offers are going to be rejected using a letter. Do not use the same for all companies.
  • Avoid mentioning other companies, when you are turned down for a better offer.
  • In any circumstance, stay in control. No matter what happens be cordial and respectful at all times.
  • If you are going to negotiate, avoid comparisons with other companies. Especially with the competition.
  • When the job is being rejected for bad references. Do not mention them.
  • Avoid misunderstandings; this is in case you ever have to come back.
  • Do not forget to say thank you and at all times, be grateful for the opportunity.
  • Be as honest as possible. Obviously, avoiding the details mentioned above.
  • Let them know your best wishes for the company.
  • Although a good letter is a correct way to reject an offer; As far as possible, it is best to do it in person.

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