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Milions of scams are Going on for fake job offers and Nowadays, the Internet is a useful tool and it’d be a little bit complicated to live without it. It’s a fact that the Internet could bring you a lot of opportunities and make your life easier. But it isn’t always like this; the internet can become a really dark place.

In this article, you’ll learn everything about what job scams are and how to identify and prevent them. Scams make the internet an insecure place to search for jobs. That’s why you have to know about UAE fake job offers and the different ways they can come to you.

What is a job scam and fake job offers ?

When you begin the process of searching for a job, the internet will be your first place to search. That’s why you need to be aware of the dangers you could find there. There’ll be job websites that instead of wanting to help you, will want to take advantage of you.

For instance, these scams frequently use internet job postings to recruit people. Victims who respond are promised an unbelievable salary after they pay a registration fee. Once payment is made, the con-artists demand additional fees, such as insurance and membership dues, before vanishing with the funds.

Of course, if this happens to you, it will be prejudicial for your wallet and integrity. It could happen a misunderstanding where you can certainly be arrested if you fall into one of the scammers’ traps.

What are the most common job scams?

Scammers are everywhere. It’d say that they prefer to recruit their victims virtually by making use of social media, ads, and job websites.  But they also can be more traditional, appearing in your newspaper, TV, and radio. These evil people can reach you out via phone call and text.

Plus, you might receive fake job offer emails, since they are very common as well. You have to be familiar with job scams by examples of fake job offers.

Work-from-home job scams.

Many people want to be able to work from home and receive a salary for it. Naturally, scammers are aware of this, so they post online advertisements claiming to offer the best jobs in dubai you can find. They’d tell you that you’ll be able to earn a lot of money monthly.

Indeed, the best job in UAE they are offering you can be anything from product reshipping to reselling to your friends. Scammers may try to pique your interest by swearing that you can work for yourself, start your own business, etc. Instead of producing money, you wind up spending more money.

For example, they are going to ask you to pay them on pointless beginning kits, “training,” or certificates, etc. You may also discover that your credit card has been charged without your authorization. Or you can realize that you were the victim of a bogus check scam.

Undoubtedly, it’s a fraud if someone recruits you and assures you that you can make millions quickly without effort. So don’t believe in those fairy tales. Here are a few examples of freelance job scams:

  •    Reselling products. Scams involve reselling products. They claim that you may make money by purchasing brand-name luxury merchandise at a discount and then reselling them. You could come across this scam in an advertisement online. Or you can receive an unexpected phone call from a stranger offering you the job in gulf.
  •    Re-shipping tricks. Re-shipping employments, also known as postal sending, are work-at-home employments that include repacking and sending stolen merchandise to clients.  Usually, these bundles are sent out of the country. You might see these “job offers” on the internet or you may receive a phone call from a stranger.

Wire Transfers

Image Source: – qualityinspection.org

Bank transfer scams are attractive to thieves because they can move cash rapidly from one account to another. These exchanges are troublesome to turn around, making it about unrealizable to recoup misplaced reserves. Sometimes the solicitation for a cash transfer could appear licit, but you don’t be overconfident.

That being said, the request ought to continuously be altogether checked out. It’s well-known that scammers posture as company administrators inquiring representatives to falsely move cash from one account to another.

Pyramid Marketing

This is completely unlawful and, actually, it doesn’t have any premise in genuine commerce. Generally, there’s no merchandise included in a pyramid promoting conspire, just the trade of money.

Firstly, the primary promoters have to recruit investors, and successively, these investors recruit more investors and so forth. The conspiracy is called a “pyramid” since at each level, the number of “investors” increments. New participants will produce benefits to original ones (the primary promoters).

Similar to chain letters, individuals contribute to pyramid scams since they accept them. They’ll take advantage of ventures made by individuals who take after them into the program. For somebody to form cash with a pyramid promoting conspiracy, somebody else must lose reserves.

Nanny, caregiver, and virtual personal assistant job scams

Scammers post fake job offers for caregivers, nannies, and virtual collaborators on job websites. They also send emails that look like they’re from somebody in your community, or who belongs to a known institution. You can fall into the trap and apply for the job portal in UAE.

As a result of this, the person who recruits you might send you a check. They’ll tell you to keep a portion of the money for your services. After that, you must send the rest of the money to somebody else. That’s a scam, naturally.  

What happens next is that the check is a fake. A bank can take weeks to realize this, but when it does, it’ll need you to reimburse that full amount. When somebody gives you a check and then uses a part of the money, run away.

How can you identify a fake job offers ?

According to the BBB, around 14 million individuals are up to speed in fake job offers each year.  When people are not familiar with job scams, they’ll be more prone to fall into scammers’ traps and lose money. Victims lost approximately $2 billion to fraudsters in 2020.

Since Dubai is a city in constant economic growth, it’s the perfect nest for scammers. That’s why you should be aware of the red flags you might find while you are searching for jobs. You will learn how to identify fake job offers.

When it is too good to be true.

You are wishing to find the perfect job in UAE, and suddenly, you receive the call you were hoping for. They offer you to pay a high salary for your services and also, you will start right away. You better get out of there.

In general, we have to be wary of the best job offers that seem too perfect. People who were initially contacted by the scammers represent 80% of the victims. Any employer will offer you an extravagant salary for an unspecified job. And you won’t be hired right away without a previous interview either.

When you are requested to pay a fee.

 If you have to pay for getting the job, then you should be worried.  They can tell you that the money will be for the registration or some software, but you don’t believe them. Also, they can fool you by saying that it’s necessary to pay for the training material.

When the employer’s data is questionable.

If there’s no company name, website, email address, or location in the hiring ad, it’s definitely a red flag.  You have to do your own investigations before arranging an interview. You ought to be able to get information about the company on the internet search if the company is genuine.

Additionally, you have to pay attention to the email they send you. Because if it doesn’t contain the company’s phone and address, you can be sure it’s a scam. Also, if they are using personal emails (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.), the company is fictitious, so watch out.

How can you avoid a fake job offers ?

Here are some tips for not being a victim of fake job offers:

  •      Do an online search and check for known red flags. Google the company name and add words like “review”, “complaints”, “scam”. They’ve probably scammed other people, so you’ll be able to see it. Also, in your search, you have to look for red flags (now that you know them).
  •      Be careful with your personal information. Never disclose your data such as bank account number, social security, email, or phone. Also, post your CV anonymously and avoid including your home address, date of birth, or contact information.
  •      Don´t pay for anything. No respectable company will ask you to pay for something before start working with them. Not even government employers will request you to do such a thing.
  •      Interviews must be face-to-face. Don’t trust online interviews or interviews by text messages. If you meet with the employer personally, you’ll be able to determine his intentions. You must choose a public and safe place to meet him and tell a friend where you are going.

What is the situation in Dubai for fake job offers ?

Dubai is giving professional people a lot of work opportunities, and of course, scammers know it. They are going to do whatever it takes to get your attention. You will receive fake job offer emails, phone calls, or text messages. The fraudsters purportedly promote fake job offers online.

Moreover, scammers post their frauds on renowned job websites with salaries and benefits that are too good to be true. They’ll probably interview you online or by phone call (it’s important to note that in the UAE this is never done).

Also, these con artists can provide you with a fake job offer letter that includes the employer’s names and logos. It may even include a UAE Embassy stamp. Then, it will ask you to pay a processing or visa fee to a travel company or an exchange company.

What is the situation in Canada?

Canada fake job offers are increasing. One very common sort of scam, about which Canadian police receive an excessive number of complaints: fake job websites. They usually make a copy of a legitimate company’s website. The website will feature all of the information you require and internet reviews too.

In addition, scammers will get your CV on famous job websites like LinkedIn or Monster, then, they’ll reach you out. The most common scam in Canada is offering the best job and a residency visa. So, they might make you a fictitious employment offer.

In the hypothetical case of you using this employment offer to apply for Canadian immigration, you will be in trouble.  Your visa application will be refused in that scenario. And, you will be restricted from applying for Canadian immigration for a while since it is fraudulent.

The first thing you must know is that job seekers never pay recruiters to secure a position for them. If you get hired, you have to get paid, not on the contrary. Second, giving a job offer or offer letter in exchange for money is banned in Canada.

How can Thetalentpoint help you?

Now you know that finding a job could be a task a little bit difficult if you are not careful enough. But you won’t have to worry about fake job offers since you start working with us. Thetalentpoint specializes in connecting job searchers with genuine companies.

Moreover, every day a lot of people make inquiries on our website searching for jobs. We offer you opportunities to search for jobs in UAE that you can match with, apply online, and get informed if you’re hired.

Additionally, there are services for business such as CV database, work postings, and response management software.

Would you like to contact Thetalentpoint to obtain more information about job scams and ways to identify and prevent them? If you have any questions, call us on +97143316688. You can email us at [email protected], and you will talk to one of our representatives who will answer your questions.

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