Is it time for a promotion?

When a person has been in a company for a long time; in which he has a history of good things. Such as congratulations, awards, recognition, and a lot of effort. It is normal, that they wonder if it is time for a promotion. Ideally, after spending time in the company; fulfilling your functions correctly, employers give us that dream promotion. But it is not always like this.

In this article, we will give the necessary information; so you know when you can opt for that promotion that we want so much. We will talk about things that we should ask ourselves before thinking about a promotion. Such as, if you are doing a good job, what are the signs of a promotion, and others. Specifically, we will discuss:

  1. What are the signs that you may get a promotion?
  2. Why do you think you are doing a good job in your present position?
  3. How is the relationship with your colleagues?
  4. Do you think you understand everything related to the company?
  5. You have one or more trusted bosses
  6. How is your attitude at work?
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1. What are the signs that you may get a promotion?


When we are going to receive a promotion in our work; we may notice changes that can help us know before the official announcement. As a consequence, we will help you so that you can notice these changes:

Possible promotion of one of your bosses

As long as they are going to promote one of our bosses; this is good news since they will need someone to take their place. As a result, it is important to be aware of some of our bosses; will be promoted in the next few days.

You begin to interact more with your bosses

If we start having informal meetings with our bosses; it is a good sign that a promotion may be near. A possible promotion can be seen when our bosses; invite us more frequently to outings and place more trust in us. This can happen because they see us in the same position as them; or they simply want to help us with our new position.

They propose to improve your skills through courses

When the company offers us to expand our knowledge through courses; we can observe a positive situation. Indeed, if the company decides to invest money to improve our skills; they may be preparing us for a new workplace.

They take you into account when making decisions

If they frequently ask for our opinion when making new decisions; it means they hold our experience in high esteem. Generally, participating in decision-making is a sign; that they trust our leadership and respect our opinion.

The company is growing

We can expect new charges to arise; with it new possibilities for promotion for the most experienced workers. New staff will always be needed and with it trained people to direct them in their new positions. If some of the signs mentioned above are present and our company is growing; a promotion may be near.

Why do you think you are doing a good job in your present position?

When you are working in a company for a long time and you want to opt for promotion; this is the first thing you should ask yourself. Throughout your career; there are certain actions that you have surely carried out that make you believe that you deserve to be promoted. It can range from the smallest to something of great importance for the company.

These significant actions may vary depending on your position and what the company does. For instance, if it is a company that is dedicated to selling sportswear; you are a salesman and have been the best salesman for a long time; this is a type of action that is recognized. Another of them can be the one that has obtained the newest clients or the one that has sold the most.

On the other hand, something important to keep in mind is that; it makes a big difference whether these actions are seen by employers or not. Because if small actions have been done, but the bosses are not aware of them; you will not be eligible for the promotion. Now, if, on the contrary, you know that your superiors have recognized your actions, you have more opportunities.

Now, you may be wondering how you can know that your bosses are noticing your actions. One of the ways to make it effective is that they make your positive comments. For example, if you work at a desk; and your superior tells you that it is very good for you to keep your workstation clean; those can be taken as positive points for his promotion. In addition to this, the awards and recognitions also carry a lot of weight.

How is the relationship with your colleagues?

The company at the time of making the decision to promote a new employee; takes into account your relationship with your peers. It has always been important for managers to maintain a good relationship with their workers. As a consequence, they always take into account the relationship of the candidates with their future team members.

It is understood that when there is a good relationship with our bosses; productivity improves greatly. Furthermore, it is associated that a good leader knows how to deal with his employees; and not having a good relationship with them makes it difficult. This is why it is very important that future bosses; they can maintain the best possible relationship with their peers.

Having a bad relationship with our work team; greatly hinders productivity and slows down team growth. In this way, the companies; seek to avoid promoting people who could delay the team and generate losses for the company. In addition, a healthy work environment is of great help to the entire company and its employees.

We can see how important it is to have a good relationship with our colleagues; if we want to move up. Improving the production of our team and also helping us to move up in the company. As a result, it is important to always be a good partner to make ourselves noticed; and also achieve a work environment that improves productivity.

Do you think you understand everything related to the company?


This is one of the most important points that bosses take into account; how much do you know about the company? A company owner generally has high regard for their business. Because it is the result of many efforts; or also because it has a sentimental value since in some cases; they are inheritance and they want to continue growing the company.

All companies handle information of public knowledge; that employees need to know. Among them, is the way of contact, here we can include, telephones and mail. Another thing is to be very clear about the mission and functions of the company. If a product is offered, you should know which one and how to promote it.

In addition, you must have knowledge about the problems that the company presents. You may wonder why this is important for promotion. Well, the answer is simple. Because, if you have this variety of information; you can look for solutions for the problems or deficits that the company has.

And not only to solve the problems or the deficits but also; to look for ways to grow the company. For instance, if you work for a fast food company; and you know a product that is not offered; you can propose it and this can produce an increase in sales. It will be very well seen by superiors and can bring you closer to a promotion.

You have one or more trusted bosses

In all companies, there is always a person who is the owner and, in addition; the person in charge of the functions and everything that is done within the company. This individual is called a boss. Generally, depending on the type of business there may be one or more. It can also happen that you have several superiors but; find some with more authority than others.

A great piece of advice that can be given to a person who wants a promotion is that; see which of all the superiors can get along with you best; and try to gain their trust. In other words, make it your sponsor. Now, you may be wondering what sponsor means. Well, this is a person with a certain authority in the company; that can support you in your mission to achieve promotion.

Undoubtedly, we can realize that getting a sponsor; is not an easy task. This will require a lot of time and consequently, attention. For example, one of the attention you can have is to take him to lunch or to eat a dessert. Thus, it gives them a chance to have a conversation, in which they touch on company issues.  

Also, you can take advantage of commenting on your ideas to improve the company. Also, ask him about your performance; depending on what he answers, you can ask how to improve or how fix the bugs. It is important that the trust you have with this superior; transfers to when he is with the other bosses. As it turned out, you are going to get a defender and someone to recommend you for promotion.

How is your attitude at work?

You should know the attitude you have at work; it is the most important thing if you want to get a promotion. There are certain characteristics things that you must have if you want to qualify for a promotion. Admittedly, if you do all these things, you will stand out from your peers. Next, we will explain them in detail.

You fulfill your duties

When a company hires you; they always let you know what your duties are in that position. This is very important; because if you show that you can fulfill everything that has already been assigned to you; your superiors are going to realize that you are completely fit for promotion.

You go beyond your duties

You should know that the positions that are awarded when people are promoted; carry more obligations and responsibilities than where you were. That is why, being in the position you are; if you want a promotion, you have to go a little further. If at any time, you said “that is not part of my job”; they probably will not take you into account.


Punctuality is a symptom of responsibility. Therefore, if you have maintained a punctuality record; throughout the time you have been in your current position. Rest assured, you must be on the list for promotions; and if you are going to ask for a position higher up, you have this weighty argument.

You have a positive attitude

It is very well seen by the bosses that you fulfill all your functions and more with a smile. You have to know this is one of the signals you give to superiors that you deserve a promotion. Also, if you know that you have shown attitudes such as; there is nothing you cannot do, helping to solve problems, and continuous improvement. You are up for a promotion. As a result, you can go to your boss to request a better position.

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