6 Genuine excuses to leave work early with good reasons

Undoubtedly, you could have some days when you cannot complete your working hours at the office. However, such an occurrence does not have to be an issue. Primarily, it involves knowing the best excuses to leave work early that you can use today.

In this article, you can discover good excuses to leave work early on short notice. Above all, it also includes learning how to ask to leave work early. Hence, avoid problems or misunderstandings at work with your supervisors by applying the following practices:

  1. What does it mean to leave your work early?
  2. Which are good excuses to leave work early?
  3. How can you professionally ask to leave work early?
  4. Where can you find more information about good reasons to leave work early?

1. What does it mean to leave your work early?

excuses to leave work early

When you evaluate a job post, you must consider how its employer deals with unforeseen occurrences. Above all, it involves learning how they would react to emergencies or appointments you must handle during working hours. After all, they could happen at any minute.

In this sense, you may have to tell them you are leaving work early. It means you must take care of subjects you cannot postpone until your rest day. Logically, it may upset them because of its immediate consequences regarding their company’s productivity.

However, you can avoid a penalty by knowing how to ask to leave work early. Assuredly, it is a task you can do as professionally as asking your manager for a pay rise. As a result, there will not be stains in your employment record.

Most importantly, knowing how to leave work early involves learning about good excuses that your employer will accept without question. In this sense, we invite you to jump to our following topic to discover them in detail.

2. Which are good excuses to leave work early?

The best excuses to leave work early are not the ones you can use constantly. On the contrary, they are valid reasons your employer will accept because of what they involve for you. Let us show them to you in detail so you can use them in the future.

First and foremost, these good reasons to leave work early apply to all employees regardless of their profession. Therefore, your manager can see you leaving work early despite being a computer operator. Your goal is to use them to avoid this affecting your performance.

On the other hand, remember that the excuses we expose here are the most common ones. Hence, feel free to find additional valid reasons like you found the scope of mechanical engineering. After all, you could discover one that applies to your specific case.

Let us discuss the best excuses to leave work early:

2.1 Personal illness or injury

Unequivocally, you could have days when your body or mind does not feel right. Indeed, it is especially true when you have passive-aggressive coworkers. By all odds, they can make your working environment a living hell.

Therefore, a personal illness or injury is among the best excuses to leave work early. Furthermore, most employers must give you a leave period if you have a healthcare problem. It is a time when they cannot even ask you to work remotely while on leave.

On the other hand, leaving work early because of an injury may come with specific features. Most importantly, you should prove that such an injury is not work-related. Or, you should demonstrate that it is not related to not complying with work safety regulations.

In short, your employer will not see you badly when you use an illness as one of the reasons to leave work early. On the contrary, he must assist you in getting you back to work. It is why most companies include healthcare insurance as a benefit.

2.2 Family emergency

Logically, you cannot attend your workplace if you have an illness. But one of the good excuses to leave work early on short notice is when a family member is ill. In other words, you should know how to leave work early to handle a family emergency.

In this sense, you can find many actions that you can perform to use this excuse successfully. For instance, you can make a leave application for your mother’s illness. As a result, you will have enough time to provide healthcare without losing your job.

Moreover, you also can use this reason for leaving work early if it is not an urgent emergency. For instance, you may have to use a leave letter for going to temple. After all, you must not fail to attend some religious family gatherings, like a wedding.

In summary, a family emergency is something you cannot take lightly. On the contrary, it requires your full attention and effort to resolve it adequately. Consequently, it is one of the best excuses to leave work early that you can use today.

2.3 Home Emergency

The best news you can receive is that your family members are in good health. Nonetheless, there could be problems in your home that require your help while you work. Let us discuss how to ask to leave work early because of a home emergency.

Indeed, you do not need a major in chemicals to know there could be problems with your home’s infrastructure or security. In this sense, the best you can do is to use it as one of the excuses to leave work early.

On the other hand, leaving work early because of a home issue does not have to be an emergency. For example, you may have a scheduled repair to supervise at your house. Who knows? It may lead you to include the word “supervision” in the CV you built online.

Last, remember that several home emergencies may lead your employer to think your house is unsafe. Therefore, remember to choose it among the good reasons to leave work early only if it applies to your case. This way, you can repair the broken pipe in your bathroom.

2.4 Medical appointment

Negotiating a salary offer via email will not make you susceptible to an illness or injury. However, you may have medical conditions that require regular checking. Ergo, you will find it helpful to know how to leave work early to attend a medical appointment.

The main reason this is among the good excuses to leave work early is that medical appointments often are during working hours. Hence, your employer will allow you to come to work late or leave your office early to attend to them.

Furthermore, you may have to discuss arrangements with your employer if your medical appointments are frequent. As a result, he will know when you will be leaving work early for it. After all, you require good health to fulfill an ambition you have not achieved.

In summary, learn how to ask to leave work early if you have a pre-existing condition. Most importantly, prove that such a condition will not affect your performance. On the contrary, your employer may consider replacing you in the following months.

2.5 Religious observances

While you think about some tips to create a great CV, a family member calls you. Above all, it is to tell you that you need to find time to prepare for a religious event. By all odds, you see your packed work schedule and say: What should I do?

In this sense, you could use religious observances as one of your reasons to leave work early. It involves finding time for your beliefs and practices. As a result, you can attend to your religious obligations without generating problems at your job.

On the other hand, religious observances are a reason that cannot surprise you as your time when they demonstrate their work. Therefore, discuss these events with your employer ahead of time. Consequently, he can build a work program that suits your needs.

2.6 Work-related commitments

Finally, your job can also be between the good reasons to leave work early. Assuredly, it does not make sense at the beginning. But there could be out-of-office appointments related to your job that you must attend during working hours.

One perfect example is when a computer operator must visit tech suppliers to assess their products. Unequivocally, it is a job-related appointment for which you may have to learn how to leave work early. Most importantly, it is a leave time your employer will encourage.

Furthermore, you also may be leaving work early today to attend networking events or training courses. Indeed, some of them may include lessons about the WPS in the UAE. As a result, you could discover how UAE authorities protect your salary nowadays.

3. How can you professionally ask to leave work early?

excuses to leave work early

At this point, you know the best excuses to leave work early you can find today. However, they do not tell you how to ask to leave work early. Fortunately, we are here to show you how to do it as successfully as your last employment contract non-renewal letter.

By all odds, all employers are different in operating and managing their employees. Nonetheless, you can use direct steps to ask to leave work early. Let us discuss them in detail and avoid a potential job search in the following days.

On the other hand, feel free to look for additional ways to use these good reasons to leave work early. Above all, ensure they comply with your employer’s requirements. On the contrary, you may have to leave your work early and never come back.

These are the steps you can follow to professionally ask to leave work early:

3.1 Contacting your direct supervisor ASAP

When you use the best excuses to leave work early, the sooner you contact your supervisor about it, the better. So, do not wait to inform your boss about your intentions. If you do, you may have to visit the Dubai Labour Court several times.

One terrific way to do this is by filling out an official request. After all, some employers demand it to keep track of their employees’ leave periods. It is an activity you often have to perform with the HR Department of your organization.

3.2 It is a request, not a demand

Besides specific cases, no law will obligate your employer to allow you to leave your work early. Namely, remember that you have to request it instead of demanding it. If you do the second, it may be time to change jobs in the UAE.

3.3 Honesty

Lies are harmful to every aspect of your life, even when you search for a job in Saudi Arabia as an ex-pat. Hence, make sure your reasons to leave work early are honest. This way, your employer can trust you for work-related aspects and more.

3.4 Proactivity

A part of learning how to ask to leave work early is thinking about ways to compensate for the lost time. Therefore, you must be proactive when you return to work after your leave time. Who knows? It may lead you to get a promotion.

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